Monday, November 23, 2009

Handmade Holidays

More fun with Handmade Holidays! Remember, we would love to see anything handmade or thrifted that could be used as decor or gifts for the upcoming holidays! The creativity is unlimited and I am so inspired by the beautiful gifts and decorations I have seen:>)
 I made this quilted throw for a dear friend who has helped us in so many ways.  The fabric was given to me by a co-worker, and although it is a little too country for me, it is just the thing for my friend!  I made simple 6" squares and put them together in a pleasing way and machine quilted along either side of the seams. Easy, but pleasing. I may add some home made cocoa mix and a pretty mug so she can curl up with her quilt and a warm drink:>)

Next, my new favorite earrings. Made from vintage glass pearlized buttons of all things!  I found a sweater with these little beauties at the thrift store and I just knew they would be perfect for something pretty. I added sterling wires and now they dangle delicately below my ears.  I'll add some to my etsy in case you need them!

And last, I know I showed you this swag made from evergreen cuttings from the yard and some old floral picks and toile ribbon. Nothing new but I think it looks festive on my door, and I didn't spend a dime.

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 So go ahead, show us your awesome handmade gifts and decorations and those thrifted goodies that make great holidays affordable.  Mr. Linky is below.


  1. Your friend is going to be so thrilled to get that lovely quilt. You are so smart-you see something pretty in every-day unused objects. The earrings are so pretty, and your swag looks gorgeous on your door. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. laurie

  2. Kathy I think you rug is a lovely thought for your friend and the goodies to go with it will be perfect.
    I have been taking a little tour around your blog - just getting to know my new blogland friend - and I have found your lovely garden! It looks quite delightful and so lovely to watch the seasons pass through it . I'll be watching and waiting for spring, we have so little of it hereI'll just enjoy yours.
    Take care.

  3. Kathy what a pretty throw your friend is very blessed to receive such a gift!! I love the earrings too bad I live in the uk or I would be having them !!! Jo

  4. PERFECT gifts from your heart therefore they are BEAUTIFUL! Your friend will love your quilt so much.. how thoughtful and truly special!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving dear Kathy!


  5. Kathy love your crafts. What a lucky friend you have to receive such a nice gift!
    Thank you for the LINKY thing, so much fun to see what others are up to.
    Nancy Jo

  6. Oh Kathy. I love your quilt!
    :o) Tricia Anne

  7. Hi, Kathy -
    Your handwork is wonderful - your friend will certainly enjoy the throw you made. I love the earrings and the idea of using pretty buttons. I'm off to my button box to see what waits inside!

  8. All your creations are beautiful. I have some old buttons purchased at an estate sale that would work beautifully for the earrings. I am curious did you stamp the spreader pictured in your header? It is very neat too. Jackie

  9. I love your little qulted throw. It is so pretty... This is ONE craft that I CAN do..I've made several (1 yr for Christmas gifts, I made 10 quilts for 10 grands)...took me nearly the entire year..but...I got 'er done.
    Love the pretty earrings, too...
    xo bj

  10. Kathy, I should just jump in my car and drive over and see you! I really should! That would be so much fun! You have the most welcoming home in Michigan. I just love it when you show your porch. And a red door! What is more welcoming than a red door? I love the swag. The earrings are gorgeous and the quilt to die for! It looks so snuggly and comfy. What a beautiful friend you are to make that! I have made a lot of Christmas things this year for my shoppe and my home. As well as gifts. I should join your party! It is such a wonderful idea!

  11. The quilt turned out beautifully, as did the earrings and the swag.

    Believe it or not, I'm actually linking up today.

    Can't wait to see you all on Thursday! I wish you could convince Earl to go with Clarence. I hate him going by himself...

  12. Kathy,

    Your quilt is beautiful...what a lucky friend.

    I dont have anything this week for handmade holidays...maybe next week!

    Happy Thanksgiving,


  13. Ohhhh Kathy that red front door is beeeeeautiful!
    Can we see the whole thing?
    I love it!

    Your friend must be very special to receive a handmade quilt..... It turned out beautiful!

    Happy Thanksgiving

  14. Oh Kathy, I just adore that quilt, how gorgeous, she will be thrilled. If you look real close you can see those LOVE stitches in between. Your earrings are so lovely, and I like the decoration for your door too.

    Kathy, I was busy the last two days publishing my first Children's story. I want to thank you, because every time you would write a comment that I should write a children's story, I thought of the one I just published. I wrote about it today with a thank you to you.

    I also put up the Handmade Holiday link. I'll be posting something special for next Tuesday.

    Happy Handmade Holiday.


  15. Great throw mom! I love you SOOO much, and I get to see you tonight! I love you super mucho!!! What does keeka mean she wishes you could cinvince dad? I love you tons and bunches, xoxoxoxo
    ~Love, Victoria

  16. What a sweet quilt your friends is a lucky girl!

  17. I came over here to see your lovely projects and ended up linking to your Homemade Holidays link. Thank you!

  18. That is MY kind of quilt! I love your colors and simple squares are always my favorite. Lucky friend!

  19. Hi Kathy...great quilt...I love the colors and prints but I am into country..your friend will be thrilled with it..I love getting handmade items...Have a great Thanksgiving with the family...Sue.

  20. Great job on the throw. Your spray is gorgeous. Have a peaceful Thanksgiving. Mimi

  21. Hi Kathy!

    I love the quilt! I've always wanted to make a little lap quilt (maybe this winter). I think some hot chocolate would be a perfect compliment to the quilt = I'm sure she'll love it!

    I hope you and your family have wonderful Thanksgiving!



  22. Great job on the quilt Kathy. It's very pleasing. I'm sure your friend will love curling up with it!

    I can't believe you thought to make earrings out of the sweater buttons. That's so great! Have you ever visited Feedsack & Fantasy? Marydon did a post a few weeks ago about a lady who uses sweaters from people who have passed on to make mittens for the families. It was a wonderful story of giving somehting a fresh, useful identity and preserving the special memories.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving sweetie!

  23. Kathy,
    I just stopped by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope that you have a beautiful day.


  24. O, boy...even I...the craftless person that I am, have a homemade to share on your next meme...DO NOT ENLARGE PHOTOS of it, however. It is soooo amature...BUT..I am sure to do better on my next one. I have to abide with the NESTER and say that it doesn't have to be
    PERFECT to be BEAUTIFUL !! :>)
    OH, and did you sew your squares together and then run another stitching around ea. square? I can't really tell from the photo..
    and has it got the batting and backing? I am thinking of making just this simple block for daughter and daughter in law...It's the choice of fabrics that make this kind so special..and you did great on your choices. Do you think one made with velvets, brocade and glitz would be pretty? Ya know...almost like a crazy quilt?? Seems it would to me but then, I don't have a crafty eye like you do !!:)And, maybe the patchwork is too country for this kind of fabrics??
    HAVE A THANKSGIVING full of love!
    xo bj

  25. Kathy, that is such a sweet gift to give to your friend. You did an amazing job making it!

    How so very, very special!

    hugs to you and Happy Thanksgiving!


  26. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I found you yesterday and just love all of your ideas.

  27. Hi Kathy
    How lovely your pictures are.
    I love your throw. You did a great job and the colours are so nice and bright. Your friend will love it too!

    Your wreath is beautiful also.
    Happy Thanksgiving...


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