Monday, December 10, 2012


I am catching my breath and the decorating has begun. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here and the sparkle and candle light in this humble little home  makes the season seem like it is really here.
I'm looking for a simplified Christmas this year. Less is more. I may even take down some of the decorations I have already put up.  This year, I'll concentrate on the baking, the shopping, (which I have not begun!!!) and the reason that we celebrate. Christ came to be our Saviour.
It's as simple as that.
Anyone else simplifying this Christmas?


  1. I'm afraid I never seem to simplify when it comes to Christmas. I just love the house so decorated that I can't seem to cut back on any of it. Maybe someday...I already feel my age, you know, less energy, so it would make sense :)

  2. Mine will be so simple...I am not having a tree this year. To hard to get one and get it decorated with all of this moving in and painting going on. I will decorate the mantel, after the painters finish painting the ceiling and walls of the living room though.

  3. Simple - that's what I seem to hear everywhere! And that's what I'm debating about. Should I put it all out or, should I just do the simple things my heart seems to tell me to do this year. Simple is good. Then we can focus on what's really important! Love your photo of the star. The message of the season doesn't get more simple than that - it takes us back to the reason for the season!

  4. Every year I make it smaller and simpler...for one thing I really don't have the energy for all the hustle and bustle of doing up my house...if I have the main ingredients...a tree, some candles, some sparkle, some warmth and coziness...then I'm happy and so is my family. It's the time spent together, sharing the space that makes the biggest impact in my life. xo

  5. It has appeared to me that everyone is keeping it way simple.
    I haven't bought anything and feel no pressure to.

  6. Blessings, Kathy! Your post is thought provoking and such a poignant reminder of the true reason for this glorious season....Our Savior's Birthday.
    Thank you for sharing and for your sweet friendship.
    Merry Christmas!
    Carolynn xxx

  7. Christmas is all about LOVE and that is what we need to take time for. Taking time to thank Jesus for His love and ponder how to spread that love around. The presents, dinners and all that is nice but if we can't take time to reflect on the real meaning we have lost it. I guess I am for simple. Simple is elegant right?

  8. I am simplifying as well. It seems I do a little less each year. I think I enjoy a less cluttered look. Funny, I have reached a point where it is looking like too much and I may be taking some down as well.

  9. Hi Kathy...
    I don't decorate excessively at my place for sure. My tree is small but sweet and I put out a few things in each room....and I like a nice wreath. I adore santas and snowmen so I have those about.
    Yes...we need to remember the reason for sure....

    My shopping is almost done and it was very effortless this far. Hope yours will be just as easy...

    have a great evening and stop by for a visit..

  10. Hi Kathy!
    I also work quite hard at simplifying Christmas. I have 2 granddaughters, ages 5 and 3, so we're BIG on that, but I'm convinced that women have taken the Holidays (ironic, isn't it . . . the "Holy days") to a "consumer competition" rating right up there with an olympic event!!!! From the men I know, they basically want peace and quiet and good food. I can't help think they dislike seeing their wives AND the family finances stressed to breaking in "honor" of Christmas??????

  11. Yes...I am simplifying this Christmas. Actually started it last year when I got rid of a lot of stuff and then this year, I got rid of some more. And I'm really liking the less is more look!!
    I only have a couple of gifts I really need to get out and do my Christmas shopping too.

  12. I love simple! Less is more and with that, the decorations that do come out seem to be more appreciated and noted more than if a whole bunch of stuff was set out.

    Now breathe, dear one. Enjoy every moment of the season.


  13. No simplifying at my house, because I have a Christmas elf who LOVES decorating!! But the simple joys are my favorite part of the season...the music, the baking, the lights, and the snow (please let it snow).

  14. I did Christmas as simple as I could. There are other people in this house that want EVERYTHING we own out :)

    Ack - you better get on that shopping! I did most of mine through Amazon, etsy and few other online places. I only bought a few stocking stuffer type things at Target. So I am done.

  15. I haven't decorated as much this year as in the past but for entirely different reasons. Alot is going on right now in our household and putting out all the decor just wasn't going to be had. Kathy, you are so very right. The reason for the season IS Jesus Christ and remembering His birth. Thank you for reminding us.
    Now, you better get busy and get to shoppin'! ;) Most of mine was done online or is being handmade and I'm almost done.

  16. Yes mine is simpler this year. I want Christmas to be filled with peace and real joy. Mimi


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