Monday, May 31, 2010

May I introduce you to....

Janet at The Empty Nest.! Since I can't seem to find time to do any sewing right now while I am in school, I am so pleased to show you some of Janet's wonderful creations. Janets beautiful work has been featured in Apronology And Somerset Studios Art Doll Quarterly.
 Take a look at this darling little beauty of an apron....

Or this sweet thing made from vintage tablecloths and trimmed in ric-rac!
Ooh golly, look at this one!
Can't you see yourself whipping up a batch of potato salad for a picnic in one of these? I can. And to add to the fun, Janet makes up the sweetest stories to go with some of her aprons on etsy. I love reading the descriptions!  But that isn't all she can do. She paints... Look at the charming New England morning she captured here.
And you should see her upcycled sweaters. I know it isn't cold now, but winter comes every year and these one of a kind sweaters are amazing pieces of about being multi-talented!

All of these can be found at her etsy shop, and I would run not walk if you see something you want.
Janet is one of my first advertisers and I am so pleased to be able to support another cottage industry.  I think it is so important to celebrate and support the artistry and hard work of our blogging friends and neighbors. Real people who put themselves out there and pour so much love and imagination into creating something special. Janet and her blog and shop are special indeed and I know you will love getting to know her as I have. I hope you will stop by and say hello for me:>)

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day and my eternal gratitude to those men and women who have fought and sacrificed for the freedom and safety of this country. I don't think they get the recognition or support they deserve.
I have a wonderful extra day off  from school and classes. I intend to spend it in the garden, and then celebrating with my dear family.  Pure bliss. Thunderstorms are expected this afternoon, I look forward to them. After the family picnic, a movie snuggled with the immediate family and, yes, just a little homework, but mostly just fun. I wish the same for you. (Minus the homework of course!)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I love spring and summer for the mornings.  I admit I am one of those people who can't imagine why someone would sleep late enough to miss the morning sunshine, it's the best light of the day!  The moment the sun raises it's shining head, I am awake.  There is something so peaceful and hopeful about the morning. The birds are singing and there is time for a cup of hot coffee and some reflection on what the day might bring.
This morning I grabbed an old quilt and threw it over the swing under the pine trees. Grabbed a pillow, my cup of coffee in my favorite handthrown mug, and a new cookbook from a set my dear sis gave me for my birthday.  On the way out I stopped by the snowball bush to enjoy the lush round balls of flowers hanging heavy on it. I love snowball bushes. My grandmother and mother have always had them and now I do too.
A bowl of fresh strawberries from the grocery store (Ours aren't ripe yet), and I was all set for a beautiful morning.  The next thing I know I'm swatting mosquitos like a mad woman and gathering everything up as fast as I can to escape inside.  One of the little devils got me right behind the knee.  Time to spray the yard so we can use it. Lol. Oh well, I can still enjoy all those things safely inside.
Two more weeks of school (work and college) and then a small break. I'm counting the days.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Today I am 52. I was going to do a self portrait but after snapping a few photos I thought I owed it to myself to wait for a professional sitting and someone who could do an expert job of retouching the photos.
Happy birthday to me.
When I walked out to the dining room this greeted me.
I'm thinking cake for breakfast,(it's gorgeous isn't it? made by Victoria) it's my birthday after all, and then I see the card.
Is this not amazing? Victoria made this for me too. It is all cutwork with the most beautiful message inside. It's getting framed. I love it. I love it more than the cake, (I think. I need to try the cake so I can be sure, but when the cake is gone, I'll still have the beautiful card:>)
Thanks for everything, the gorgeous flowers, the cake and the card. I love  you sweet baby!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Random babbling

I just couldn't resist this. Found at a church sale (hmmm, ironic) last weekend for 25 cents. Yes, there is a large inflatable ball of guilt inside.  Oh the things one can find at sales.

Can I just say this school thing is harder than I thought?  It's odd that learning about skills to be creative can completely stifle your ability to create.  The pressure of a deadline, looking at the (far superior) skills of others, professors who have very different tastes and aesthetics from your own, the lack of time to dream or think or wind down.  I have to keep reminding myself to be true to myself, but to keep an open mind.   I wonder if I have bitten off more than I can chew. And speaking of that, I think I'm gaining weight from hours and hours sitting on my hiney in front of the computer, so I need to work in some exercise time. And quit eating at odd hours and grabbing junk. *sigh*

This week I was thisclose to deciding to quit blogging.  There, I said it. But I have decided to try to get through the dry spell.  We'll see how that goes.  How do you know when it is time to let go of something that has been such a great part of your life?  Maybe when the big ball of guilt over not giving it the time it deserves, or that you want to give it, gets too heavy to carry.

Happier news? I got an A in my Advertising class.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


1. Blue Crystal Cup, 2. Spode Blue Room Teacup, 3. Lots of blue eggs, 4. Those Little Blue Flowers, 5. Beauty White on Blue, 6. pretty blue cottage, Gargilesse. France, 7. ... give MONDAY BLUES no chance ;) !! ..............., 8. Blue, 9. baby blues for mother's day, 10. Angel Blue, 11. Pure Heart♡, 12. blue and white...2008, 13. Scroll Cookie Detail, 14. starfish in blue, 15. Some little things with a blue shadow. 8, 16. Blue Morpho Butterfly

No time for my own photography so I found the next best thing. These all came from Flickr. Brilliant blues, happy things. Eggs and teacups and butterflies. It gives a new meaning to having the blues. Anyone want to join me? Have you got the blues too? Linking to Mary's Mosaic Monday.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Country Roads and Motherhood

I've been included in a beautiful country treasury on etsy. Take a look. It's a slice of pure Americana!
Happy Mothers Day to all!  I saw a list that a fellow blogger made entitled "What a Mother wants".  I couldn't have said it any better.  A mom just wants the very best for her kids. She wants their love and especially their respect. She wants to know that what she taught them about life had some impact on them.  She wants them to guard their hearts and minds from the garbage the world throws at them and insists is ok. It's not. It pollutes you. I want to know I'll see them in heaven.  For myself, I want to show them that you never really attain perfection, but you sure do need to keep learning and growing. That's all really.  There is a lot of little stuff between those lines, but it pretty much sums it up.  I am blessed to have two of the sweetest, prettiest girls ever.  I love you both! You make me a better person and I hope I do the same for you.
You are my angels.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lilac Time

It's Lilac time everywhere right now.  Mine bloomed overnight a few days ago, and usually by now I would have every vase in the house filled. So far I have had time to grab just a small handful and pop them into an old stone vase.  The morning light coming into the dining room this morning inspired me to grab the camera. I had some focus issues but I still like the way the photo turned out. It's been a crazy week of mid-term finals, housework and getting ready to help oldest daughter get ready to move into her very first apartment
It can be daunting to get everything done, but I am trying to learn to not sweat the things that get left by the wayside. All any of us can do is get our priorities in order and do what we can. Stressing about it doesn't change a thing, it just makes us unhappy.  Having said that, I still look wistfully at your decorating projects and cute vignettes and wish....and I have some sewing that just needs to get out of my head and onto the machine!  It will. Eventually.  In the meantime, next chance I get, I'm filling my messy house with Lilacs while I still can:>)