Monday, April 26, 2010

Not to complain or anything, but my life seems caught beween a whirlwind and the doldrums right now. A whirlwind of busyness and the doldrums of uninspired blogging.  I could take a break, but I really don't want to. Blogging has been my therapy (if I ever needed any, and I guess maybe I did) for the past three years and I miss it terribly! So, just to keep my hand in, I may be trying to take a few minutes each day to play with my camera. Maybe I'll choose a color of the week. Maybe I'll just see what happens. I need to do this.
I think the toughest part has been no time to sew and create. Serious withdrawal going on here. I find myself falling back on obsessing about what color I can paint my walls next, which, considering I haven't had time to leaf through the last three magazines that came in the mail, it seems unlikely I will have time to paint a room. Although I do have next friday off.....I am still trying to get the dining room decorated, but find myself mired in indecision.  Second guessing the whole going back to school thing while at the same time determining that I WILL finish this time.  Sheesh, I read this and think I sound like an indecisive, scattered mess.  Maybe I am, but I am a determined, indecisive scattered mess!  Sigh, back to homework.  The good news is I just realized my online class is only 6 weeks long and I am in week 4. Hallelujia! (My other classes have 6 weeks left.)
 I hope you all have a great week. See you soon.


  1. Hi Kathy!! I just finally put up a post yesterday about how I am bored and dont have anything to blog about, lol! I love the picture on this post, just beautiful! You sound super busy to me and like you have a lot on your plate! I wish you luck with all of it.
    Love and hugs,

  2. You hang in there! I am proud of you for going back to school..I wish I had done that years ago.
    We miss you..but I like the blogs that really have something meaningful..creative..or with photography.So take your time...I know when you post something it will be the way..I love the bottle picture..and I love those curtains.

    Hugs..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  3. I admire you for going back to school. I can't even imagine doing that!

    I love it that you are going to play with the camera...that will help you get through these crazy times...That picture is stunning!


  4. This is a gorgeous you're off to a great start playing with your camera!

    Blogging really is therapeutic!However you spell that! I try to post on two blogs...and it is fun most days...and sometimes life gets in the way! lol

    hang tight...week four of six isn't bad at all! you'll pull through...just make lists...that helps me to keep focused and not overwhelmed!

    ciao bella
    creative and conversational carmelina !!!

  5. I can so relate to your feelings today, it seems there is so much on my to do list lately that I find myself mired in indecision. It feels like I am spending so much energy treading water that I have forgotten the joy of swimming. Glad you're going to stick with your posts, I would miss reading them :)

  6. Hi Kathy.
    I admire you so much for pressing through with your education. I could kick myself for not completing mine.
    You are in my prayers and I am always here, whether you post something new or not! :o)
    Have a great evening and thanks for dropping in today. :o)
    Sincerely ~ Tricia

  7. Hang in there girl!

    Your inspiration will come back when you have time.

  8. Miss you but so glad you're following your heart! Love this picture and want you to know it's OK to share whatever you want when you can. We understand!

  9. Hi Kathy,
    I hear you, and I tend to be uninspired to blog, when I have too many commitments on the horizon. I bet school is doing that, but so worth it in the end. I love your new avitar, and this photograph is stunning.

    Sometimes in general I have an urge to run away and hide for a while in a cabin in the woods, just create and not be stolen away, just when an idea has come to mind. It seems I never get anything finished these days.

    Hope you have a wonderful day, and Kathy thanks for all of your well wishes. It means allot to me.


  10. Playing with photography might be just the thing to get you through the doldrums! And lists... I'm a champion list maker, and they always seem to give me hope for what I'll do when I have the time. And even if I never do everything on the list, it feels good to just write it down. Hang in there! ::Jill

  11. It is so hard to fit everything into our lives. Blogging can be a welcome release from the reality of our crazy busy lives and we all 'get' each other

  12. Love the pic...and don't you feel pressured about posting. We aren't going whenever you can, post but don't push it.
    And, thanks so much for coming by..I know how every minute you have is full, so thanks for coming to see my same ole dishes, week after week. *sigh.....
    Love you, bj

  13. This photo is so gorgeous. Have you ever thought of selling some of your pictures on your etsy store? Clearly your talent runs in many directions!

    You keep going with that schoolwork. You'll find a way to balance what you need to do and what you love to do. Sometimes one will outweigh the other but that's life. Just know we'll keep coming back to see how things are with you.

  14. I have been feeling kinda the same way. But I have to tell you I love this post and the pic is gorgeous.

  15. I'm glad you miss the blog. So many people seem to be able to just walk away and forget about it for long periods of time. Not me, and apparently not you. That is good. Hang in there. We will enjoy what you post...whatever it may be.

    Becky K.

  16. Hi Kathy!

    That's a beautiful photo! I find taking photos to be a very creative activity so I think that's a great idea.

    I think it's great that you're doing all that you are!


  17. Sometimes our real life takes over our blog life. Can't be helped. Hope you can keep it all together. It'll be worth it. Mimi

  18. Keep your chin up! I have had those feelings before too. ((hugs)) I was thinking of YOU today though and wanted to stop by.

  19. Ahh sound refreshingly, perfectly normal... I am so incredibly proud of you for taking on school - the creative dividends you will reap from building a solid foundation for your new, expanding skills will overflow in so much creativity you'll hardly be able to contain it all!

    Your photo is so beautiful...I absolutely love it! Whether you post one photo in 6 months, or a year, or one a week, I'll still be here, cheering you on, admiring your eye for composition and color, understanding your "second-guessing", and appreciating your sweet spirit...

    Blessings for your journey friend...

    Hugs and Blessings,

  20. The photo there is quite beautiful! I know what you mean. If I don't keep my hand in the blogging thing, I think I would go berserk!

  21. This is a season of life where you are working towards a goal and it will come. I love visiting your blog and am inspired by how much or how little you post that day, it doesn't matter. Sometimes when I need a creative boost I go back and look at your gorgeous pinwheel quilt pictures. Be blessed!

  22. Hang in there! I think your feelings are quite normal for your situation. You'll learn your new balance, and in the mean time, you'll get the education you always wanted.

    2 more weeks for your online class? Sa-weet! See, there is an end in sight!

  23. Kathy..keep going, you will never be sorry! It is hard now, but you will have accomplished so much when you finish!
    Take it one week at a time..:)

  24. Baby steps, Baby steps, one day at a time, or one minute if you have to. Old sayings become old sayings because they are true. You will make it and we will all be so proud. You know, I was 50 when I went back. If I can do it anybody can. I got a great email from my friend Ruth Ann and the saying at the bottom was as good as the email: This life may not be the party that we had planned, but since we're here, why not dance!! Isn't that a good one? I will plan to be dancing (on my new knees) at your graduation!!

  25. Hang in there! You will have a break for awhile in the summer from school and will get more time to create. You are doing great!
    I really wish I had finished my schooling, just think of the opportunities when you do!
    Good luck! karen....

  26. Kathy, just do what you can do without making it wear you out. Us blog gals understand balancing real life. We are always here. Just remember one thing....a good friend is the kind of friend that you can go without talking to for a long time and when you reconnect, it is like there had been no time lapse at all.
    I understand your heart. I have a busy life as well and just try to do the very best I can.

    LOVE Lauren's quilt. It is splendid!!


  27. Hi Kathy, I think we all go through periods where we are so busy, we just can't get to the computer to visit! I know, it's been very difficult for me to find time these days too. But, keep the faith and keep on going! Your schooling will be over before you know it! Just remember that some of the things you love will always be there waiting for you!

  28. Yeah, sounds like a lot! Think of it as one thing at a time! Good for you for going back to school..I quit after two years and I can't tell you how many times I said "I wish I had finished!"
    Good luck, Girl.

    Smiles and Blessings,

  29. Hang in there Kathy, you can do it. It's hard to do it all but when you get through it you'll have a lot to show for it!

    Thank you for the sweet comment. I'm afraid I scheduled my anniversary post to publish last night and just discovered most of the type was too small to read. It's fixed now if you're interested.


  30. Hi Kathy...

    Ohhh...what a fabulous photo, my friend! It's gorgeous...seriously...definitely magazine worthy!!! My friend, I guess we all go through those times in our lives...when we are busier than we like, indecision plaques us, etc...hang in there, Kathy! I also know that the old saying is sooo true, "That this too shall pass"!

    Well my friend, I really must apologize at being so late to come by for a visit...but it's just been crazy busy at my place! I wanted to stop in to say thank you for coming by my Sunday Favorites "One Year" birthday celebration! I really enjoyed your sweet notes and well wishes! I also wanted to thank you for adding Happy To Design to your list of blog follows...I am also adding your delightful blog! So very nice to meet you, Kathy!!!

    Have a fabulous day and best wishes with the gift card giveaway!

    Chari @Happy To Design

  31. (((Kathy)))

    What a stunning photo! You always inspire and amaze me with your many natural talents.

    And because you ARE so talented and smart you are capable of doing so many things and I'm sure at times it can be overwhelming.

    Just remember to take care of you and let the days fall as they may. You will be just fine.


  32. Kathy, my posts have been very irregular too. I'm praying for you as you make your way through school. I am proud of you! Hang in there. I so enjoyed my visit and catching up on missed post....all the way back to Easter! What a beautiful feast. And the quilt? Wow! Wishing you lots of sunshine days.


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