Monday, September 29, 2014

Happy Monday

Well the month of September has been as blissful and beautiful as any I have ever experienced. Sunny skies, cooler temps, and the trees are brilliantly ablaze. I wish I had another week of September, maybe two. as Autumn months go it is my favorite. The garden is still holding on, although I am ready to pluck the last of the tomatoes and pull up the dead vines. A little clean up here and there, but the flower borders are still lush and the hanging baskets can hold a bit longer. Knowing they will all soon be gone makes me hold on to every sight and scent of them more closely. I'm just never ready to let go. I have the usual list of Monday things to do so I better get to them. I'll be showing you the new office this week, and hopefully some fall d├ęcor around the house and garden.
Happy Monday:>)


  1. Happy Monday Kathy! What a beautiful quote. I think your September is like my October here in NC.

    I had a dream about you last might! In the dream you were moving and I came and helped you pack, lol.

  2. I need to start a little clean up outside too. Even though it's still toasty warm here, some of my plants are getting sleepy. :)

  3. We have had such beautiful weather, haven't we? I'm loving all your pies on FB. Wish I lived closer so I could buy one. Happy Monday!

  4. It's hard to clean up even if there is one little bloom on the plant...murder!! But it's nice to know the pots are clean and put away in the shed, the garden beds are neat and tidy and that you are ready to go once spring comes along. We've been cold here all day but thankfully it's going to warm up tomorrow and I'm going to heartlessly take care of a few things outside!!

    Thank you for your good wishes on the surgery. We women are just born-caretakers! Sometimes we have to just let it go. I think I'm going to make a list of priorities. What doesn't get done...I'll just live recklessly! Ha!

    Jane xx


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