Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Catching Up

Well goodness, it's been a while. I've been busy with so many things, reorganizing the house for one. Shifting Earl's old office to the new space means a shift in almost every other room in the house in one way or another. Add to that the organizing and nesting frenzy I always feel as soon as I am shut up in the house for the winter and I've been a busy girl!
Christmas comes early for us this year, my daughter and her husband from PA will be here for Thanksgiving, (oh I am SO excited!) but not Christmas, :( so we will be celebrating both holidays with them this weekend. To that end, I have been adding some Christmas decorations to the house a little at a time. A little Christmas cheer doesn't get in the way of our Thanksgiving at all! It just makes the house more festive. We will have 16 around the table this year, a good full house of family.
 I have hung the star candle holders in the dining room windows. I have had these for so many years and they are one of those decorations that I love.  I light them nearly every dark evening of winter.  Victoria even informed me that she wanted the same star shaped hanging lights for her new home this year. It warmed this mom's heart to hear it:>)
 No real tree yet, it's far too early for it to survive until Christmas, so I set a small artificial tree out for some light and warmth.  I haven't even decorated it yet, but the lights are so pretty at night, and even during the day. We have had such dark, dismal weather this week, I have been glad that I had some Christmas lights to turn on! I also hung my favorite snapshot series of the girls, taken several years ago.  I shooed them outside after a fresh snowfall and they hammed it up so adorably.
 The shelves in the living room have been topped with greenery and some pheasant feathers I had hanging around. I think it manages to look Christmasy and perfectly appropriate for Thanksgiving at the same time. I'll add some Christmas bling later.  On another note, I finally broke down and bought some battery operated candles. I haven't tried them until now because I was afraid they would look fake.  I am thrilled with how real they look and the fact that I can put them places that real candles can't go, such as wood bookshelves. I will absolutely be getting more!
The small tree next to our bed, this year it goes in a white enamel double boiler I found at a garage sale.  I love how it looks in it's odd little container.  I have so much more decorating to do, but just bringing out the lights and having some little touches here and there will make it feel like Christmas when the kids are here for the weekend. 
If you are in America, I know you are all looking forward to Thanksgiving this week too.
Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful weekend with family and friends!


  1. Yes, there's a perfect marriage of Thanksgiving and Christmas going on...looks perfect to me. How fun to have a Christmas celebration this weekend...Christmas comes when we need it! Have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family.

  2. I agree that some decorations for Christmas help to make Thanksgiving even nicer.
    Have a great holiday week-end.

  3. Kathy, everything looks so pretty. It's a wonderful thing for everyone to be together even if it's not right at Christmas. I hope you have a wonderful time.

  4. Pretty, pretty, pretty. I too have one of those glass hanging star candle holders but until you mentioned it, never thought about hanging it in a window. (With a fake tealight, for me.) Thanks for putting that thought in my head.

  5. I'm excited for you to have your girls and their guys home this week. I absolutely love what you've done to add touches of Christmas to your Thanksgiving season and I can't wait to see what you do with it all in the coming weeks. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, dear friend.

  6. Oh....the glass hanging star candle - so beautiful! Where would I find something like that? I LOVE the white enamel pot for your little tree. You have the most amazing ideas - thank you for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving to you & your lovely family! xxoo

  7. Hi Kathy, I like the touches of Christmas that you have displayed around your house am I happy for you that you'll have so many around the Thanksgiving table this year. I know you will enjoy every minute!
    Happy Thanksgiving,

  8. The star candle holder is beautiful. I have never seen anything like it before. Happy to hear your daughter and son-in-law will be joining you for Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful day!

  9. I love the touches of light you've done here. Guess we will start decorating this weekend...
    I, too, love the faux candles..they are so pretty...I do keep a real one going for the good fragrance, tho.;)

  10. Everything looks so pretty! Love the touches of Christmas that you added and those pheasant feathers look great tucked in with the greenery! Enjoy your Thanksgiving and Christmas celebration with your family!

  11. Kathy, how nice that you got to have your kids home for Thanksgiving (and early Christmas!). I bet you were so happy to see them come... and sad to see them leave. That is always the hardest part. I've been at my parents for almost a month (I go home tomorrow) and it's been sort of sad today. Very bittersweet. Hugs... - Dori-

  12. Kathy,
    Everything looks so wonderful. How nice that your daughters are home for Thanksgiving. I wasn't with my girls for Thanksgiving, but I am leaving Saturday for Massachusetts and I'll stay until after Christmas. Whether Thanksgiving or Christmas, making memories is the most important thing.

    Have a beautiful evening.

  13. I love how that little tree in the enamel double boiler looks too! Those pheasant feathers look great and you have to tell where to get that star!

    I'm sure you were happy to have a full house for Thanksgiving! My husband had to work Thanksgiving and I think that's just how it's going to be from now on. So we didn't plan a big meal. Next year we may have Thanksgiving early so we can visit with friends and family.


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