Saturday, December 21, 2013

25 Days of Christmas ~ Make Something Delicious

We are waiting for the ice storm to hit. It's been raining all day and the temperature has started to drop so who knows what we will wake up to tomorrow?
So what did we do all day? Well, after our Saturday morning coffee date and some grocery shopping, we came home and I put my jammies back on and kicked back with my sweetie to watch Craft in America on PBS.  Love that show, and the next installment covers etsy sellers so I will be looking forward to seeing what it has to say. While we lounged around doing nothing, I had cinnamon bread raising in the kitchen. It's supposed to be cinnamon raisin bread but due to some health issues for one of the friends we are baking for we left out the raisins.  We are actually making this for our adult sunday school class tomorrow. Someone always brings in a little something to share and we will be using the bread to make chocolate and walnut bread pudding with a vanilla sauce.
Have mercy it looks good.
I'm also making some cinnamon raisin bread with raisins for some of our gift baskets for friends.
It's a very good recipe, moist and cinnamony.  A keeper I think, and it will go very well with the home made apple butter, marshmallows and white chocolate popcorn that will be included in the gift bags.
I hope you had a lazy Saturday before Christmas too.  It's been a very relaxed season for us and I really like that, how is your Christmas season going? Relaxed or not?


  1. Sure wish I was receiving one of those gift baskets! The cinnamon raisin bread looks delicious. Might have to try the recipe myself. I wish I could say that this has been a very relaxed season for us. If it wasn't for all the craft shows and then I had orders for Pumpkin Rolls so has been busy. Monday will be the last day I'm baking for customers. It will be relaxed between the 25th and the 1st. At least I hope so!

  2. ummm...looks heavenly.
    I didn't get out of my pj's all day long today. A very relaxed day, indeed. relaxed that now, at almost 3 in the morning, neither of us are a bit sleepy. I just made myself a cup of cocoa so it just may lull me to sleep. :)

  3. Oh that bread looks good. Yes, we are having a very relaxing season. We have entertained once, been entertained once and tonight our neighbors are coming over for a glass of cheer and some nibbles...


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