Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The New Home Office

This post doesn't come with pretty pictures.  Just the bare, cold truth. 
We are now empty nesters.
This is all that is left of our baby's room.  Some pictures she still has to take to her new home, moving boxes under the bed, and her childhood bed waiting to go on Craigslist.
I even left the dirt on the floor for this picture because I am all about being real here and the dirt is about as real as it gets.
Also, I just haven't gotten around to sweeping yet.
So here we are. We have to remind ourselves not to turn on the front porch light for her at night anymore. We keep her spot in the driveway open.
It's a lot quieter.
What to do?  This sunny little room is about to become Earl's new home office.
Which means his old office is about to become my home office and craft room.
Changes, you have to roll with them right?
Stay tuned:>)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Putting My Feet Up

Well guess what? The wedding was beautiful.  I wish I could show you how beautiful. I took my camera and got nothing but a few very bad shots. All of these photos were taken by guests and thank goodness they got some good ones.  I was off chatting with someone when the cake was cut and by the time I realized what was going on it was over. So a big thank you to my sister who caught it. I grabbed the photo from her blog.
 This little lady very nearly upstaged the Bride.  We had so much fun with her the day of the wedding. We all went to get our hair done together. She had us in stitches with her commentary of the traffic jam we found ourselves in getting out of the salon, and she glowed all day.
 She and her cousins danced the night away.
 And almost every photo I have seen had her in it. She was the life of the party!
 She came all the way from Ohio to be flower girl and it was the best visit ever:>) Here she is with the bride and groom and her Gramps.
Victoria's grandmother had a great time too, and the cousin next to her got some great shots of the wedding.  But me?  Not so much.  I was having too much fun talking, visiting, watching the dancing, (and dancing a little myself) to take pictures.  So the real sharing will have to wait until those photos come back.  This week I have been putting the house back in order and sleeping like a log. I'll share more when we get the real pictures back from the photographer and as they come in from our unofficial photographer for the night, the flower girls Daddy:>)
Right now I'm off to put my feet up a little more and slowly put things back to normal.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Dreaming of the Wedding

Now for the real count down. I woke up heart pounding this morning at 5 a.m. I had just dreamed that I was going over the final menu for the wedding with Victoria and she was telling me she had ordered hot dogs, coleslaw and choco-tacos for the reception. 
The things that throw me into a panic, lol.
 My apologies to anyone who had hot dogs, coleslaw and choco-tacos at their reception.
No offense intended.
All the milk glass containers I could beg, borrow or buy.  I had quite a few already, and scored two more in the last week at yard sales (yes!). Earl's mom and a friend came through with the rest.
We're coming into the final week,  everything's going to be alright.
See you later with photos ;>)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pew Bows and Projects

Just popping in to share the latest projects at wedding central.  The cutting garden is blooming nicely and darned if I haven't been keeping it cut so it will have fresh blooms for the wedding.  The house is filling up and the plants are branching out.  The bonus is enjoying the flowers inside :>)  A big thanks to Sue for sending me the care package with these adorable little salt and pepper shakers as well as a few other darling goodies for the kitchen. Aren't they just the cutest?
 Today I have been working on pew bows.  I had purchased tulle for Lauren's wedding but it hadn't worked for what I had planned.  It's getting turned into church decorations along with the leftover silk flowers from the lantern arrangements. I love being able to make something pretty out of something I already have!
 I also whipped together this "just married" banner out of some wide burlap ribbon  (on sale at Michael's for $2) and  a lace panel I found at Salvation army for $1.  I stenciled the letters on and I think it looks perfect :>) 
I still have some table skirts to make for the gift table, the cake table and the sweetheart table.  After that, I'm pretty much finished with projects.  I really can't wait to get it all put together and see the end result!  I'll be sure to share everything when the big day arrives :>) 
I'm still visiting when I get the chance.  Know that even if I can't comment on every post, I'm there smiling and reading.  Only a week and a half to go.
Now back to work...