Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cheery Cherries and a Question

 As you can see, I am focused completely on Spring.  This old Kitchenaid was in need of a makeover. It has served me well for at least 15 years, but I have to admit I've dreamed of trading it in for something a little brighter. I don't think the company offered all the colors they do now way back then, and I would have a hard time choosing just one! At any rate,  I have an oldie but goodie plain white machine and I needed to brighten the old girl up.  Enter my silhouette machine and vinyl decals.
Don't you love the cottage feeling she has now? So fun and cheerful, and when I get tired of this design I can peel them right off without damaging the finish. I love it! I've listed a few of these in the etsy shop and I'll be working on some other designs so you can Springify your machine too:>)
I've bitten the bullet and joined Instagram. I'll be honest, I find it hard to keep up with social media sometimes, so my Instagramming, Facebooking, Tweeting is sporadic at best. But if by chance you follow me on Instagram you would have seen this photo of our Valentine's day dinner.
Our dining room table is still hosting the Ikea countertops and copious amounts of sawdust, (progress is being made!) so I dragged a little table that we used to start seedlings in the basement, up to the living room and threw pillows on the floor. I lit some candles and made my sweetie a lobster tail and filet mignon dinner with parmesan crusted asparagus, salad and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert.  We hate fighting the crowds on holidays and I have to say, the change was fun.
I love pulling out all my garage sale and thrift store finery to make things special:>)
While we are on the subject of setting a pretty table I have been hoping you would tell me your opinion on something. I have been talking to friends about entertaining. It seems that so few people have someone over for dinner anymore. Our lives have become ridiculously complicated and busy. Earl and I look forward to warmer weather because, with a small home, we do most of our entertaining outside in our yard and garden.
What I want to know is this, do you think that using "good" china, fancy tablecloths, centerpieces and things make people comfortable or might it intimidate them? It almost seems like a silly question when I see it here in print, but I have heard over and over again that people hesitate to entertain because they are afraid their house isn't nice enough or they don't think they have nice enough things. Maybe they don't "get into" decorating the table and think that is required.
At any rate, I have daughters who are setting up their own households, their friends are starting out too, and they have asked me to write a few posts about entertaining.
I would love to do a linky party if you would be interested in adding your advice for the next generation. What have you learned about making people comfortable? About planning a low cost but nice meal? What would you tell your own kids about hospitality? And if you wouldn't mind giving your opinion on the poll on my sidebar, I would love to hear what you think!


  1. Well I think that hospitality is very important. I don't think that we give it the importance or significance it deserves. That said, a simple meal, well prepared, is really all that is necessary to enjoy a time of friendship around a table. And, yes, sitting down at a table is very important. It's one thing to have a Superbowl party around a tv set once a year, but if every meal is thus served... Sigh.

    I am one who has worried much about having people over. I still do. So I am all ears for any series you write on the topic.

    How adorable is your mixer?! It is absolutely the cutest thing.

  2. I love what you did to the mixer! It's SO CUTE!!

  3. I think the word 'entertaining' can be off putting, it sounds formal. We just invite friends to a kitchen supper, put out the pretty china and napkins, and have a good homecooked, but simple meal.

  4. Love the mixer too, mine is 40 years old and looking a bit shabby but works like a dream. About the hospitality thing....we like have people over for a simple stew and salad or homemade pizza and salad. I think people are relaxed if the food is familiar and yummy.

  5. Love the cherries on your mixer! We entertain here at least once a month. We do everything from fancy with the "good" silver and gourmet dinners to grilling burgers outside. I love, love, love to entertain.

  6. Hospitality has always been important to my husband and me. When we lived in Oklahoma away from family, our friends became like family over many meals we served. We aren't fancy. BBQ, hamburgers, mexican food, etc... sort of the comfort foods of our part of the country.

    My kids friends have all been getting married in the last year or two. They haven't registered for china. Really I don't blame them. We never use ours.

  7. Sad to say we don't entertain! Sometimes I think it might be kind of fun, but....not sure we'd be any good at it. Oh don't get me wrong, my husband is a fabulous cook....but everything else is what stops us. I think outdoor entertaining would be more relaxing for us...if we every did it. Also, I think your "new" mixer is very cute! I'll be reading your entertaining posts!

  8. First off, your mixer is perfect! I love the cherries. And about entertaining - we usually only have good friends and family, so it doesn't have to be fancy. Mostly we entertain outside in the summer. We have a pool and that helps a lot! I'll be interested in reading other comments about this.

  9. Your mixer is adorable-what a difference!
    I would love to hear how other ladies entertain, Kathy.
    I do try to make my table special for company. That doesn't always mean fancy though. It can mean fresh flowers or special name tags, or cloth napkins instead of paper.

  10. Your mixer is adorable with the cherries and checks on it!
    In answer to your question, I like to set a fancy table, and when guests come for dinner. I just tell them that I wanted to make it look nice just for them

  11. I LOVE what you did to your mixer! I have a white one as well and would like to pretty it up with some turquoise polka dots. I look forward to seeing your new designs!

  12. LOVE the springified mixer - I'll be watching for your other designs but I just might have to have those darling cherries! We only entertain informally. Seems to work for everyone! Lovely Valentine's meal!

  13. Your mixer is stunning! On hospitality ~ I think it doesn't matter whether you use china or paper plates. What does matter is how you treat your guests and make them feel at home. One Sunday we were invited to friends and the table was beautiful with good chine, centerpiece and food out of a magazine. The very next Sunday we were invited to other friends where dishes didn't match, no tablecloth and the food was mediocre. Both places were equally enjoyable because they treated us so good and made us feel at home. I think it's all in the attitude unless it would get too formal. Then maybe we would be uncomfortable if it is not our culture to be that formal.

  14. I agree! What matters is the hospitality and being welcomed warmly! We try to entertain someone, or a group of friends, every month and sometimes it;s more formal. But often it's pizza and a movie and every day dishes!
    LOVE the decals!!

  15. That's the cutest kitchen aid! I know, I'm so tempted by all the new wonderful colors they have. But your solution is even better because you can change it out and keep it different.

    I don't know - I always enjoy when people use pretty/nice things but I know I've had a few incidents at my home where "people" (mostly family) have thought I was too fancy.

  16. Your kitchen aid mixer is a dream...just lovely!

  17. I love what you did with your mixer! Mine looks rather plain now. Thinking about what would be a good addition if I were to do something interesting.

  18. A little late but I just saw your Kitchen Aid makeover....it is fabulous!! love the checks on the base....just adorable...As for having over dinner guests....I have given up....I love to cook and I love to set a great table...when we moved in to the new house little by little we had over many of the neighbors...some times groups sometimes just one couple...Once we ate in the dining room but mostly right in the kitchen...I don't know if you have ever seen pictures of my blog luncheons or parties but I have more dishes then I can count and I love to use them all....Well it seems this does intimidate people....I don't think the table settings but for sure the food....all I hear is....I could never make a meal like that....so there for no invitations back to anyones house....Except for my stand in daughter Lucy who lives across the street...She's 40 and and Italian from Jersey (we lived about a mile from each other...at different times of course) She appreciates a good meal and invites us over to her house often.....Maybe it's not my cooking....maybe it's because we are Yankees???


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