Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cute Shoes Make the World Go 'Round

Well ok, not really, but I really like them. These were my Mothers Day gift from Victoria. The girl knows what I ♥:>)
Looks like it's time to paint the front porch again.
And why did I paint it white last time? It gets too dirty.
Do you suppose the neighbors who were driving by on their way to work wondered why on earth I was taking pictures of my feet on the front porch? lol
Or maybe they're used to me.
Ah well, I've gotta be me:>)


  1. absolutely love these shoes...what fun!!!

  2. Oh Kathy Sweetie...
    I simply adore these sweet little shoes. Love the little ruffle kick to them, and ofcourse red is my favorite color, so I love the red trim. You could wear these with so many colors and so many styles. Dressed up or down. Where on earth did Victoria find these? They look comfy.

    Love the share. Have a great day sweetie. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  3. Love your shoes!!! They look great with your sweet red toes....

  4. Diva, here's the link for the shoes online

  5. Just darling!!! Cute with jeans.

  6. Love the shoes! Great choice, Vicky!

    I wish I had a porch...

  7. I love the porch looking worn a gives it character.

    The shoes are so you!They would look silly on me.I do love them tho!!

    Your neighbors are probably like mine..always peeking thru the window...wondering what I am doing

    Have a great day. Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  8. Oh my sweet heavens Kathy!! Those are *the* cutest shoes!! :o) They are soo you!! And I adore your worn porch. :o) I love the charming feeling it gives off.
    I hope you have a wonderful day!
    Sincerely, Trish

  9. You DO have to be YOU!!! And if the neighbours wonder what you are doing that's good -- let them wonder!!!

    I love these shoes and they are SO you!!!!

  10. Oh wow! Those are so cute!!
    It isn't everyday a bloggers shoes coordinate with their blog background LOL :)

  11. Oh wow! Those are so cute!!
    It isn't everyday a bloggers shoes coordinate with their blog background LOL :)

  12. Hi there!

    I'm a Michigander! At work right now, so I'll have to stop by later. Love your shoes!!!


  13. Hi Kathy! I love the shoes! well as your blog...very cute!

    On another note, I wonder if you'd be willing to share...what blog template are you using in order to load several pictures into your blog heading? I don't want to steal your pictures or background...just trying to find that particular style of template. I really like that style...but haven't been able to find it.

    Hoping to hear from you! Thanks!

  14. How very cute they are! And nail polish on to boot!

  15. Hello Kathy,
    Love the shoes and your little toes match!

    If anyone says anything about the peeling paint, tell them it is 'Shabby Chic

    Enjoy your weekend
    Janet xox

  16. Oooh, so cute! If the neighbors think it's strange to see you taking pictures of your feet and shoes they don't know you, my friend!

  17. Those are some darling shoes and cute feet!

  18. Hey Kathy....

    Love those shoes.....I saw your comment over at Kim's....isn't she a doll, I sure will miss Daisy Cottage but so understand, it's why I never started a blog, I so love to read them and thank everyone that has embraced annon me :), but we have to follow our hearst....I read you quite a bit but don't always comment !!!

    All the best Kathy,

    Kathy :)

  19. Those are adorable! Love the red toes too. Mine are sporting the same color.

  20. Kathy! Where on earth did she find your shoes!? They are adorable - just like YOU! Love your red toesies...mine are red, too. I always wear Sation's "Strawberries" red.

    Who would have noticed your porch needed painting with those cute feet for a distraction?



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