Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Getting Ready

I'm feeling much better, thank you for all your get well wishes :>)
Can you believe that it wasn't until I read about it being Palm Sunday on someone's blog last week, (we missed church because of my cold), can you believe I didn't realize that this next Sunday is Easter?! Thank goodness for blog friends!
Good thing I had my sudden epiphany because as usual,we are hosting the family. Here.
How could I forget?
 So I'm planning my menu (Lamb and white chocolate raspberry cheesecake for dessert), setting out my favorite church garage sale plates, and getting things in order.
 Do you think I'll have time to make a runner for the table out of this gorgeous apple green ticking I got in the mail?
 Mmmmm, I hope so!
We will be heading to church with the family then home for lunch with as many of our close family as we can fit around the table:>)  Everyone brings something to pass and we celebrate the Joy of Christ's resurrection together.
How do you celebrate? Are you hosting dinner or going as a guest?


  1. Kathy, I love the dishes and glasses you've chosen. We are going to my husband's family gathering on Saturday. Hamburgers and a big crowd. :)

  2. But what's for dinner if we're having lamb and chesecake for dessert?


  3. Love the beautiful garage sale dishes!! The pink glasses too. I have never eaten lamb! I'm hosting Easter dinner and we're having ham and an eclair dessert. Always my cabbage salad ~ did I ever send you the recipe? Easter is my very favorite holiday.

  4. I would love to be your garage sale buddy. The dishes are beautiful and go perfectly with the spring green ticking. I'm preparing brunch as well with some recipes from a new cookbook. Have a lovely Easter with your family!

  5. Our church is having 3 services, including one at sunrise along the ocean, followed by a free pancake breakfast for anyone who comes by. We will host Easter at our house and like you are having lamb.

  6. oh no! another comment gone poof...

    well, i think i was saying that the weekend sounds great with family and your church family celebrating Easter.

    The dishes are beautiful. Your table will look like Spring

    ( didn't always have the energy to fight with this iPad so this comment looks a fright)

  7. Kathy
    I love your beautiful dishes and green ticking tablecloth.
    It will be nice to have your family together to celebrate Christ resurrection!

  8. Glad to hear that you are feeling better! I love those plates...I actually made several mosaic pieces from that pattern!

    Your Easter sounds wonderful. It will just be Mr. Comforts and me this year.

  9. Glad to hear you're on the mend. That greenery with the eggs looks so fresh and Eastery! Love those plates too!

  10. I love your plates Kathleen! So pretty! Wishing you a very Happy Easter! xox

  11. Happy Easter...and we celebrate just like you....
    Have a great time.

  12. Feeling covetous! Those are gorgeous dishes Kathy! I'm sure you'll have the loveliest table.

    We are hosting dinner but we only have my husband's cousin coming besides the 3 of us - so it's not a big to do. Which is just as well because my house is in a shambles and I wouldn't have time to do anything about it. :)

    Have a wonderful Easter!

  13. Happy Easter! I love your dishes and fabric and glasses...very pretty.
    We will go to church and then be guests but I'm taking the deviled eggs and some butter peas :)
    Accidentally bought a new skirt and blouse :/ I did not need.

  14. I love your dishes. I am curious, would you mind telling me are they new or old? Also, do you know the name and who they are by? Hope you an your family had a blessed Easter.


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