Monday, September 27, 2010

Good Morning! I trust you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was uneventfully spent spiffing up the house and then spending Sunday doing absolutely nothing. Something I have a very hard time doing. I know you know what I mean because I have seen many of you say the same thing. We all need a little down time once in a while though, so the cat and I cuddled on the sofa and alternately dozed and read. Well, I read, she just dozed:>)
I wanted to share some lovely gifts I have received in the mail. I don't know who came up with the "give-away" in blogging, but my hats off to them! It is so much fun to find a pretty package on your doorstep full of sweet surprises! I won this package from Mimi Sue's Cottage while Earl and I were away on our anniversary get-away. Victoria opened the package for me so she could tell me what was in it:>) No, I couldn't wait. It was chock full of lovely things as you can see! Beautiful tags, gift cards to movies and DQ, a pretty plate and exquisite etched vase. A fizzy bath bombe, some red fabrics which I will be adding to my quilt so I'll have something to remind me of sweet Sue! Just so many pretty surprises! Thank you Sue!
Then just last week Miss Hattie the pig arrived from Sweet Nothings dear BJ. How cute is that!  BJ made sure to add a littel sweetness with candies, candles and a sweet card and some amazing potpourri, but just look at that cute pig! Once again. it just made my day! Thank you BJ! I will put Hattie where I can see her and think of you:>)  I hope you have a wonderful autumn week. It's going to start getting pretty chilly around here and we don't have much color around here yet! Anyone else wondering where all the color is this year?


  1. Ooooo..I'm so jealous! Lovely winnings. I'm hoping the lack of rain does not effect our Fall foliage this year. Starting to see a tiny bit of color change here in Virginia.

    Janet xox

  2. What awesome and fun gifts you've won! Love the pig!! I'm hoping we will have some color, too early here in the South.

  3. What amazing parcels! People are so generous.

  4. Your little piggy is so cute!! I love giveaways! In fact, I've been planning on having one here soon too.

    I think all the color dried up. We haven't had much rain in the last couple of months and everything just seems all brown and crispy. We'll be going to Williamsburg at the end of the month and I hope it will prove me wrong and be bursting in color.

    Have a WONDERFUL week and God Bless Ya!

  5. Congratulations on your fun wins! Such a showering of beautiful items! :o) You will have to tell us what movie you end up seeing. :o)
    Today is the first day that I can get out doors and not sweat half to death. :o) So we are still not getting to much color here yet. My Japanese maples are changing, but they do that through out the year. :o)
    I hope you have a wonderful week!!
    Sincerely ~ Trish
    Ps. One of my cats and I did the same thing yesterday afternoon, minus the reading, I dozed too. :o)

  6. What wonderful goodies! Yesterday our temp dropped into the sixties and it has been raining for two days. It feels more like fall and I am beginning to see some color changes...

  7. You deserve all of it! Wonderful prizes :)
    About that Linkdin thing...I don't remember even signing up...or what it is.

  8. What wonderful prizes you have won! There are some wonderful goodies there. I am LOLing that you couldn't wait till you got home for the package to get opened.

    So glad you took some down time. You have earned it I assure you!

    PS Have you ever had the banana split blizzard from DQ? I'm drooling over the thought!!!

  9. Just found your blog and think it is adorable. I read your post on pressure blogging and agree whole heartedly. I will be back to look some more soon. Patty

  10. Always nice to come home to goodies waiting for you!

  11. Great gifts, Kath! Hope you have a good week. No color here, but it is still warm, a/c still on!

  12. Oh Kathy... What grand and glorious giveaways! Holy moly! Bloggy girlies are just the BestEstEst.... Aren't they? And, I agree.... I LOVE the person who invented the giveaway.


  13. Kathy what fun treats.
    I love surprise packages!
    there are a few trees changing colors here but we are headin up north and I am sure we will see lots of trees changing colors!
    We spent monday veggin on the couch but today seems like a great day to do the same with the rain and dreary skys!

    God Bless, Dolly

  14. You have got some lovely treasures. Pure happiness! xx

  15. You have got some lovely treasures. Pure happiness! xx

  16. You have got some lovely treasures. Pure happiness! xx

  17. Hey Kathy!

    Such great giveaway goodies - Blogland is such a fun place and bloggers are so generous - congrats! I'm so glad to hear that you rested, BTW...I'm one of those who have a hard time allowing myself to do that, but I am making a concerted effort to do just that as needed...

    Unfortunately, we go straight from green to dead/brown with precious little color no matter what our weather has been like...oh well...

    Hope you have a great week friend!

    Hugs & Blessings,

  18. So glad you're enjoying your winnings! Such a lovely thing, a package in the mail. Mimi

  19. I love your little "buy" widget ... how's that working for ya?

    all your changes are darling

  20. sounds like a perfect day: dozing and ready....

    cute gifts too!

  21. ahhh, so glad you like the piggy. I know pink isn't really your thing but she's little and pale and OLDEN..:)

    Love all the other pretty things you received in the mail from Sue.....And, you are just makes our day ..nay...our whole entire month, to know that someone has spent their time to send us something so pretty.
    The bonds we are making will last a lifetime...I am sure of it.
    hugs, bj

  22. Hi, this is my first visit here and I am your newest follower. The gifts you won are darling, especially the pink piggie.


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