Monday, April 17, 2017


Just a quick hello. It's been a busy week, as all holiday weeks tend to be.  I was putting the dishes away from our Easter dinner and did a quick table setting to show you how it looked.  I loved the table this year!  I made the napkin rings by grabbing a multi stem daisy floral from the craft store, snipping them apart and leaving enough wire stem to bend into a circle. I wrapped floral tape around the stem to hold it in place.  I was able to use a lot of our jadeite and white ceramic serving pieces and it all came together.  No fancy multi plate stacks here, just a simple plate  that was covered in good food. 
 The menu was ham, mashed potatoes, home made rolls, green beans and broccoli salad with triple lemon blueberry cake for dessert. Yum!  I'm so ashamed... kind of.  Not really.  Anyway, we had a wonderful warm sunshiny day, church followed by dinner with youngest daughter and hubby, and a sister and mom.  We missed the family that couldn't attend but hope they can make the next big dinner.  Eldest daughter and her husband are coming for an extended visit in a couple months so yay! I have that to look forward to!
I had to show you the eggs. We have 11 hens and they have been doing a bang up job of supplying us with beautiful, multicolor eggs.  Prettier than dyed I have to say, and the daffodils are from the garden.  Things are starting to bloom left and right and I couldn't be happier. 

Did you have a happy Easter weekend?  I'm trying to catch up on blogs.  We were without internet for an entire week and didn't get it back until last Wednesday.  I'm so far behind I don't know when I'll get caught up!

Tell me about your plans for Spring! Anything new on the horizon?


  1. We did have a wonderful Easter! I used Blue and White dishes too, and forgot to get a photo. Perhaps I'll do a place setting again! We have our own hens too, and I took the lightest colored eggs and my daughter dyed them really pretty deep colors!

    Our weather was lovely, also!

  2. We had a great Easter too!

    Your hens are doing a great job. You'll be enjoying lots of omelettes and ...pretty much anything with eggs. :)

  3. Oh those eggs are splendid! It sounds as if spring has truly arrived. I can "hear" it in your voice. So glad that you had a blessed Easter. I finally got the last of the dishes done myself just a bit ago, but never thought to make up a table setting. Yours is sweet!

  4. Your basket of eggs is so attractive...the sort of photo that should be on a Calendar!

  5. Your hens are doing a fabulous job and it's a wonderful photo! And I love those napkin rings. So cheery! What a smart idea! It looks like a beautiful day in every way. Busy and glorious.

    Thanks for sharing the recipe link. I'm such a sucker for lemon!

  6. What a lovely table setting and the dinner sounded wonderful! It was just Kent and I for Easter and we grilled a steak! MY spring plans revolve around the house being build...those will be my summer plans too from the looks of the time line, lol.

  7. Lovely post. Your dinner sounded wonderful, especially the dessert and thank you for the link for the recipe. Your hens are doing wonderful things, enjoy those fresh eggs. When once raised chickens and so enjoyed the supply of fresh eggs.
    Blessings to you and yours and wishes for a beautiful spring!

  8. What a pretty picture! And I have always wanted chickens, you're so lucky.

  9. I'm trying to catch up on blogs, too. I have limited internet as we travel so I may never catch up totally until I get home! Loved seeing your Easter table setting. It's beautiful. I love simple settings. We had a wonderful Easter this year - church with two very dear aunts and my uncle, a big family gathering with them and cousins and their families, then tender goodbyes as we were continuing on our travels the next day. It was such fun we're talking of traveling to be with them on Easter again!


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