Tuesday, December 4, 2012

More scenes from the wedding

I have a few more photos, just released by one of our wonderful photographers who went out of their way to make beautiful memories with their cameras.  Thank you Aly!
In the charming little town of Clarkston, Michigan is an old church turned into a restaurant. I always have mixed feelings about that, but even I have to admit the food there is fabulous. It's called
 The Union and it was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. It just happens to be one of the bride and grooms favorite restaurants. The establishment let them take photos in a stained glass alcove  and then packaged up some of their famous cupcakes for the pair:>)
 They went through town taking pictures in all kinds of charming places, one of the home decorating stores even let them get into the front window Christmas display. I can't wait to see those!
Aren't they adorable? They came over last night and took us to dinner and then we stayed up into the wee hours talking before they headed off into the night bound for for their new home.
In another state.
I'm trying not to think about how far away they are, but we just put a new travel line in the budget, so I know we will see each other as much as we can.
Still, I'll miss her, and him.  
More to come....


  1. What wonderful photos Kathy. There love was captured perfectly! I can imagine how you will miss them. Lot's of visits are a must.

  2. A beautiful bride & groom and these photographs are wonderful. I love that people were agreeable about letting the happy couple pose in their windows!

    You may be apart in miles, but you will never be far apart in your hearts...and you will visit each other often...I have faith in that! xo

  3. Oh yes, they are adorable. Love is always beautiful. You'll have to visit by Skype ~ that truly is wonderful. We do that with our children living in Peru and it is like they are living in our home town!

  4. They are as cute as can be! Can't wait to see the photos in the store window.

    Yes, skype will make it seems like she's not so far away.

  5. Oh Kathy. What lovely pictuues!!

  6. Absolutely stunning! Its like a step back in time, such timeless elegance and handsome uniform. They make quite a striking pair! So excited for all of you!

  7. What an absolutely precious couple.
    No wonder you will miss them...part of your heart...but the great thing is that you will see them every single chance you get.
    And, calling...it's free, so you can talk to her every day.
    Beautiful photos, Kathy....

  8. Wonderful photos and such a gorgeous couple. I just love her fur stole. It's perfect for the season.
    I know you'll miss your daughter. Thankfully, there's Skype, and phones, and email!

  9. Two of my kids (and their kids) are far away! I feel your pain. Mimi

  10. Hi Kathy
    What beautiful picture of your daughter and her husband. I love the fur! I am sorry she is moving to another state. That's going to be hard. Our son may be moving to Hong Kong!!
    Glad to black blogging again. I've missed all my blogger friends.
    Hugs Rhondi

  11. Oh! How wonderful....
    loved catching up on all this wonderful wedding activity!
    Your girls are darling...the groom's not so bad either!!!!
    wonderful time of year for a wedding.
    Memories, Memories...

  12. These photos really capture how much in love they are. You are blessed Kathy.


  13. Darling teapot. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.


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