Monday, May 9, 2011

Marine City

Earl and I have a Saturday morning ritual that we look forward to all week. We reserve Saturday for coffee out at our favorite coffee shop (Panera!) and we don't rush.  It's our time together to plan for the upcoming week and reconnect.  After a long and stressful winter cooped up in the house, I wanted to surprise my sweetheart with a weekend away.  So, Friday while he was out of the house I packed our bags and stashed them in a separate room.  I couldn't put them in the car because we were headed out later that day to celebrate Lauren's birthday.  I had to wait until he was asleep Friday night to sneak the bags out to the car:>) Then I laughed myself to sleep.
The next morning after coffee I told him I had planned a little adventure and that we were headed to Marine City, about an hour away. He was dubious. He had work planned. I could tell he needed to get his head around it. To his credit he did.
Marine City is on the East side of Michigan. It is on the St. Clair River and you can see across the water to Canada. The East side of the state doesn't get as much press as Traverse City and the west side, but it has some beautiful places to visit and is so much less crowded. It's also close to us so it was perfect for a quick trip.  I had searched for a B&B for the night and found one called the Heather House that was right across the street from the river.  It was beautiful and the hostess, Barbara, was one of the most accommodating and enthusiastic hostesses I have ever met. The house was amazing. Owned and decorated by Barbara's retired parents, and if you are looking for your own B&B, it's for sale! 
Loaded with stained glass and beautiful details, it was a dream to stay here!  Every room has a private balcony, ours overlooked the river and we spent Sunday morning before breakfast on the balcony watching the sun rise and the ships pass with a carafe of coffee. Did I mention the weather was perfect this past weekend? It was. *sigh* everything I hoped it would be. Sunny and warm.  Who would think one day away could be so relaxing? We spent Saturday perusing the antique shops in town and took in a movie.  We also found our favorite restaurant ever.
I'll tell you about that tomorrow because it deserves it's own post.  In the meantime, I hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers day!  I know I did. I got upcoming shopping trips with my girls for Mothers Day, who wouldn't love that?
And how was your weekend?


  1. Oh Kathy. What a perfect get away, you sneaky girl you. :o) I would have giggled my poor husband awake. :o) How refreshing this weekend must have been for you both. :o)
    Have a lovely week.
    Sincerely, Trish

  2. We've never really been to the east side of the state, except to get to the Detroit airport once. The B&B looks beautiful! What a blessing to be able to get away, even if for just a day!

  3. How fun! That looks like a wonderful B&B. It sounds like the perfect weekend.

    We worked around the house. Mr. Comforts working on a lattice screen and I worked on sewing drapes...still not done - lol.

  4. What a wonderful idea. I'm sure you had a really lovely night away can feel like a whole holiday!

  5. You laughed yourself to sleep LOL! That was a fun little secret you had. I love those pretty pictures! It looks so similar to the Inn where we stayed on our honeymoon!

  6. Hi Kathy I was reading and looking at the pictures thinking it sure looked like a B&B we stayed at but had a different name! You just posted it wrong! The Heather house is amazing, I can't wait till we can go back! Which room did you stay in? We stayed in the blue room!
    Did you at eat the Victorian Inn????


  7. What a dork I am! You are right Dolly, it is Heather House not Holland House! My apologies to Barb if she read that post and I got it wrong! Yes, we stayed in the blue room too. We ate at The Marine City Fish COmpany and it was Dee-vine!

  8. I love it! What a fun thing to do. I've had 'dreams' of sneaking my sweetheart away. He 'kidnapped' me from work a few years ago for time away. All pre-planned with my supervisor. Can't wait to hear more.

  9. This looks lovely. I haven't been to Michigan, but this would be a fun place to start. Looking forward to reading about your restaurant favorite.

  10. It is PAST "tomorrow" just so you know! I would like a new post please!!! xoxoxo
    Love, Victoria


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