Saturday, October 30, 2010

Catching up

Another week gone and can you believe November is knocking at the door? The garden is winding down, the last of the roses stand out from the backdrop of some perennial mums that I have had for at least 20 years.
 They aren't as full as the potted varieties but they come up every year and I love the rich color.

 My last soft pink rose, I wish I had gotten the picture before it began to lose petals, but I still found it beautiful...
And look what came in the mail this week! I won one of those fantastic CSN store gift card give-aways from Stacey's Place, a wonderful quilter I just found. Thank you Stacey! I have been wanting white dishes for ages. Do I need white dishes? Define need;>)  Free money means guilt free shopping in my book, so I got them.  Twelve plates means I have enough for a crowd, and they mix with everything. I am looking forward to dolling these up with all sorts of pretty napkins and table accessories, and I got them in time for Thanksgiving.  Who would think plain white plates could be so exciting?  I am so looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. Victoria will be home from college and Lauren will have her new apartment to decorate and I know she will want my help! Fun. What are you looking forward to this coming season?


  1. I love white plates! Need to replace mine sometime soon. Can't wait to see what all you do with yours. I'm getting very excited about Christmas this year, too - don't even know who's going to be here yet but it doesn't matter. I'm still excited!

  2. I love the second photo of the beautiful flower. The color is gorgeous. Hugs. Tammy

  3. White china is so refreshing. You can add any colour you like with it.

  4. AWESOME mom!!!! But no decorating until I get home!!!!! I miss you guys! xoxoxoxo
    Love, Victoria

  5. Love the flower photos...the soft, very slight blush on the faded pink rose is my favorite, but I am a sucker for mums too...they're like good, faithful friends...reliably beautiful :o)

    Wow, great score on the zero-guilt white plates! - they will serve you well for many many occasions and seasons as well as every their versatility!

    I'm especially looking forward to Christmas this year - my family (mom, dad, brothers, their families etc) are all gathering at a beach house again this year. We've been sidelined from doing that for the last two years because of Hurricane Ike's destruction, but the island is coming back with lots of new beach houses for vacation rentals. It'll be five days of sweet rest and fun...can't wait!

    Hope your time with your girls will be awesome! Oh, the thought of a blank canvas of an apartment to decorate sounds like a blast!

    Have a great weekend!

    Hugs & Blessings,

  6. Your flowers are beautiful, Kathy. What a treat it would be to have them at this time of year! I love your dishes...white is so versatile. You are going to have such fun with them...and I love it, guilt free!

    I am really looking forward to the holidays. Family time makes me the happiest!


  7. We had a frost this morning - not a freeze though. My peas are still producing, lettuce is still growing and my broccoli looks like it will be ready to pick in another week.

    Love your white dishes! What a perfect pick for your giveaway win.


  8. Yay Kathy!!! I LOVE white dishes. You are going to have a ball setting the table so many ways. I am looking forward to some cousins coming to visit at Thanksgiving :)

  9. I also love white dishes. We received some for our wedding 40 years ago and they still look lovely and always in style. Enjoy yours. What am I looking forward to this coming season? We are just starting the fall craft shows and having LOTS OF FUN. My new daughter-in-law joins me with her awesome decorated cookies so I am having more fun than other years. I enjoy meeting all the old friends we see at the shows. Kathy ~ how do you manage to win all these things?? I have never won a thing from entering on blogs. I have decided they are not worth it. Do you have to be a special friend of the blogger?? Anyway congratulations to you!

  10. Lovely flower photos and those plates will be so useful and fun to dress up with napkins etc.

  11. I love white plates! I got some as a gift last Christmas and although my son said "they're so plain!" I say they're versatile, mix-and-matchable, and food looks good on them!

    Enjoy yours! ::Jill

  12. Hi Kathy,
    Congratulations on winning the CSN card. I just adore your white plates!! :o) What a lovely purchase. :o)
    Your garden is beautiful. Isn't it amazing to watch as the earth begins tucking away for the colder months? The leaves are changing here and the grass turns brown, what a miracle to watch. :o)
    Enjoy your time with Victoria. :o)
    I am looking forward to cooler days and longer nights. Oh and baking, lots of baking. :o)
    Sincerely - Tricia

  13. Oh Kathy, I love your white plates! It is always so much fun to dress them up with different tablecloths and napkins and patterned salad plates... :)

    I'm looking forward to having both of the kids home for the holidays, and maybe taking a few days off to go somewhere fun... :)

  14. So happy for you Kathy, youre a winner!!! White plates are one of my favorite things!

    Lots of love,

    Debbie Kay

  15. So happy for you Kathy, youre a winner!!! White plates are one of my favorite things!

    Lots of love,

    Debbie Kay

  16. You've been one lucky girl lately. And yes EVERYONE NEEDS white dishes, they're so much fun. This Christmas for me... red and white polka dot tablecloth with my white dishes and green stemware. Mimi

  17. Hi Kathy! I just cut the last of my roses to bring in. They are almost too far gone to do so but I couldn't help myself. My daughter just told me that we are suppose to get SNOW this friday. I hope she's wrong. I have white plates and love them!

  18. Congratulations on your win. Selecting white dishes is perfect, I am sure with all the entertaining you and Earl do, they will come in handy. Pretty "handy"!


  19. Oh where has the time gone? Each month goes by quicker then the next! Happy November to you! I found you through Daisy Cottage :)

    ~ That Apple Spice cake looks delish! I love cream cheese frosting..mmmm yum! :) Have a good Monday, nice to meet you!

  20. I love white everyday dishes are white. I like to use more colorful vintage pieces as an accent. Lucky you!
    I'm looking forward to my Open House Show in Ny and I also just signed up for a local show...excited and very nervous!

    Janet xox

  21. Love your white plates! That's next on my "don't need any more dishes" list. Because you're right: they'll work for everything. I never seem to have luck with mums beyond about a month. Don't know what I'm doing wrong.

  22. Congrats on such a fab win! I love white dishes for food and that's on my list of things I want.

    I'm looking forward to having my girl home for the break (not that she doesn't live here - she's just so busy with school it seems like she barely lives here). I'm really looking forward to sleeping and taking a break from house projects!


  23. Hi Kathy, White dishes are great! They go with everything.Your flowers are so pretty.


  24. Love those mums! The photos are just beautiful!

  25. Congratulations Sweetpea.
    Love your choice.
    White plates are a blank slate waiting to be prettied up with accessories!
    Can't wait to see how you dress your thanksgiving table with these!

    Blessings, Dolly

  26. woo hoo...3 cheers for CSN..
    I knew you had wanted some white plates..who doesn' glad you won the card.
    My drop leaf table post is a pre-review of a 75.00 gift card from CSN. Not sure what I will choose but ya'll will hear about it...:)))
    You will have tons of fun, mixing and matching. Knowing how you sew, you'll have some adorable napkins and placemats to jazz everything up.
    xo bj


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