Monday, June 14, 2010

The bird whisperer

We seem to have a "thing" for birds around here. Last year Earl found a baby Flicker in the woods.  Once I was doing some painting in the basement with the window open and a baby chickadee flew in and landed on my knee. No lie. And now, this baby Robin was hopping around the yard. We have cats so we don't like to leave the poor things on the ground. He really couldn't fly yet, much too young to be out of the nest.  Poor baby.  Isn't he just the cutest? So Earl decided to try to feed him a worm. Baby Robin seemed willing but once his mouth was open and the tasty worm presented he really didn't know what to do with it.  I said, "I think he needs it chewed up for him."  Neither one of us was dedicated enough to baby Robins survival to actually do that.  Go figure. 
We decided the best we could do was to take him back to our apple trees and put him up where he would be safe.

He kept jumping out.  *Sigh* this rescue business isn't as easy as it should be.  I suppose his mama was as exasperated as we were!  We ended up putting him in the mock orange that has thicker foliage and smaller branches so he could (hopefully) hold on better.
I love baby birds, don't you?
Since writing this, I haven't seen the little robin in our yard again. I prefer to think he finally figured out how to use his wings and is seeing the world:>)


  1. I do love them. I bet that little baby will fly off before you know it!

  2. Yes, I do. They are precious, and I hope and pray he makes it! You were so sweet to help him.


    Sheila :-)

  3. Hi Kathy.
    Oh what a little cutie he is. Those momma birds sure do a lot of work huh? Our momma wren has 4 little eggs she is guarding. :o)
    I *love* your blog header. Especially with your beautiful pillow!
    I hope that you are having a wonderful Monday. :o)
    Sincerely ~ Trish

  4. What a cute little guy...I hope he makes it. I have tried to save so many little birds, it can be so time consuming! Now I do as you did and put them in a safe place hoping the mommy finds them. They can be loud enough!! Cute pictures, Kathy!


  5. I love to hear them singing, honey, but I hear my wind chimes regularly here in my home office. Love that!

  6. Poor baby bird. Hope he is ok. You are good to try to save him!

  7. ADorAbLe PiCtUres... JuSt ToO CuTe.


  8. I do love baby birds!! This is so sweet. I have my own rescue story from 2 summers ago.. if I can find the pics I took I will post it. I love birds... collect them. Had one once named Emily... she would hum along to the radio... I am rambling on here. I hope your dear baby bird makes it. Love the chickadee story:)

  9. so sweet, we too have rescued our fair share of birds and other critters here at home, so reading your story was delightful. I cannot believe your dear husband wouldn't chew up and spit out the worm for that poor bird :(

  10. Yes I do but they are very hard to save when you can't find the nest to put him back. I say "him" because girls are usually not as adventurous as boys and far more sensible too!

  11. Oh Kathy...I did a blog post about a baby Robin that kept hopping over towards the busy road and I kept shooing him back onto our lawn...this went on for quite a while while mommy robin watched. I think she sensed that I was not harming her little one. He finally flew away.

  12. Awe....what a cutey!! I hope his/her Momma finds him/her....


  13. Darling little bird! Hope he learned to eat on his own and fly!

  14. yes, I do love baby birds. I also had a little baby robin on my back step yesterday. It was so tender and sweet. It sat there for the longest time. I went in to grab my camera to snap a picture and when I returned it was gone. It was darling.

  15. oh my GOODNESS! What sweet pictures! Oh I just love that little Robin Bird!
    I prevented a fox from feasting on a delightful meal of ground hog in my back yard this past weekend.........I screamed so loud for that little ground hog to take off...I think I scared the entire neighborhood!
    Thanks for visiting me last weekend!
    PS your blog looks've made some changes!

  16. I'm glad you are trying to help the baby bird. It's always sad to find one that has fallen out of the nest.

  17. How adorable. I hope he is safe in his new home.

  18. Kathy
    I am sure that little bird will have survived. It's mama was probably just waiting for you and Earl to leave before she went to collect him

  19. Hi Kathy...
    Such a sweet little robin!!!
    I love coming to your Happy blog!
    My daughter called this morn to say they have a nest in their garage and over nite one of the babies few in their car...
    (wonder who left the window open!)
    and you can only imagine the mess they found!
    Always funny when it happens to someone else!!!!!
    I did what all wonderful mothers do...
    I laughed!
    What would we do without our kids for comic relief!!!!
    Hope your little tweety makes it!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  20. how cute! i dont blame you guys. i would not have chewed up the worm either :)

  21. What a sweet birdie and how sweet of you guys to try to take care of him. Do you know how's he doing now?

  22. ahhh, yes...he is precious.

    I like your new blog dress...a LOT !! You are so good at it. The header is awesome!!

  23. Loving your new blog look. That pinwheel quilt is to die for!!! I love the baby bird photos. I have one of a baby bunny today. I love seeing God's creation. Have a wonderful day today!

  24. Oh yes with are bird lovers also!

  25. It always amazes me how huge their beaks look in proportion to their baby bodies! I've had to stuff baby birds back up into the birdhouses many times. Maybe they're in flight training.

  26. I don't know why you guys wouldn't chew up that worm for the little guy. Ha. I do love baby birds. But you have to draw the line somewhere. We're waiting for the day that the baby quail come strolling through our backyard. Little round fluffy pingpong balls. So cute. Mimi

  27. how tweet is that!!!!! That baby Robin is beyond CUTE! Mica

  28. How so sweet!! You have such an amazing heart, Kathy.


  29. I love them as well Kathy! We had a nest awhile back that we kept watch on and it was a bittersweet day when they all left! I am sure, thanks to your love and caring, he is flying high and singing a very happy song! You are such a warm person..bless you!


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