Monday, July 24, 2017

July in all it's Glory

I know I am not alone in finding it hard to believe that July is more than half gone already.  I remember pining for warm weather and my garden so clearly and now they are here.  I wish I could slow the days down but we really can't can we?  If you find a way please let me know.

The beginning of the month was busy, my darling daughter Lauren flew in from PA for a week for a visit. It was pure heaven. Beautiful weather, time with both my girls together as her sister spent as much time as possible with us for the holiday.  We laughed and just hung out and it was glorious! Lauren and I spent some time planning Victoria's baby shower. She is having a girl! My purse has felt lighter ever since I found out.  Have you seen the little girl things available lately?  Oh my goodness, I may go broke with the first baby!  

Lauren and her dad picked cherries at a friends house. The friends didn't have time to pick them this year and they kindly offered them to us.  Aren't they beautiful!?  We made a little pie for them as a thank you.
 And a bigger pie for us as well as putting some in the freezer.  Earl has determined that we MUST have a cherry tree or two. I have to agree.
The garden is going strong.  We have already picked the sugar peas and torn out the vines. We will plant a second crop soon for fall.  Thinning the beets got us this beautiful basket of little beets that are just right to roast for salads.  We planted, Chioggia, Golden and Detroit red.  I'm not a fan of beet greens but Victoria's sister in law loves them so they were sent home for her.
The patio still needs a few details finished, but we got the lights hung and I love spending summer nights out there, even for just a few minutes.  As the days get shorter the lights will be even more welcome.  Fireflies have been prolific this year which adds  so much to the light show.  I love fireflies so much. I always look forward to their glow :)
The flower beds need weeding, there are more yard projects in the works, and we have Victoria's first shower coming up in two weeks.  There is so much to look forward to and so much to do!  I hope you can find a way to slow down the summer, I'm not ready for fall yet! Are you?


  1. It's the same here Kathy, the days go by so very fast and Summer is on its way out soon. It's hard.
    What lovely times you must enjoy on your pretty terrace.

  2. Are you hosting Victoria's shower on your beautiful patio in the garden? It will be lovely!

    I can relate to the granddaughter shopping! Its so fun! Such sweet things available to buy!

  3. Summer is definitely flying by, Kathy, no doubt about that. I'm glad you got to spend time with your girls. And a baby girl on the way! Whoo Hoo! Emily finds great prices at Carter's. Do you have one there? 50% off always and then more discounts. She also likes Old Navy.

    That pie is gorgeous. I have to get back into the pie making mode (al a mode!!!). I'm happy your garden is doing so well. I'm working so hard at the lake that I sort of let my herb garden here in the city go. The flowers are doing well and the lake beds are bursting with color with a lot of love.

    Love you patio-what a great place to relax. Lots of fireflies here, too.

    Jane x

  4. It's just so pretty at your cottage with your garden and wonderful patio. By the time this part of summer arrives, we have to go outside at the crack of dawn or after dark because it's blazing hot. We still love summer though....the green, the smells, the sounds, and the fireflies too. :)

    Wish I had a piece of that pie with my morning coffee!

  5. Oh congrat's on the baby granddaughter! How exciting!! That pie looks delicious. I loved Michigan Cherries when I grew up there. The best ever. No I am not ready for fall either. I want to be able to spend at least a little of summer in my new home if it ever gets done.

  6. Summer is just flying by here, too, Kathy!! Love the cherry pie and we try to buy MI BLUEBERRIES, too. I just feel like I have missed half the summer with everything going on.

    Looks like you have a really great garden going there. Lucky you.

    Hope you have a great week- xo Diana

  7. Prettiest pie ever! Oh, the Michigan cherries -- I bought two big bags at the market on Wednesday and will probably buy two more before I go home next week. And blueberries are here, too. I am SO not ready for August, much less fall. It's flying too fast.

    what a lovely post!

  8. That pie sure looks inviting. Great thoughts and photos. Warm greetings!

  9. Somehow this one slipped by but I've found it now! A baby girl! How wonderful. You are going to love having a granddaughter. They are so much fun and, yes, your purse will probably be much lighter for a long time to come! Your patio is magical with the lights shining. I'd love to sit there and chat for a long time. We could have such fun!


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