Tuesday, April 22, 2014

In the Garden

I trust you all had a wonderful Easter! We enjoyed the weekend so much. A wonderful service at church and then surrounded by family at a groaning board of food. Lamb, turkey, potatoes, pies, cheesecake, and veggies. Sunshine and temps in the 70's. Afternoon naps and open windows letting in the breeze.
 Life is good :>)
It's been so pretty, I took a tour of the garden this morning. I threw on some old clothes because I knew I would be laying on the ground to take photos and it rained heavily last night and early this morning. Right now though, the sun is shining and birds are singing.
 While I have been enjoying your photos of springtime in the warmer states, Michigan isn't really there yet. I mean, we have finally had some warmth, (our idea of warm weather would make some of you shiver, lol) and some sunshine and the occasional brave daffodil has been stalwart enough to actually open.
 But the garden is still not hospitable to anything more than weeds and the grumpy bunny statue.  He does look a bit miffed after that long, hard, winter doesn't he? I'm sure he will seem much more cheerful once he is surrounded by flowers and veggies. Note to self, paint the tuteur this spring.
 The lilacs are unfurling their leaves
 The tough little strawberries are doing well :>)
 One thing we always seem to be able to grow is moss. I love it, do you? 
 Years ago we uprooted some wild lilies up near the house and unceremoniously tossed them into the woods. They have spread beautifully, I'm really glad they are so hardy, the woods is the perfect setting for them.
We even have some little scilla growing near the house. I'm afraid it's been badly beaten down by the rains, but I love the delicate blue color and the fact that anything is blooming at all!
We have so much to do in the garden. It has been a very stormy spring, many downed branches to cleanup, trees to trim, and I'm afraid we didn't prepare things very well last fall. We will pay for it now!  I am seeing flowers coming into the grocery stores though and the farmers market opens in just over a week! Oh happy day, I can't wait.

Along with the spring clean-up we have a lot of projects going for the summer. Not the least of which is planning a wedding on a very small budget for August! I hope to share our progress on that as we make it happen. I don't believe in going into debt for a 4 hour party, but I do believe in making it a celebration to remember!  I'm a big believer in working hard to make dreams come true so stay tuned. Maybe I can help someone else save some money and still have the wedding of their dreams :>)We are also in the planning stages of a building project (more about that as we progress!), and various other projects that promise to make getting it all done a challenge. I'm up for it.  What about you? Any big projects and goals in the works for this spring and summer?


  1. Fabulous job with the photos, Kathleen.
    I love the dewdrop on the daffodil
    I'm really looking forward to learning all of your money-saving idea for your projects too.
    Another wedding-how exciting!

  2. Weddings don't need to be over-expensive. We did two of ours at home and they were lovely, nicer than at a hotel.

  3. Love seeing your little snippets of spring. The wedding planning sounds interesting. I will look forward to hearing about it.

    We are finishing the pavers under our pergola in the next week or two. I would like to stain the concrete patio out back, but not sure when that will happen.

  4. This all sounds so exciting! Wedding (will you use your Silhouette?) and a building project!! Will be looking forward to your money saving ideas. Really love those. I'm preparing for Farmer's Market but ours don't start till June 1st. The biggest even in our life is going to be a new grandchild in November. No. 2 for us. Yes ~ LIFE IS GOOD.

  5. So nice to see spring has finally come to your part of the US!! I saw you had pinned some wedding things and I was wondering, now I know! What building project? Sounds like you have a busy time ahead of you!

    We decided we need help with some projects before we put our house on the market so tomorrow I meet with a contractor - so we'll see how many projects we can get done in the next few months.

  6. Wonderful natural sowing of the lilies. I did the same two years ago. It would be great to have them spread as yours have done. Sounds as if you have lovely plans!

  7. After this long hard winter signs of spring are so appreciated! We have done several weddings on a budget and it was kind of fun. And so memorable. Mimi

  8. Love the photos, mom! They look GREAT! :)

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  10. Your photos are wonderful! Of course, you know the Daffodil is my favorite! Yes, we have projects. Miss Daffodil, my vintage trailer is in progress slowly. She is the major project that is on the 'front burner'. Will be sharing more about her in the near future. Can't to hear more about the wedding plans and the building project.

  11. Hi Kathy! The garden is so pretty already. Mine is just pathetic. We have rain today for the first time in a long time. My grass is still brown. So excited that you have another wedding! I'm all for small budget weddings, doing many of them at the farm I worked at. They are so much more meaningful (in my opinion) because they are so creative and show so much personality. Can't wait to see!


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