Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Crazy? Well yes, yes I am...

This is my dress for Lauren's wedding. I took this photo just moments ago and I'm working up the nerve to cut into the fabric. Does anyone else have that problem? Making that first cut always gives me the heebie jeebies. But back to my insanity. The wedding is in two weeks. Twelve days to be exact. Twelve days and the clock is ticking and I have been busy with arrangements and orders (and yes, I am still working full time) and somehow my dress  has not materialized.  I've looked in the stores and come up with nothing, and online but with this little time I worry the fit won't be right and I don't see anything I love that doesn't cost a fortune, and then I will be 4 days from the wedding and having nightmares of wearing nothing but a slip as my daughter walks down the aisle. Besides, if you know me at all you know how cheap frugal I am and that paying hundreds of dollars for a dress I will wear for a few hours just isn't in me.and why do dresses for people my age look like old lady dresses or bags? So I have this dress in my head that needs to get out and all I can do is hope that when it does get out of my head and onto the sewing machine it looks as good on me as it does in my head. But really, how often does that happen? Really.
 So I'm ready to get out there and cut into this. I'm thinking the collar, full skirt and longer sleeves, tea lengthish, because I need the added hassle of altering the pattern.
In the end I'm not sure if I'll be wearing this, or a white jacket that ties in the back.
Pray for me.
 Did I mention I'm making her veil too? Yeah......

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Country Living Giveaway

Earl and I had planned a little trip down to the Country Living Fair next month. Unfortunately, due to circumstances that have come up, that just isn't an option any more. Next year maybe?
The good news is, our loss is your gain! If you want two free weekend passes, just leave a comment!
If you want another chance to win, give a shout out on your blog and let me know in a separate comment.  Winner will be chosen by random number generator on Sept 3:>)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Are Those Wedding Bells I Hear?!

After 4 years of long distance romance
her Air Force sweetheart is finally stationed in the United States
 I guess it shouldn't come as a shock that they are tired of waiting to tie the knot...
 So it's official, a wedding date is set.
For next month.
Yes you read that right.  Sept 9th ,  3 1/2 weeks away!
A few days of intense panic later, I'm digging in and, with a little help from friends and family, working on making it as dreamy as possible. Amazingly enough, everything is falling into place. They have already done a lot of the planning and I'm trying to catch the details.
This could be fun:>)
See the rest of the shoot by clicking the link above.
Congratulations, to the happy couple :>)

Love Mom

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What I did on my summer vacation

I think I've broken my own record for long blog breaks. It's been a busy summer, and I'm pretty sure it has been busy for everyone. I'm not the only one who has taken a little time off to enjoy the longer days.  I finally finished this quilt, and have moved on to begin another.
 But this summer has really been all about the garden. Anyone need any basil? I have an immense 8'x4' raised bed of the lushest basil ever. Victoria and I have made several batches of pesto for the freezer and used it in every dish imaginable. Can you tell I have harvested it already?  Hmmm, I can't either. I'm sharing at work today and even then I will barely be able to tell it has had a hair cut!
 The tomatoes are doing very well, although they are still very green. I can't wait to try these. I found some heirloom plants at the farmers market and I love to try new varieties. These are Convoluto Genovese, an Italian heirloom,
 And these are German Johnson, I have grown these before and they are perhaps the best tomatoes I have ever eaten.
 And then there are the flowers. Lord, have you ever seen zinnias like this? All the zinnias I planted have these same colors, red, yellow, hot pink and orange. It has made for an amazing display.
 And then I threw in some brilliant little marigolds to round things out. I'm not usually a marigold lovin girl, but this summer may have changed that.
These rim all the raised beds, and I have loved caring for these and coming into the house with my hands fragrant from basil and marigolds. the whole garden smells heavenly!
I think it's nearly time to throw a few nasturtium leaves and petals in a fancy salad. Have you ever tried that?
 Love. this. garden.
So in short, I've spent lots of time sewing, gardening, dreaming, working, (oh so much time working ) and we have spent any time we could in the evening, just sitting at the table in the garden and enjoying our handiwork. There is still a lot to do , but so far we love the peaceful feeling in this little corner of our world.  I'll be back soon. I'm still visiting, and leaving the occasional comment, but right now just seems like the right time for more living and less time online.
I hope your summer is happy, enjoy what is left as the days grow shorter and cooler. The last days of summer are not to be squandered looking forward to fall. They are to be savored:>)