Monday, July 11, 2011

Donna, over at Funky Junk Interiors, has started a series on losing the "junk" we don't want. No, it isn't about cleaning the basement out. She's talking about the junk we carry with us everywhere we go.  It's a battle that I have fought, sometimes half heartedly, for years.  There comes a time when you have to admit it's time to get serious, and that time has come. Hours in front of the computer and sitting in class, have given me more than increased knowledge, if you know what I mean:>(
So it's time to get real, get off my hiney more, eat healthier and get some results.
I've been trying to get on the bike more this summer, early morning is cool and quiet and I am blessed to have miles of beautiful bike path to wander.  I'm not pushing myself yet and I'm thinking of getting a softer seat because, darn, those bike seats are not for the faint hearted, or the fitness challenged.
It occurred to me last week as I was riding, when I was a teen I rode my bike for fun. I didn't go as fast as I could to raise my heart rate, or go as far as my legs would go before they started protesting.  I took my time, I looked around, I felt the wind in my hair and I quit when I was good and ready.
When riding my bike became a means to burn calories, the joy went out of it. It became a chore, one more hurdle to jump and something to "get done".  No wonder I quit!
 So I'm putting the fun back in.  If there is one thing I've learned, it's that when I make something that used to be fun just one more thing to check off my list, I lose all interest in doing it.
In other news, I just had to show off my really high tech photography skills with these photos I took last time I was visiting my mom in the country.  For those of you who live where there are no lightning bugs, I send my deepest sympathy. They are one of the most magical and beautiful things on summer nights, and they gather in greater numbers where the grass grows tallest and there are lots of fields to hide in and feast on pollen.  This night, as I looked out my mothers back door I saw hundreds of these little guys lighting up the yard and field.  Do you see them? Those little squiggles of light?
 Do you have any idea how hard these little stinkers are to photograph? In the dark no less. I'm a little amazed I got any image at all, but I'm thinking these squiggles of light they made as I took the picture are pretty cool.
I really wish I could capture the fields blinking with the light of these little bugs.
So beautiful:>)
Summer is slipping past, take time to stop and look for it's little wonders.


  1. You brought back memories when you mentioned lightning bugs! We called them fireflies where I grew up. Where we live now they do not exist. I miss them. I'm glad you're putting the fun back in your world. I call it joy. My goal is to always have JOY ON THE JOURNEY no matter the circumstances.

  2. We have lightening bugs here too. I love watching them. Another blogger, I can't remember who, did a little video of them. Does your camera have a video setting?

    I am glad you are putting the fun back into riding your bike. We don't have bike paths around me, so I am stuck on the treadmill....but I make that fun by watching HGTV while walking on the treadmill.

  3. Ok Kathy ... are you reading my diary?! I too need to get out and exercise. I am finding the early mornings working best for me too. :o)
    The first time I saw lightening bugs, was just a couple of years ago. I thought something was wrong with my eyes. :o) A friend caught one for me to hold and watch blink. I was mesmerized! They are truly magical!! Now I wait for their arrival!! :o)

  4. Hi Kathleen,
    I have always wanted to see lighting bugs...I really have. For the longest time I thought lighting bugs were not real something made up like fairy's.
    How cool you were able to snap a photo...I hope one day I will see one.
    I loved your post...Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

  5. We don't have them here in West Texas..too hot and dry, probably, but when I lived in Dallas, they were all over the place. We had so much fun catching them, putting them in a jar...then, letting them all go, later.
    Thanks for the memories..and the photos are awesome.
    I didn't realize your mom lived close.
    xo bj

  6. Aw fun! You made me think of this video:

    I can't wait to try and photograph a lightning bug now....

  7. One of the things I enjoy about summer nights is watching the show that lightening bugs put on for me. You do know they put it on for me, don't you? That the rest of you get to see it is just luck. I know, I know....I cleared up a mystery for you. You're welcome. :)

  8. I love the photos of the lightening bugs-squigglies and all!
    I can lay and watch them out my bedroom window until sleep finally captures me.
    Oh, the bike. I dream of riding a bike again. But my road is gravel, so I've got to find one with wide tires, I'm told.
    You're darn right about the seat. I couldn't sit for a week once after we visited an island where no cars were allowed and we chose biking as our mode of transportation! I hurt in places I didn't know existed!!

  9. Oh, I miss riding my bike! I'm waiting for my shoulder to heal more from surgery before I take off for a leisurely ride! Love the lightening bugs. We don't have them here!

  10. How good to remember the joy of riding a bike rather than the chore - it's too hilly where I am (and I am w-a-y too out of shape for that, lol) and I miss it. The lightning bug pictures are so cool, they made me think of Tinkerbell :-) We have had them here in central Texas, but it's so dry with this drought, sigh. Just found your blog today, it's wonderful, I'll definitely be back, have a great weekend!


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