Tuesday, December 10, 2013

25 Days of Christmas ~ Buche De Noel

I have to admit that a large part of the way we celebrate Christmas is with food. Christmas cookies, breads, gingerbread houses, appetizers, with so many parties and get togethers scheduled we focus a lot on yummy recipes to share.  Since Earl loves nothing so much as a ridiculously complicated recipe, one of the things he loves to make at Christmas time is Julia Child's recipe for Buche de Noel, or yule log. 
It is re-donkulous in it's complexity and takes him a good 3 hours. 
I watch.
Since last January he auctioned off a full year of desserts to benefit our churches Mom Squad ministry, this was the final month for him to bake something yummy for the winner.  So of course he had to go out with a bang, and that could only be this recipe.  The mushrooms are meringue and the yule log is made by rolling an almond sponge cake around a chocolate Italian meringue filling laced with cherry liqueur. Did I get a bite? No. Will he have enough energy to do this for the family this year? Probably not. I can't blame him and in truth the last thing we really need is another one of these cakes, although I sincerely believe January is the month of atonement for the Christmas cookies. A little less to atone for is a very good thing. Besides, I know that sooner or later he will feel compelled to pull out the cookbook and make this again, and next time this cake is staying home:>)
Do you have any special treats you only make for Christmas?


  1. We really don't have anything we make only for Christmas. We do have a few dishes that we make only for holidays and family birthdays tho. Pumpkin Roll is one of them. Pork Roast w/ Sweet and Sour Sauce and Cabbage Salad are two more. Nothing complicated tho ~ just some of our very favorites that we save for special occasions.

  2. I don't know what he may do for a living, but I'm impressed! If he doesn't already have a business in baking, maybe he should think about it. Happy Holidays!

  3. Nothing as fancy and beautiful as this! I stick with butter brickle and divinity fudge.

  4. I have heard these are difficult to make and I applaud Earl. And what a sweet man he is to do it for the church. I always make a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, and the 4th of July always calls for apple pie. But Christmas, I have to say it's just an assortment of cookies. And very simple so I can have a variety. And I guess I do make those pretzels in my last post every year but they are usually given away. Great topic to discuss...we are all so diverse!


  5. Does he hire out??? amazing - to say the least! I stick with the Kindergarten recipes - English toffee!

  6. Earl's yuletide log looks way to pretty to eat. But then when you described the ingredients I decided taste would win over beauty!
    I don't bake unless the children are coming. Tarts are a must for my family.

  7. Your Earl sounds like a sweetie pie, and what a thoughtful thing to do, auctioning off a year of desserts. I'll just bet that the winner is sad to see this year come to an end.
    Did he bake you one, too?
    Stay warm and keep smiling,
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)


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