Tuesday, July 5, 2016


I sure hope you had a spectacular  Independence day! Again, where is the time going? Can it be July already, and more than half way through the year?  I closed the etsy shop for the summer, hey, I'm my own boss shouldn't there be advantages to that?  I need to take a step back, figure out where I am going with that and so many other things. I thought if I took that off my plate I would be able to relax a bit and still get so much done.  Instead, my head is spinning and I  can't decide whether I am overwhelmed with free time or overwhelmed with all the things I see that should be filling it.  At any rate, I'm trying to slow down and take things one day at a time. No worries about tomorrow's to do list. But it's hard. I'm a planner, an over thinker, a worrier. Anyone else like that?
So here are the amazing things I have gotten done. I switched out the pansies in the front door basket for ivy and peonies. Am I making your head spin? 
 I repainted the front porch floor, that was something that had been bothering me, and now it's done. Yay! I also started painting the little building we call "the garage". It isn't big enough to actually park a car in, but it's filled with the lawn tractor, snow blower, rakes, shovels, you know, all the things you need when you have a yard. It's most of the way done and looking so good! Next, paint the porch swing, work on quilts that I have started, and re-do the front garden,
My list makes me tired just looking at it. Good thing we had a relaxing day with our youngest daughter for the 4th. She made a fabulous cookout meal for us, grilled by her sweet hubby, and topped it all off with home made blueberry, raspberry short cake with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.,because we believe in gilding the lily whenever possible. :)

Summer's flying, what's still on your to do list?


  1. What a busy girl!! Love the flowers and the dessert looks yummy. My 'Summer' is mostly dodging rain showers here! But I am tending a greenhouse full of tomatoes....

  2. Oh my! That gilding of the lily is making me very hungry! Now I just love your front door and the black and white ribbon...it looks so sophisticated and beautiful.

  3. My list is a never ending one. But I do stop and smell the roses or I will be crazier lol. I keep thinking about a esty shop. My daughter keeps saying then you will running to do that. I donr know that id be going every day to mail things. Do you think its worth it. Wish I had a front porch.. Was just thinkin that. With love Janice

  4. You are having quite a productive summer! Isn't it nice to get these big projects accomplished! How sweet of your daughter and her hubby to cook for you!

  5. Kathy, do you still have your patriotic pillow pattern available?

    1. Hi Tracy, I sure do! Send me an email at kathyscottage@yahoo.com. Your comment came through as a no-reply so I can't contact you unless you email me.

  6. You're so cute!! You deserve a whole lot of credit for that door basket. It's gorgeous!

  7. I feel the same way, Kathy (I swear we were separated at birth!), Where has all the time gone? I barely have time to visit bloggers much less write a post. I'm exhausted banging myself over the head with discipline issues, I just want to go with the flow for awhile.

    Love that your daughter and her hubby made such a feast for you guys!


    You have made some big progress, painting a whole porch floor? Wow! My big project is packing up old clothes for Goodwill.

  8. Say, did you just comment at A Haven? You have turned into a "B" and a no-reply? It doesn't look like you and does not link back here so was just wondering.

  9. Your porch looks like a nice place to relax with a cold drink & a good book!

  10. I am a thinker and a worrier, too. I am trying to put that all on hold for the summer! Wish me luck! ;)

  11. I love your festive decor. Wish you could come help me decorate for the seasons! I'm a thinker, planner and worrier, too. It's hard to turn off my brain but I'm trying to figure out where the 'off' switch is so I can relax once in awhile!

  12. It sounds kinda what I am going through. I sit spinning my wheels trying to figure out what I should be doing. BUT, you are getting a lot more done than me!!

  13. love love love that door basket...i have one that is looking so sad...i need to add pretty things to it and put a festive bow in it...and that dessert is making me WANT ONE...

  14. ...just back by to say I have several projects to work on but I think I am just going to enjoy the free summertime...I just bought a new swim suit and the pool looks sooo pretty this morning...I'll take care of painting those shelves another day....(I am sooo spoiled rotten)


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