Friday, November 5, 2010

It's 12:30 p.m. and I am still in my pj's. No work today (oh happy day!) and I decided to take my extra day and just have some fun sewing. Teeny projects like this mug rug, that I can finish in a couple hours. I found the tutorial for it at Pleasant Home where Jodi is showing us all cute stuff we can make with our fabric scraps.Don't let the mug fool you, I'm not ready for snow. Ugh! You can also see the pretty tea towel I won in a giveaway from Elizabeth at The Late Bloomer. Her own design and it's made with fabrics she designed herself. Gorgeous. I think that's next on my project list for today♥
I am having such fun just having this extra day, a bonus of sunshine and cold winds that keeps me inside doing what I love. I have already baked bread, sewed this scrappy mug rug, and done a little cleaning. Guess it's time for a shower and then a few errands, but I fully intend to come home and play in the scraps some more. What would you do with a free day?


  1. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! Let me know how the errands go, ok? I got your AMAZING care package! You sent me a pomegranate!!!! I'm SO HAPPY! I love you guys SO MUCH!!! xoxoxoxoxo

  2. I love days when I can just play...for me that means no housework or errands. I like to just stay cozy and do whatever I feel like doing...crafts, cooking,'s all good!

    I love the darling mug rug! It looks like a mini quilt! Enjoy your day off, Kathy! :-)


  3. Love the mug rug idea! to check it out ad make some! Thanks for sharing this my sweet friend. Have a blessed weekend!

  4. Cute mug rug! How wonderful that you are having a "ME" day!

    Let's see, if I had a ME day, I would head to Barnes and Noble...Grab as many new decorating books as I could carry, head to the coffee counter and get a cappuchino and sit for hours just looking through the books.

  5. Well that is just beautiful!! I wish I could dicipline myself to sew more. I do alterations for people, not a lot but that takes away from my little projects I would LIKE to do-ha! Kerrie

  6. My days are pretty free, and what do I get done? It seems nothing much when I look back. I saw those over at Jodi's. So cute!

  7. Hi Kathy.
    What a fabulous day of rest and fun! Jammies still on at noon ... that sounds like the perfect day off!! :o)
    Your mug rug is too cute and what a pretty towel to make!!
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Sincerely - Trish

  8. How wonderful to have a 'free' day! Glad you could relax and do something you wanted to do. Love your cute, little mug rug. Congratulations on your win. What fun!

  9. your my kind of gal hanging in the jammies all day.... I love your mug rug... i am hoping to get mine done this weekend...are you doing the scrappy quilt too? I am lovin' it! Have a great weekend Mica

  10. A free day filled with creativity -- just perfect! I would use a free day to paint my dresser, if I could just get over the hesitation at what a smelly mess it would make... :)

    Have a wonderful weekend, Kathy!

  11. How cute Kathy! A doll quilt :)
    I'd spill my coffee for sure...
    You really accomplished a lot this a.m.! A day at home is really necessary at times.

  12. Your day sounds just about perfect to me. Love that towel pattern. Mimi

  13. Victoria's comment caught my eye and made my day. You have such a great family!

    My son spent some time using over-ripe pomagranates from the ground as baseballs today. It made for a very sticky bat and very happy birds.

    A free day? I'd spend it curled up reading.

    Hubby still has the recliner, I just moved it over a bit. It really needs replaced though. It's worse than Frazier's father's....

  14. I love days when I can just piddle. No agenda. Nothing pressing. Time to do what I want as I want. Those are the perfect kinda days.

    I've been in a baking mood lately too. That apple spice cake with chai spice cream cheese frosting sounds absolutely sinful! I am definitely gonna be giving it a try.

    Hope you are having a great weekend. :) Tammy

  15. Congrats on winning the pattern from Elizabeth! She is such a sweeeeet friend!

    LOVE the mug rug you made. TOO cute! I haven't been to her blog before and will need to go back for more reading.

    Hope your day to relax was a good one. Catching up on bloggin' this AM. Had to come up for air from the machine.



  16. Love your cute little mug rug! That is darling.


    Sheila :-)

  17. You did have a fun day! I love it too when I can sit and sew, just do what I want..I did just that yesterday, it rained all day so I was able to sit at the sewing machine all day long.
    I love your mug rug.. it is really pretty and looks like you quilted it. These would make great Christmas gifts. How neat you won the teatowel from Elizabeth. Do show us when you are done making it.
    Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

  18. I love knowing you are enjoying some free time relaxing and makes me smile!

    Janet xox

  19. Oh, I love that little mug rug..I MIGHT could make these. hmmm...
    So glad you found a free day..they are excellent for the soul..:))

  20. Happy sewing Kathy. I like what you did so far. Spoonflower had a Teatowel calendar contest t his week. I love how you create your quilts. Love the mug you must love Susan Branch too.

    Happy night, glad you could just enjoy yourself today.

  21. Hi Kathy....nice to hear you enjoyed your "Me" day...I am lucky to have those all the time...well, except for waiting on the Boss hand and foot all day long...but in between I have time to myself..What do I do...I cook, it makes me happy.


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