Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Garden planning

This time of year I start dreaming of my garden.  The brick paths that feel so sunshine warm under my bare feet, the raised beds with flowers and vegetables spilling over the sides. I can almost close my eyes and smell the earth.  Soon my friends, soon.
My dreams influence my designs and I have been loving the new pillow covers that I have worked on in the past month.  Reproductions of real vintage seed catalogue pages and vintage seed packets! This cover photo from an old catalogue has all my favorite veggies beautifully illustrated.

 I always love to have Nasturtiums and phlox in my garden. I am a fan of the old fashioned flowers, and nasturtiums make big mounds of bright flowers that are just beautiful. As an added bonus you can add their petals and leaves to salads for a peppery punch!
 I've had a soft spot for the brightness of cherries too. Of course they are my favorite color, red! I added these vintage images to some faded French script and found the perfect black and cream polka dot to  trim them in.
 And a coordinating Queen Anne cherry pillow.  These would look so pretty for a punch of color on a neutral sofa.  All just listed in the shop.
Are you dreaming of the garden? What are your must grow favorite vegetables?


  1. I love all of your sweet spring pillows Kathy!

    Yes, I am dreaming about the garden. Let' see. My must grow veggies:
    Green Beans
    and all kinds of herbs

  2. What beautiful cushions/pillows, Kathy. I'd love to know how you reproduce the pictures on to the fabric?

  3. As for gardening ~ I haven't even given it one thought! I haven't planted a garden in years. I do plant a few flowers but not even very many of them. Someday...maybe after we're retired. But those pillows! WOW! Do love them. Did you use Spoonflower for them? Good luck with lots of sales!

  4. I LOVE those pillows! They make me smile!

  5. These are precious! I, too, am dreaming about the garden. I am bursting with ideas!! I have a lot of work ahead, the lakehouse needs a lot of work, too. But Happy work!! :)


  6. Kathy
    You are ready for Spring.
    Your pillows are so nice!
    I could see them on a wicker lounge on someone's sun porch.

  7. Spring Fever has hit me as well. I have been pouring over seed catalogs and dreaming of my next garden. The pillows are lovely!

  8. Those pillows are so super cute! Love the whole vintage seed catalog idea.

    Well it's 70 and sunny today so I've been enjoying being outside!

  9. Are these available fr sale? I love the Nasturtium one and the cherries one!


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