Friday, January 20, 2012

Little Pots of Sunshine

Hmmmm, I think I may be substituting the color yellow to make up for the sunshine I'm missing. Not that we haven't had sunshine, but when you work in an office all day you miss a great deal of it.
This sunshine courtesy of my sweet Lauren who knows her mother never met a flower she didn't love ♥
Baby daffodils in a sunny window fairly glow don't you think? And no, I didn't even bump the color up on these photos!
I dropped them into a milk glass container just the right size for a little pot of sunshine.
This is a quick post, I still have dinner to cook, and I may make cupcakes for work tomorrow. People who work a snowy Saturday deserve cupcakes don't they?
Just a few things to share and then it's off to the kitchen.

First, I had a few inquiries about what camera I use. I found a Sony a100 a couple years ago at a great price. I just use the lens it came with, but more lenses are on my wish list.

Secondly, I have had a few people ask about the lemon cookie recipe from the last post. I found it on Pinterest, you can find it here, although if I made it again I would try it with 1/2 the recommended vanilla and the other half lemon extract for a little more lemon ooomph.

And lastly, if you want to dig into photography a little more without waiting for me to find the time for the next installment you might be interested in my photography pin board on Pinterest. I have flipped through some of these sites and there is some really great information to be gleaned

That's it for now, I'm off to cook and clean and then probably try very hard not to fall asleep on the sofa at 8:30. Wish me luck:>)
This weekend will be spent catching up on all the blog reading I missed this week, which was considerable, and working on some projects.
What are you doing this weekend?


  1. Beautiful flowers! I think I will be going out and getting some cheery flowers this weekend! That is what we need to brighten these dreary days. We have had rain for the past week here in California, and the forecast for the next week is ....rain again. Those pretty flowers just may do the trick. And as for pinterest, I could be on that all day long! I have to discipline myself. Have a great weekend Blessings ~Sara

  2. Oh yes, those baby daffodils are just the answer for a little missing sunshine. God made flowers for a reason and they do give lots of cheer. Was glad to read that you are going to work on some projects this weekend. I'm thinking Kathy, that working on fun projects will help keep you sane! You know what I mean ~ with working and all. We all need something for some mental therapy ~ or don't you? I know I do.

  3. I was pinning all yellow yesterday for the same reason I think!
    Wow, where'd she find the buttercups? (we call them buttercups :)
    Well, I hope you have a restful and fun weekend, Kathy!

  4. Not sure what we are doing this weekend, but your pictures are really nice. Very vibrant! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Gorgeous daffodils. They are so bright and sunny. Just the ticket for a grey January day.

  6. You are so sweet to bring in cupcakes to work! I used to work with a lady that always brought in her baked goods and flowers from her garden! She was well loved!

    I love your pretty's been ages since I received or bought flowers. I think I could use a little "sunshine". Have a great weekend, Kathy! :-)


  7. Those daffodils are really pretty Kathy. Like sunshine in a pot!

    This weekend, we are having dinner with friends tomorrow and I am working in my studio...

  8. Love the cheery daffodils! Great photo!
    I will probably bake something, and definitely will spend time in the sewing room.
    Happy Weekend!!

  9. Your daffodils are pretty and refreshing, they certainly made me smile.

  10. The daffodils are so pretty a touch of spring in these dreary wintertime days. I hope you got all your chores done and did not fall asleep at 8:30. I am sure your co-workers will enjoy the cup cakes. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  11. Daffodils are so cheerful, it is like bringing the sun in to your home.

  12. YES. BRING CUPCAKES TO WORK TOMORROW lol Chocolate is preferred, but I'll eat anything you make! Make sure to hide one somewhere for me since I don't come in til noon! Love you! :)

  13. O, your flowers are sooo pretty. I think I will get some tomorrow for brightness for the weekend.
    Our temps got to 75 here today...just incredible.
    xoxo bj

  14. Hi's been so long since I stopped by...don't ask long story but involved a divorced daughter and my eyesight going bad.....loved the looks of those cookies in your last post....hope your doing well and not over working....I know how you multi task....Hope your New Year is off to a good start....Hugs, Sue.

  15. Oh, now I think you have these daffodils just for me! You know I love them - and they most certainly do brighten a wintry day. Yours brought a smile. A big smile!

  16. Beautiful flowers! Can you believe the daffodils are already blooming around here? They're about two months early!

  17. I need some of those for this dreary day. Beautiful pictures! Mimi

  18. What a nice friend you have! The Daffodils sure are a pop of sunshine and your pictures are gorgeous.

    love ya!


  19. A beautiful way to add some sunshine into a dull dreary winter. I'm taking a page from Lauren's book and when I'm out later on I'm picking up some yellow flowers!!!

  20. I think that people who work on Saturdays-----specifically Saturday 1/28 8:15A-4:45p deserve cupcakes!!! Hint--hint.....

  21. Kathleen, beautiful flowers you`ve got there :o) Love the pictures
    have a nice day Natasha

  22. I LOVE yellow! I always wonder why I don;'t have more of it in our house - it's so cheerful and happy.

    Our daffodils are just on the verge of budding - your photos make me long for them all the more!!



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