Thursday, February 28, 2008

I have added this sweet little bluebird to the give-away to celebrate my one year anniversary of blogging. I found the vintage pattern in a basket I bought at a garage sale. I bought the basket because it was a little wicker house that opened at the lid, cute. It was stuffed with old patterns, most of which I wasn't interested in. But then I found the pattern for this little bird. It is supposed to be a pincushion, and I suppose you could use it for that, I just think it's adorable for spring decorating. I am sending it along with the nest that I prettied up with some vintage millinery flowers and a button charm I made. The glass dish is the bottom to a lidded round butter dish that was my grandmothers and, sorry, it's not included. Got to keep that, but it does look pretty with the nest & bird:>) I think I will be making a few more of these and putting them in my etsy shop. They just sing spring don't you think? If you want a chance to win this, comment here, the drawing is Sunday night, March 2.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm a little chagrined. I was at work yesterday talking about the weather (we are supposed to get up to 7 inches of snow in the next couple days), doing my usual complaining about how I can't wait for spring, and God seemed to be saying something to me. I was suddenly stopped by the thought, what if I was very old, and very ill and this might be the very last winter I was alive? What if this were the last soft snowfall I would ever see? I know, it's a little morbid but lets face it, none of us know how long we have. For some people this will be their last February on earth. It seems it is easy to keep our eyes on what is to come and sometimes to just wish that what is happening in our lives right now was over. What a waste of days that is. We are all given only so many and each one is a gift. A chance to do something good. A chance to enjoy whatever we can of this little piece of time. Right now the snow is softly falling outside my window, the trees are sugar coated and, for now, it isn't muddy or grey. I guess I can be content with today and know that spring is on its way but that today, is worth celebrating too. I am warm inside my home and blessed in so many ways. Right now, today, is beautiful in its own way. This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.:>)
Thanks for all the lovely comments on my give-away. I am working on a few more fun things to add to it. I forgot to add, I will do the drawing on Sunday, March 2nd so still plenty of time to "de-lurk". Enjoy today.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Thrifting and a give-away

What is it about rummaging through other peoples cast offs that gives me such a thrill? Earl and I had a great day together yesterday exploring new territory in Ann Arbor. Home to the University of Michigan and a very diverse and artistic population, Ann Arbor is a good time just waiting to be had, so we had it! We were concentrating on thrift shops yesterday and our first stop was a Kiwanis club thrift store. This store is only open Saturdays from 9-12, no pictures because it was so packed with bargain hunters you had to almost fight to get through the crowd. Not my idea of a great time, but since we got there as the doors opened we beat most of the crowd in and I got a few bits of vintage jewelry and pearls for creating, then we got out of there while we could still get to the door.Our next stop was a fun one, it was a reuse and recycleing center where "good" stuff is dropped off instead of going to the dump. I have thought this idea was a good one for a long time! Look at all the light fixtures here! This chandelier was only $15.00, the wicker chair below (there were two!) only $35.00!

I didn't get anything here but we will be back in the spring to look again.Look at this chair, $35.00! I swear if I had a speck of blue in my house I would have bought this, it was in perfect condition.

One of the last stops was my favorite. It's called Thrift Mart and it is a resale and consignment shop. Oh my. Three floors of the most awesome, great stuff ever!
Needlepoint chairs and stools....

These vintage glasses were only 50 cents each, love the bright fruits on them!
I saw this little tea for one and thought of Dolly, sorry Dolly, didn't get it:>(
You say you like milk glass? They have a little. I did walk away with a few treasures, there was so much to see here I could have bought more, but the budget just wouldn't allow it so this is what I found....

A platter that goes with my set of Johnson Brothers rose bouquet (another garage sale find) that we use all the time for special dinner parties, and a stack of 17 clear glass dessert plates for $4! The platter was marked $10 but they rang it at $9 because it had been there long enough to get marked down. What a deal! the platter is listed on for $30.99. The dessert plates are just what we need for big family dinner parties and I love that they are so simple that they don't fight whatever china pattern I use. I did get a couple more things but I am waiting to show them to you until I finish a few projects...which leads me to the other reason for this post. One year ago today I stumbled and bumbled my way through my first post on this blog. I had no idea what I was doing or how much I would get out of this experience. It has been such a positive part of my life and I have loved every minute of it and every person I have met through sweet comments and the thoughts and experiences and creations you put into your own blogs! So here is what I am giving away

It seems appropriate. After all you have all touched my heart in so many ways. The bliss charm represents the joy I find through this little piece of the world that is all mine to express myself in any way I choose. So I am giving you my heart and thanking you for the smiles and inspiration you have given me. I will be adding some more items as the week goes on. Just leave a comment on this post and your name goes in the hat. Thanks for making this a great year, I look forward to the next and to more fun with my "invisible friends":>)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tomorrow is my one year anniversary of starting this blog. I feel a give-away coming on... come back tomorrow and find out what it will be! Today, Earl and I are headed to Ann Arbor to explore a world of Thrift and antique shops that we haven't ever been to before. Sounds like so much fun! See you tomorrow:>)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I can feel it...

It has been months since I had a good yard sale, thrift store, curbside browse and I am feeling the need for a little thrift therapy :>) I wouldn't say I'm addicted to the hunt. No, addiction is a pretty strong word with negative connotations, and I don't think thrifting is negative, therefore, it can't be an addiction, right? Hmmm. Well, I just happened to be in a thrift store the other day, and these bowls were being put out. I love red, and this deep, rich red with roses is so pretty! Four soup bowls and a large vegetable/serving bowl and I had a coupon for half off so I snapped them up. They say Myott, Staffordshire England on the back and they are in really great shape. SO, I come in the door and pull them out to show youngest daughter (who is so much like her father!). Look honey aren't these pretty? She looks at me and says, "did you need those for something?" Well..., yeah..., I can use these for soup and... stuff.... Well, what does need have to do with it anyway? Someday I'm going to remember that question when she is all grown up and a bargain (addict) hunter herself!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mary at Little Red House wanted to see more of the hutch so here it is. I can't say that vignettes are my strength, but I feel better having freshened things up!
I got these bunny boxes on clearance last year. Love that, if you can go for the delayed gratification. I can, for 90% off.

And of course I have to have my sweet babies graduation pics in there somewhere.:>)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

That's it. Winter and I are officially over. Never mind that I can't see the ground for the grungy snow. Never mind that it is supposed to be in the 20's all week. Never mind. I've seen the bluebird, It rained today and hit 4o degrees. Yesterday I went out to my car, in the bright morning sunshine and the birds were singing! I cleared out the hutch in the dining room today and replaced all the silver and white with flower sprigged tea cups, ivy and birds. In the northeast corner of my dining room it is now spring. I was totally inspired by Mary and this blog (what beautiful inspiration!) I got the green depression glass sunflower cake plate at a garage sale last year for $3. It really seems to glow in the light and gives a nice spring green aura to everything in the hutch. I have been bustling around after church, cleaning, reorganizing, making spring. It feels good. I had gotten so far behind. Time to go make spring in another corner. My family just smiles and shake their heads, but they know I come alive in the spring and they can't begrudge me my fantasies of springtime in February:>)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Spring Can't Be Far...

I saw a bluebird outside my kitchen window Monday. It was below zero weather here in Michigan and I was home for yet another snow day. It was so cold they called off school so the little kids wouldn't freeze at the bus stop. But there he was, all fluffy and bright blue peeking in the window at me as if to say hello. I wanted to scoop him into my warm hands and bring him inside but he was gone in a flash. If the bluebirds are coming home can spring be far behind? I think not! Oh, how I love the blubirds:>)
And this is what I have been working on between my other two jobs! This tray is full of the buttons, jewelry and charms that I use to embellish my hearts. Yup! I have another batch ready for etsy and as soon as I am done with this post I am going to start listing them:>)

Not all are finished, but I hope to have this batch all finished and listed by Saturday afternoon. I still have some colors and styles to sew that aren't in this bunch, so if you don't see the ones you want, keep an eye open, I'll get to them! I plan to do some flea market and antique shop lurking with my sweetie tomorrrow, and maybe actually get the house cleaned up! I have today and Monday off from my school job for mid-winter break and I managed to convince my second job that they didn't need me today so I will have at least three days to just catch up. I will probably have to work the second job Monday though. I hope everyone has a great weekend! Get out there and do something fun, I know I'm going to:>)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Beauty and love are all my dream;
They change not with the changing day;
Love stays forever like a stream
That flows but never flows away;
And beauty is the bright sun-bow
That blossoms on the spray that showers
Where the loud water falls below,
Making a wind among the flowers

Andrew Young
Happy Valentine's Day to all my sweet blog friends who share their beauty and love and dreams every day:>)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

the Pink Post

Cottage Magpie is having a color pink Valentines give away! You have to post a pink theme and then comment here to join so here it is, my pink post. I love pink, but my sweet hubby lives in an all female world (even the cats) and decorating with pink would just be too much for him. He sometimes talks wistfully about wanting a "man room" someday, but I digress. Anyway, I cant decorate with a lot of pink but I do have some tucked here and there that manages to stay under the man radar:>) This box is an old wooden cheese box I covered in some of my grandmothers feed sack material. I use it to store love letters and cards from hubby, (It's nearly full:>) The covered tureen is from my grandmother too. She loved pink and roses.
This beautiful pink pressed glass cake stand was a Christmas gift from Earl. He knows what I love and I love this! The little cup & saucer was a yard sale find.

And of course, I couldn't resist showing you a batch of hearts in the works. I should have some ready for etsy by friday. I see it's time to go to work now, yikes, got to go! See you all later:>)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hi everyone! What a great weekend I had! No work so I was able to work on some things at home. I got some hearts finished and listed (thanks again for the response as of right now I have one left) and in the early evening a friend and I had a little Valentines tea party with our wednesday night 4th and 5th grade class of girls. We started with cookie decorating, then had tea and finished with a flurry of valentine card making.
Give these girls some craft materials and they are happy as clams! I think they could have spent another hour making cards.

Aren't these cards just adorable?
Today was church and then off to my sweet mother-in-laws home to have a valentine ice-cream sundae party with the family! It was only about 4 degrees here today and the wind chill was about 20 below so we all had a good laugh about the appropriateness of an ice cream party this time of year but that didn't stop us from digging in and making some great concoctions and sharing old family stories and some really old photos that Earls uncle had unearthed and given to mom. I hope to get my hands on them and scan some to show you because they are the sweetest old things. So old that nobody in the family has a clue who they are! I am sure that is how so many end up being sold in antique shops and flea markets.

On another note, I want to say thanks to everyone for all the love sent my way for the last post. I assure you I am not going away and will visit as often as possible. I have missed you this week but have a couple days off next week so hopefully I will get around to say hello. I have a few ideas for posts rolling around in my head and I will have them posted this week. In the meantime, I hope everyone has a great week! I plan to celebrate Valentines day every day this week:>)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Thank You...

No really, I mean thank you, to all of you who have been so supportive of my etsy shop and who leave wonderful comments that lift me up every day. I haven't said anything before, but times are a little tough here in Michigan. The economy is in the toilet and dear husbands hours have been cut. Drastically. God has taken care of us in so many ways in the past few weeks. I never cease to be amazed at how God cares for and provides for us. Little things, like the vacuum cleaner dying last Wednesday and getting an anonymous Meijer gift card in the mail Thursday for just the amount needed to replace it. The response to the fun little hearts in my etsy shop! And today, I got a second part time job which means I will be going to my day job at the school for 3 1/2 hours and then straight to a receptionist job until 8 pm at night. It will be a bit tough to get used to but I know it is only temporary and once again, God has provided in a time of need.
I will still be making my little hearts and I will have some back in the shop this weekend some time. With the hours I will be working it may be difficult for me to post as often as I should and it may be hard for me to visit you all every day or reply as often as I have in the past. I know that is considered "rude" in blogland, but please bear with me. I will be back to normal in a couple months. You won't be forgotten, I will still be stopping by, but with limited time you may not hear from me as much. So thanks, it doesnt seem like enough to say but there it is. You never know when a kind comment is just what someone needs to brighten their day. You have all brightened mine:>)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Just a quick note to let everyone know I have a few more hearts finished and in my etsy shop.
Tomorrow Husband, youngest daughter and I are off to her college of choice for a scholarship awards luncheon. It will be a long drive and a long day but I hope worth it. Today was spent curled up on the couch watching movies with my daughters (Pay it Forward, good movie but kind of a bad ending) and now we are all off to superbowl parties where we haven't the slightest interest in who wins or loses, only in fellowship and what sounds like some tasty food! I hope all of you have a great ime tonight too. I see some are also headed to parties and some are staying home. Whatever you choose, I hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable evening!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Snowbears and a meme

It snowed last night
It snowed last night,
the snowbears had a pillow fight
They tore up every cloud in sight
and tossed down all the feathers white,
Oh, it snowed last night
it snowed last night...
Did you ever sing that song in grade school? I remember it clearly almost every time it snows, which it did last night. I got another snow day today (Yay!) although my paid snow days are all used up (Boo!) but I enjoyed it none the less. A couple days ago Adrienne at With a Grateful Heart tagged me for the Four Things About Me meme. I am way overdue to play so here it is...

1. The Princess Bride
2. Pride & Prejudice
3. Wuthering Heights
4. White Christmas

1. Union City, MI
2. Tekonsha, MI
3. Lansing, MI
4.Lake Orion, MI (I really get around don't I?)

2. This Old House
3. The Complete Jane Austin
4. Antiques Road Show

1. Boston
2. Washington DC
3. Chandler, AZ
4. Canada

1. My Mother
2. My Brother
3. My Aunt in Florida
4. My Aunt and Uncle in Arizona

1. Chocolate
2. Cheese
3. Steak
4. Fresh, hot, home made bread slathered with butter!

1. England
2. France
3. Florida to visit a dear friend
4. A cozy B&B with my sweet husband!

1. My youngest daughters graduation open house
2. Getting my bedroom redone
3. Spring!
4. Getting away somewhere with my hubby for a weekend

1. Amy
2. Rhonda
3. Alexandra
4. Dolly