Wednesday, May 1, 2013

No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow. ~Proverb

Happy first day of May! My favorite month of all.  Full of family birthdays, sunshine, warmth and flowers. It's the month I pretty much live for the rest of the year.
Sure, Autumn has it's charms, but it's a season that eventually leaves me cold. 
Summer is nice but, it can drive you indoors if you aren't a fan of the heat. We will not discuss winter.
At all. 
 I happily turned the calender to a new page this morning. I have a late day at work, which means I was able to take a beautiful morning walk with Earl, listening to the birds sing and watching the sun come up through the trees. Heaven.
The windows are thrown open and the birds are serenading me right this minute.  It just makes me happy.
 These primroses were on the clearance rack at Kroger, seems a bit premature, but I'll take it! Half off primroses are not to be ignored:>)
It is supposed t be in the upper 70's and sunny today, and the flip side of enjoying the morning sunshine at home is that I will be trapped inside a windowless building until nearly 7p.
C'est la vie, it will still be light out when I get home and I plan to set up the outdoor table and chairs by the garden with a cup of decaf and enjoy what is left of this first day of May.
What are you doing today? 


  1. Happy May day!! I have a daughter with a birthday today. We are supposed to be in the 90s. Too hot for me but only going to last a couple of days. Beautiful flowers!!!

  2. Half off any plant is hard for me to resist and your primroses are so pretty! I am going to get some cleaning done and help my daughter pack a few last things today. It will be too hot to play outside.

  3. Your primroses are so lovely. One of my moms favorite plants. And the morning walk with the birds sounds delightful. I love May, too, although this one seems to be especially busy for me.

  4. Happy May Day. I'm not teaching today, so I'll be puttering around the house, sewing, and plan to go downtown and wander about for a bit. Gorgeous sunshine here, although it froze last night. Your primulas are so bright and cheerful - how wonderful to get them half off.

  5. Happy May Day to you! I'm going to work outside because we are suppose to have a sudden drop in temps tonight and lots of rain in the next few days. Beautiful day for the first of May.


  6. Enjoy May Day! It is cold and windy here today. Supposed to snow tonite. Hot yesterday ~ but that is Kansas. Today I'm making felt bookmarks and all the necessary household duties. An ordinary day. Love those primroses but I'm gonna stick to marigolds and zinnias.

  7. Happy May Day! Today I am spray painting some outdoor lighting and working on recovering some lamp shades.

  8. I love how May Day makes you so's contagious! I love your primrose. Does it bloom more than once for you? I have a problem with those and African violets.

    It's 76 here right now and although it's a tad hot in the house, we have a nice breeze. Let's keep out fingers crossed this is the end of the cold!


  9. Woo hoo! We finally have some good weather. I'm enjoying it with you. Your pictures are so pretty!

  10. We are getting ready to head out of town today! We are driving south a few hours to spend a long weekend with very dear long-time friends. The weather is absolutely perfect - sunshine and temps in the high seventies and eighties. Love your primroses. I have them on my front porch.

  11. I always fall for those Primroses and can never keep them alive!
    So very pretty.
    I like your dusk coffee time :)
    Hate, too, that you have to be confined in that bldg. all day!


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