Monday, September 10, 2012

Apple Cake , Sunflowers and stuff

Sit down, grab a cup of tea. Would you like some cake? Fresh apple cake right out of the oven, because I've been low carbing it but sometimes a girl has just. got. to. bake.
The recipe is here
 I guess you're all wondering about the wedding, and the dress. Well, here's the thing. Fiance is in the Air Force and he got sent to training. Five days before the wedding.
I know.
After rushing to get everything in order and the building excitement as the big day approached, Earl likened the situation to using a tree to stop a car instead of the brakes. I am pretty close to having the dress done, but at the moment I have put it away til I can catch my breath. The daughter is doing well and very understanding, it will serve her well as a military wife some day.
We will start over when he knows when training will be finished and we can set another date. The good news (for me) is that I get to have her around for a few more months.
Contemplate the beauty of these farmers market sunflowers while you have another piece of cake.
Onward and upward.


  1. Apple cake? Yes, please! Looks scrumptious!

    I am sorry for Lauren that it worked out this way as I'm sure this has been difficult for her. That said, it WILL be nice to have her close a little longer.

    Love you all!

  2. Life is like that isn't it? It can change like the wind. As you said, this will be good training for Lauren for what her future may well hold in store. You get to breathe deeply and take the time to finish your dress and have more time with Lauren before she moves into her new life.

    Now yes, please a piece of that cake and I'll go pour myself some coffee...a cup for you as well Kathy? xoxo

  3. Oh my, what a shock. I thought of you yesterday and the wedding. Now this... Glad you are doing good with it. I'm afraid I'd about go under with that one! Now for the sunflowers ~ so beautiful. Sunflowers are some of my favorite flowers and they grow wild here in Kansas. The road sides this time of year have lots of them.

  4. Your cake looks scrumptious! Ah...military life. Bless your soon to be son n law for serving this country and bless your daughter for being so supportive.

    p.s. Mr. Comforts served in Viet Nam, before I met him. A few years ago he decided to get a specialty license plate with Viet Nam Vet on it. The other day I was at my doctor's office. When I came out there was a note tucked under the windshield that said, "My son is serving in the Navy and is in Afghanistan. Bless you for serving our country." I brought the note home to hubby, filled with pride for something he had done before we even met.

  5. Oh Kathy! I'm so sorry for Lauren and her fiance. I can't imagine. Full steam ahead and stop. Wow! Prayers are with you all. God is good!

  6. Hi Kathy!
    Oh...I am so sorry that Uncle Sam kidnapped your soon to be son-in-love. Your Lauren must be so disappointed. Military life has lots of hiccups along the way...and, they usually are at the last minute. My hubby served for 22years in the Navy. I learned to hold things loosely and roll with the punches. As difficult as it was at times...I would go along for the ride once a minute. Please give your darling girl a big hug for me!

    Thank you for your sweet comments and encouragement about my Cherry Little Apron. I am such a huge fan of aprons...I've made over 200 in the past few years. Everyone in my family and nearly every gift I give is always, predictably, an apron. I have a wonderful collection of vintage apron patterns that I will be using for my sewn aprons for my etsy shop. I can't wait til I am ready to begin. It will be a little while due to my aged Mom's failing health. She is 90 and each day is precious.
    Blessings and fond friendship,

  7. Oh...How could I forget to say something about your scrumptious apple cake! What I wouldn't do for a slice right now!
    Thank you for sharing you recipe!

  8. I'm sorry to hear that the wedding has to be put on hold for a while, but I know that things with the Military can change quickly and at the last minute.
    Your apple cake looks so yummy!!

  9. O, I love apple cake to the moon and back..
    Sorry for the abrupt stop you say, you get to have her around a bit longer. YAY.....:))

  10. Yes, I'd love a piece! The cake looks wonderful and would be a lovely addition to my morning coffee right NOW! :)

    Darn military....always throwing a wrench in the wheel! But, that is the life that happens when serving. You are on their time, not your own and having first hand experience on that one.


    PS: love her dress, btw!!!!

  11. Mmm...the cake looks wonderful!
    I am so sorry your sweet girl had to be disappointed but yes. This will help swerve to make her prepared. Being a military wife is full of adventure and wonder but it is also about disappointment and change that come from out of nowhere. I know this all too well. I hate it for her though...but soon there will be a wedding! And it will be beautiful.

  12. Hi Kathy,

    Well that must be a disappointment for her, but that's okay God will make it even better when they can have the wedding.

    Gosh those sunflowers are gorgeous, and I love they way they look against that window with that little box with the lovebirds.

    That cake is a temptation.


  13. Hi there
    Really???? They can do that when he's getting ready to get married? Thats not so nice but yes as you say you will have Lauren around for a while longer....
    Your flowers are pretty. They are so happy aren't they?
    Thank you for sharing and have a great day..and yes I'd love a piece of apple cake..

  14. Yum yes please to the lovely cake. Gorgeous sunflowers too!

    Oh your poor daughter. They couldn't delay the training? Well at least you get some more time together.

  15. Well, how about that. Yes, you are right it will prepare her for more of that to come!
    LOVE the cake and those flowers are too pretty. Nice pics :)

  16. Maybe at some point she and he will be stationed near me :)
    That would be Ft. Campbell.
    I can spoil her when you aren't around ;)

  17. Maybe at some point she and he will be stationed near me :)
    That would be Ft. Campbell.
    I can spoil her when you aren't around ;)

  18. Just stopping in to say HEY and that I hope things are going good there.
    Love you, bj


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