Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What I did on my summer vacation

I think I've broken my own record for long blog breaks. It's been a busy summer, and I'm pretty sure it has been busy for everyone. I'm not the only one who has taken a little time off to enjoy the longer days.  I finally finished this quilt, and have moved on to begin another.
 But this summer has really been all about the garden. Anyone need any basil? I have an immense 8'x4' raised bed of the lushest basil ever. Victoria and I have made several batches of pesto for the freezer and used it in every dish imaginable. Can you tell I have harvested it already?  Hmmm, I can't either. I'm sharing at work today and even then I will barely be able to tell it has had a hair cut!
 The tomatoes are doing very well, although they are still very green. I can't wait to try these. I found some heirloom plants at the farmers market and I love to try new varieties. These are Convoluto Genovese, an Italian heirloom,
 And these are German Johnson, I have grown these before and they are perhaps the best tomatoes I have ever eaten.
 And then there are the flowers. Lord, have you ever seen zinnias like this? All the zinnias I planted have these same colors, red, yellow, hot pink and orange. It has made for an amazing display.
 And then I threw in some brilliant little marigolds to round things out. I'm not usually a marigold lovin girl, but this summer may have changed that.
These rim all the raised beds, and I have loved caring for these and coming into the house with my hands fragrant from basil and marigolds. the whole garden smells heavenly!
I think it's nearly time to throw a few nasturtium leaves and petals in a fancy salad. Have you ever tried that?
 Love. this. garden.
So in short, I've spent lots of time sewing, gardening, dreaming, working, (oh so much time working ) and we have spent any time we could in the evening, just sitting at the table in the garden and enjoying our handiwork. There is still a lot to do , but so far we love the peaceful feeling in this little corner of our world.  I'll be back soon. I'm still visiting, and leaving the occasional comment, but right now just seems like the right time for more living and less time online.
I hope your summer is happy, enjoy what is left as the days grow shorter and cooler. The last days of summer are not to be squandered looking forward to fall. They are to be savored:>)


  1. You are exactly where you need to be. Doing what you are meant to be doing. And isn't that bliss? Your garden is lush and fulfiling...and your quilt is gorgeous!!! Enjoy the rest of your summer...summer is always too short!! xoxo

  2. Love the quilt!

    I had no idea how much basil you had when you offered me some. Is that offer still available? I'm supposed to get together with an old friend this week-maybe I could stop by while I'm in the area? I'd love to put some pesto in my freezer and our basil never grew this year.

    The garden looks so good! You guys have definitely found your gardening groove!

    Love you! I'll be in touch when I know when I should be down there this week (It'll be Wed. or Thurs.).

  3. Your garden is growing wonderfully! I have never planted heirloom tomatoes before. I think next year I will search for some. Did you plant them from seed?

    Glad to hear you are enjoying your summer...

  4. Hi Kathy! You have had the perfect summer (except for the working part)! Your quilt is fabulous and your garden is lovely. I can smell the basil and marigolds from here! Enjoy these last few weeks! xoxo Debbie

  5. Your post made me smile. The simple pleasures of a garden that is doing well, the smell of flowers, the satisfaction of completing a project and just sitting outdoors, drifting away in thought. It sounds like your summer has been wonderful so far, Kathy!


  6. Hi Kathy. I was so happy to see your post come up today. Your quilt is beautiful and wow oh wow...your garden looks fantastic! Enjoy the rest of the summer and thanks for the tip on the tomatoes. I will be looking for those next year.

  7. There's something about a garden that requires us to slow down and enjoy it! Yours is beautiful! Blogging is less important when there's a garden to grow. ::Jill

  8. Your garden is just beautiful and I know the fruits of your labor taste delicious too! That quilt is just gorgeous Kathy! You are so talented!

  9. You do have a lot of basil there! I just don't know what do with mine any more. I have so much frozen already that I think I'll just let it go to seed.

    Your garden looks lovely! I love the zinnias and nasturtiums! Mine never grew - don't know why. One of the mysteries of gardening :)

    Love the quilt and yes, I think more time living and less time online is always a good idea!

  10. WOOZER, girl...this is a beautiful garden. Ya'll sure know your stuff...I can't grow NUT'IN....
    I love your basil and those flowers are knockouts....
    Wonderful !!

  11. OOO, I got so carried away with the garden that I forgot to say how much I love your beautiful quilt...:))

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  13. Wow! Your beds are immaculate. I think flowers love your region...our weather is either DIE of thirst or DROWN. The flowers are confused :)
    I'm sorry you have to work.
    The quilt is INCREDIBLE!! Beautiful!!

  14. Oh...your quilt, Kathy!
    I love...love...love the red, white and blues! It looks so summery and bright! You are going to have so much fun bringing it out for special holidays.
    Your garden is spectacular...Your basil is so generous in size. I can just imagine how good it tastes.
    I'm glad you're back...but, I do understand the need sometimes to step away from it all.
    Blessings, my friend,
    Carolynn xo

  15. So nice to hear from you again but I understand how busy your summer has been. I am very busy too. Your quilt is lovely but your garden tops everything! I'd want to sit outside in the evening too and enjoy it all. Hope to hear how you enjoy your heirloom tomatoes. I have a friend that grows lots of heirlooms. Even black ones!! Can you believe BLACK tomatoes! She claims they are sweeter than the red ones. Keep enjoying your garden. Soon it will be winter time as fast as time flies. Love to you...

  16. Kathy,

    Your vacation looks wonderful and I love your garden. I have not been a good kitchen gardener at all. But I do still have tons of cherry tomatoes and grape tomatoes. Our basil looks great too! Next year I vow to be a better kitchen gardener.

    Your evening in June just looked divine. I love lavender so much. Lovely to see and smell!

  17. Beautiful quilt, beautiful garden! You are right, enjoy the moment. Mimi

  18. Hey Kathy what a wonderful Summer you've been having.....that quilt is a stunner. I just love it....

    I also love Zinnias and those tri coloured flowers are amazing. Never seen anything like them before. Aren't they such bright, cheery colours.......

    I can imagine how pleasant the evenings are out in your garden. Your post has me dreaming of the warmer weather and balmy nights.......

    Claire :}

  19. I think there is a magic in your hand.Your garden is in full bloom and I notice you have a wide backyard space. Perfect for kids afternoon playing..

  20. Kathy and Earl, I'd be out there taking in the beauty and the bounty, too. Your garden is just lovely. And yes, I love basil!!!!


    PS: I nearly forgot to say (because I was smitten with your garden) that your quilt is GORGEOUS! Good for you!!!!!! I will just live vicariously through you. xx

  21. I like that garden. You guys have definitely found your gardening groove! It is in full bloom. I also love basil.

    - Herman Swan


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