Monday, September 24, 2012

Salmon on a plank

I think one of the best things about Fall is the chance to really start cooking again. I love a hot meal and when it's 90 degrees out we tend to live on salad and cool dishes.
A couple weeks ago Victoria and I were in the grocery store and she noticed cedar grilling planks on clearance for less than $2. She recognized them as something that her dad would love to try using on the grill so we picked up a set.
My Grillmeister whipped up a marinade of fresh grated ginger, honey,brown mustard and toasted sesame seeds, and slathered some fresh salmon with the mixture before putting it on the plank to grill. It was fantastic! The cedar (which was soaked in water before grilling) added a wonderful sweet flavor to the meat and the steam from the wood left the salmon moist and tender.  You could just as easily get some boards at Home Depot and use them this way. Try hickory, cedar, or cherry.
Served with a salad and fresh roasted veggies it was a Sunday meal that left everyone with a smile on their face:>)
Have you ever grilled with wood planks?


  1. That looks delicious! I love salmon and love to cook it outside, so the house doesn't end up smelling fishy. I have cooked salmon on cedar plank. It tastes wonderful that way.

  2. YUM!! That looks so delicious! I need a grillmaster :) I am going to keep an eye out for some planks!

  3. This looks gorgeous. You should publish a cookbook, with your photography and Earl's amazing creations it would be wonderful.

    I love salmon. We grilled salmon the other night. This recipe sounds tasty. Ginger is a staple at home.

    I haven't tried wood planks before.


  4. I've never used planks for cooking but always think it would be interesting. I'm not a fish lover and I'm not keen on salmon, but Kathy, the way your grillmeister prepared your salmon I think I could become a fan! It looks amazing and it sounded divine!

  5. OHHH, that sure looks YUMMY! I have a plank that we got one Christmas and have never used it - didn't know how! Now we will have to try it! Thanks for sharing!

  6. We tried this once and loved it and I have had it in restaurants. Yours looks absolutely delicious...perfect for the last few weeks we can grill outdoors!


  7. YUMMY!! this looks better then fantastic!!!

  8. My son in law uses a plank when he grills salmon and it is delish. Yours looks so yummy too. Mimi

  9. O my goodness, this is beautiful.
    I don't do fish but Mr. Sweet loves it to pieces. He's never tried the planks and if I see some, I'll buy them for him. I would think a nice steak would be awesome, grilled on one....right?
    Did Earl take the job you mentioned a few months back?

  10. That looks soooooo good!!

    Yes my husband has some cedar planks but we really couldn't tell any difference in taste or texture?

  11. won the GlassesUSA giveaway.
    I am going to the groc store today for apples to make this amazing looking cake.....:))

  12. oops, I meant the cake on your other post. :))

  13. Ooo! I need know we brought salmon back from Alaska!
    I just had deja-vu...hope I haven't said that already ;)


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