Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Scenes from the yard

Have I mentioned Spring is my favorite time of year:>)


  1. Just beautiful Kathy! Yay, for spring.

  2. I love Spring, too! Enjoy every minute of it, dear friend.

  3. This looks heavenly! I love the way spring smells! :)


  4. Really, really pretty, dear one. :)

  5. I'm glad it finally happened for you :)
    Those little dotty violets are the sweetest!

  6. So very pretty Kathy! If it weren't for the horrible storms we have, I'd say spring is my favorite too.

    I WISH I had a solution to chipmunks! I don't know why people feed them and think they're cute. They are so destructive. Between making holes everywhere and eating stuff.... I was in my veggie garden yesterday planting herbs when I hear a rustle behind me. A chipmunk was getting out of the strawberry bed - they made a hole from outside of the the raised bed to inside the raised bed!!! If I had a gun I would shoot them. My husband's afraid I'll accidentally shoot the dog or a neighbor! :) We have trapped them before but after a while they know it's a trap. They're pretty smart. We have rabbits in the yard and they leave the vegetable garden alone!

  7. Happy Mothers Day Kathy....I saw your still making the heart and home pillows...I cherish mine that I won from you a few years ago....Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow....Sue in Atlanta

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  9. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

    Isn't Spring just the most gorgeous season. Your photographs are gorgeous. Spring always inspires me.

    Have a beautiful day.


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