Monday, August 20, 2007


What a big cheater I am. Here I have already teased everyone with my project and I have this one silly post to go before my 100th and I can't think of anything exciting to do with it! I am so fixated on my 100th post! I will say thank you to all the lovely ladies who have joined me on this adventure and left encouraging messages, inspired me, tutored me and helped me in so many ways to develop a blog that allows me to stretch myself and, in itself, prods me to grow and experiment and reach out. Thank you! This is a fantastic experience and I would recommend it to anyone:>) It is a grey rainy day here in Michigan. About 65 degrees. We need the rain and the coolness is nice, but it does tend to make me want to sit down with a good book or a movie and vegetate. Can't do it. I have trim to paint in the living room and this morning I am taking Victoria in for her school registration. I have a few little errands to run so I can unveil my 100th post too, so no books today! Now that I only have 2 weeks before I go back to work I feel like I have just now started to get things done. I have about 6 different projects in varying stages in the basement and my dining room table is still covered in all the things you see in my last post! I guess I better get off the computer and get busy. Since I hate to do a post without a picture, I will leave you with the board by the computer. My inspiration board you might call it. Filled with cards the girls have made for me, photos of my family and other bits and pieces of messages from loved ones. It makes me smile:>) See you soon!


  1. OH so jealous of your rain and 65 degrees! Will you be giving some of that away on the 100th post???
    Inspiration board looks very sweet!

  2. I love your inspiration board! I have been meaning to make one to hang in my studio for some time. The picture of yours has inspired me.

    Can't wait for the next post!! Have a wonderful day Kathy.

  3. I can't stand the suspense :) Love your inspiration board!

  4. I am sure that it will be 65 here, sometime in Jan. I think!! That is how it works, isn't it? Women inspiring other women? All of us growing from the experience? I really appreciate your sharing and caring attitude. I am really looking forward to the 100th post soo much. LAS

  5. Kathy its cold n rainy up here too!
    And oh so feels like a fall day! But Praise the Lord.. we have been getting rain for 2 days now! We needed it soooo bad!

    I am excited to celebrate your BIG 100 milestone with you tomorrow!

    Enjoy your day sweetpea!
    Luvs ya, Doll

  6. Great inspiration board! It almost inspired me to set aside plans for the day and make mine for the wall above the desk and computer in the office.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I love it when you visit. I put the words on the photo with a program I have. It's called PhotoImpressions. Photoshop and other programs will do the same thing. I couldn't get a good picture of those clouds without a bit of the powerlines overhead in the corner. I didn't want to crop the picture to take them out because then I would lose some of the rich beauty of the clouds so I decided to try to add the words over the powerlines. Viola! It worked. It's the same program I used to make my new blog header. I'm constantly learning new things.

    Can't wait for your 100th post!


  7. Since I met you I can't wait each day to see your new post. Each thing you do is great and lovley. Can't wait to see what is up...hehe
    Great board and I know it warms your heart with each memory.
    Happy Monday! Brenda

  8. Ok, now I am a little nervous that my 100th post will not live up to the great expectations I have given you all! Eeeek! :>O

  9. Can you trade me your weather? I will give you the over 100 degrees for the rain! :) Im right with you on the project list! However I did take a movie break yesterday! I could not resist "Under The Tuscan Sun"...Have a great day!

  10. Your 100th post will be fine...'just be you'!
    I love the idea of the inspiration board, I now want to get one up for my computer room! I have some pics up but I like the idea of the cards as well.

  11. Beautiful inspiration board! Oh how I would love a day of your weather! Happy 100th post to be! You go girl!!!

  12. congraulations on your upcoming 100th post

  13. Its yucky and cold in Michigan, that is for sure!!! Love your inspiration board!! You are so creative! I cant wait to see post 100 :) Almost there Kathy! We had a wonderful time in Holland! I did not want to come home! Wonderful antique shops too! Even hubby enjoyed them!


  14. 65 degrees and rain sounds lovely to me Kathy! We have had minimal rain and 100+ temps here in Georgia. I'm melting! LOL!

  15. Well, you certainly know how to build up the suspense. lol I am sure it will be lovely, whatever it is. Would love to trade for some cool weather !!

  16. I love your inspiration board!! It is filled with lovely pretties! It has been raining here too... and still more every day this week!

    Happy 100th post! Heather


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