Saturday, November 5, 2011


Yesterday was my day off. It was a perfect fall day, full of sunshine and cool temps. I just wanted to show you one of my Works In Progress. I have been working on this quilt for the past few months. All of my quilting is a stop and go process. I make the squares, get busy with something else, forget about the quilt for a while, do a little can take what seems like forever to get one done. Some quilters can whip one of these out in a few days. I can't seem to work that fast.
I think I'm in the home stretch for this quilt top. Once I start putting the squares together it lights a fire under me and I pick away at it a little bit faster. I plan on hand quilting this over the winter while I watch t.v. We'll see how it goes.
How about you, any works in progress that you plan on picking away at over the coming winter months?


  1. Your quilt is going to be beautiful!! The closest I get to sewing is working on my samplers and I have a few that need to be done by Christmas!! Need to get on them!

    Have a wonderful evening!!


  2. Oh Kathy! Your star quilt is amazing! It is just beautiful!! :o)
    My star quilt was just the same ... and I am still hand quilting it. :o) It may be one of those projects we are both stitching away at through the winter. :o)
    Have a lovely rest of your weekend.
    hugs. Trish :o)

  3. Oh Kathy!

    That quilt is going to be beautiful!!! That is one thing I have never done..quilting.

    I have great admiration for those those that do.

    Be sure to feature the final product ;->

    Janet xox

  4. Your quilt is beautiful ~ of course it has red in it! Good luck on the hand quilting. I have lots of things to pick on this winter. I have two Cricuts and I want to learn to use them much better. I also have some cute slipper patterns that I want to sew. Have you made slippers? And maybe learn to crochet! I always like to learn a new craft each winter.

  5. My dear, you are awesome! This quilt could not be any cuter! I cannot wait to see it all done. Bravo!! LOVE the colors...but you already know that, right!? :P

    **sigh** I cannot even begin to tell you how many WIPS I have. I need a whip to whip myself into getting them done, fer sure!


  6. Love your Ohio star blocks. I have many wip's (sounds so much nicer than ufo's). I have been hand quilting a king-size flour sack quilt for 3 years now. I'm hoping to get going again after the holidays. Can't wait to see your quilt top quilted.

  7. What a beautiful quilt! I was happy to hear that you are going to hand quilt it. That's my favorite part, but the ladies at my local quilt shop think I'm nuts. Everyone gets theirs machine quilted.

    I'm doing the hand quilting on a blue and white Irish Chain quilt. It's almost done. Yeah! Then on to the next.

  8. O, what a beautiful quilt.
    I am thinking of making another this winter...not sure yet, tho.

  9. Beautiful!
    What a wonderful talent you have!
    Perhaps one of these days, I'll learn how to quilt. I think it's something that I would really enjoy.

    My works in progress right now:
    renovating this 1918 cottage.
    So far, it's coming along just peachy.

    Have a beautiful day.

  10. That quilt is going to be beautiful and hand quilting in the winter sounds cozy and warm to me!

    I don't have any one big project...just a bunch of smaller ones.

  11. That is an adorable WIP, Kathy! Love what you've done so far.

    As for me? I need to finish the guest room before Christmas. Not sure I'm going to see that happen, but I hope! I changed horses in the middle of the stream in terms of design (something I have been known to do from time to time), and now I'm trying to ride this other horse to the finish line. ;-)
    I'm doing it over for my godson when he visits. I'm going more youthful and fun than I had intended, but I figure you are only young once so why not love and enjoy every minute of it, even if it means your godmother ages ten years in the process. LOL!



  12. That's very pretty! The colors will perk you up while hand quilting during cold, grey days!

  13. I've got a quilt I NEED to be working on for my daughter. I started it several years ago and need to get busy since she's asked about it a time or two :/
    I plan to hand quilt this one as I have the others that I have made. I prefer this style as I think it gives the quilt more character and I think it is more appreciated because of the time it takes to do it.

  14. Your quilt is beautiful! Can't wait to see it when it's all finished. I have so many works in progress but I'm in the 'mood' to knit so I think I'll pick up my needles and make a comfy, warm red sweater that is waiting to be made. There are unfinished quilts and needlework galore. I'd better get busy!

  15. Such beautiful colours and fabrics...pure joy! xoxo

  16. Dearest Kathy, thank you so much for visiting and keeping us in your prayers!
    Tyler goes for his second round of Chemo tomorrow! I pray he doesn't get sick again...poor baby just started keeping food down!

    I love the quilt you are finishing! I have always wanted to make a quilt for each of our children! NO I have no started yet! :-)

    Blessings, Dolly

  17. H Kathy,
    Congratulations on winning the pumpkin contest. That idea is gorgeous, it would make Martha Stewart jealous. Love that apple cake, and your quilt looks beautiful. I have been learning all about quilting lately. It has a language all of it's own.

    I am currently working on a few projects for Christmas, and designing some cut-out fabric designs.

    I hope you have a lovely day.


  18. Well done on winning!! Yay for you!!

    Quilts are slow, aren't they....but yours looks as though it's really coming together well.

    Your post below made me roar with laughter!! I love that quote!!


  19. Hi Kathy!!! Ooooh I love this!!!! There is now way I could put a quilt like this together in a few days either :) Hmmmmm projects for winter...quilts and maybe a bit of knitting :)

  20. Just stopping in to say have a happy and fun weekend...:))
    xo bj

  21. Your quilt in progress is lovely. The only project I have in the works is planning of my Thanksgiving menu.

  22. Beautiful quilt top! You are "sew" talented!


  23. Oh, I LOVE That quilt top! Of course, the combination of colors are absolutely my favorite! Kudos to you for sticking to it; and hand stitching is the best looking of all, what a gorgeous quilt this will be!


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