Saturday, March 1, 2008

Welcome March!

A little flock of birds just arrived to nest. Must mean Spring is right around the corner!:>)
These three are in my etsy shop right now. Bright and fun and sweet. Thanks for all the wonderful comments on my give-away and the well wishes on my blogaversary! If you want to have a chance to win, you can still leave a comment
here. I will be drawing a name Sunday evening.
Nancy of Pieces of the Puzzle, has tagged me for the 7 weird things about me thingy. (Ok there's one of them, I use the word "thingy" a lot!)
2. When I am reading I will respond when you talk to me but I will have no memeory WHATSOEVER of the conversation.

3 I love peanut butter and dill pickle sandwiches. My family thinks that is gross. I say try it, you might like it:>)

4. I am terrible at higher math (algebra is higher math isn't it?) but I can do the basic math computations in my head, fast and accurate.

5. I don't like reading directions, I would rather figure things out by myself. This can lead to problems, but I usually do just fine.

6. I cant commit to one medium or outlet for my creativity. Although I am sewing right now, I am already designing pottery in my head for my next class, and when I am doing pottery I will no doubt be thinking of some other project in some other medium that I can't wait to start.

7. I feel that at (almost) 50 years old, I am finally just beginning to do what I want to with my life. Having the kids (almost)grown has made me think about ways to stretch myself and take chances that I havent had the courage or time for before.

I am supposed to pass this on to seven people. I am pretty sure that this has been around a few times. I am copping out on this one and saying if you want to share please consider yourself tagged.:>)


  1. What gorgeous little birds.

  2. ok, peanut butter and pickles is a new one on me :-)....

    Love your birds! They are so sweet. And I always like learning more about you, my friend. I didn't know you were taking pottery classes. That is so cool. Do you use the wheel? I have always wanted to try that.

  3. Love the birdies!! Not sure about peanut butter and pickles though! Pottery sounds like a lot of fun!

  4. Love your little pincushion birds! You are so good at putting fabrics together :-) Rosie

    p.s. I love weird combinations. Think I might have to try your PB and dill pickle sandwich for a midnight snack!

  5. Hi Kathy
    I like your small birds, and your decoration pleases me excellently
    - spring may come...
    Take care

  6. Girl I just love your work. The birds are beautiful.

  7. The birds are just lovely! So adorable!

  8. Hi Kathy! Surprise! Can't stay away for long can we! lol Love love love your birdies, how clever are you! And Happy Anniversary, one year blogging, fantastic! We were just flying by and had to pop in for a cup of tea with you :) Hope you are well :) And have to say peanut butter and pickles is a little, well, different! But we confess we love peanut butter and honey, do try it on toast or a crumpet, truly yum! Happy Spring Kathy :) Jenn and Jacqui xo

  9. yep, the peanut butter and pickle combo is a new one for me too! Love your birdies! I too feel like I'm finally coming into my own and doing what a want in life!


  10. these little birds are all so precious....what a good job you are doing on them. of course, you do well on everything...your talents are MANY! I am looking forward to when you work with you will turn out some awesome pieces....
    hugs, bj

  11. Hi Kathy.

    These little birds are so cute and cuddly! I love them all! Can't pick one over the other. You are very talented indeed. Hugs, Jan@daylilylane

  12. Hi Kathy,
    I'm just curious -- how did you ever try peanut butter and pickles for the first time? did someone tell you it was good? wow, that's a really strange combination. :)

    Love your little birds -- so cute!
    I'm trying to get caught up on my visiting. I'd love to see some of your pottery some time..

    Have a wonderful week!


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