Wednesday, April 5, 2017

On Getting in Shape and Lots of Green

 It's April!  We are almost 4 months into the year and a little over a week away from Easter, which I just realized last night. This is important because Easter is at our house so time to get planning!

In other news, I joined a gym.  Can I just say up front, I hate gyms? I do. They are money pits and you all KNOW how frugal I am.  I hate gyms, but I hate feeling weak and out of shape just the tiniest bit more so I signed up.  I had an "evaluation" today so they could sell me on a personal trainer. *sigh* seriously, it was a battle with the frugal me who was screaming in outrage at the cost.  Fat, out of shape me wrestled frugal me to the ground and paid up.  Later, frugal me retaliated by eating a peanut butter cup thereby making my 1/2 hour on the treadmill null and void.

Frugal me is a little vindictive.

"Are you excited?" the gym owner said, as he took possession of my credit card. "Sure", I replied halfheartedly, because really? No. I was not excited.  If he was handing me as much money as I was handing him at that moment I am sure I could have whipped up more excitement.
 There will be no before and after pictures because....before pictures. But I will attempt to keep you updated on whether 1. I can stop eating peanut butter cups. 2. The personal trainer can whip me into shape.  I can be a challenge.

But in more fascinating news, I am so excited for Spring to be here.  It's my happy time, my favorite time of year.  When the flowers start coming into the stores? Heaven!  Let the flower buying begin!
I am also on a green kick.  I can't get enough. Green bottles, green plants, green everything.  It's Spring and Spring means green!
And that means I painted the dining room buffet a light, Springy, green.  I'm loving the change it brings to the room.  For a while I painted everything shades of white.  I needed to calm the house down a bit with all the color I had brought in.  Now it's time to add a bit of color here and there because all white ain't my "thang."
I had to open the front door for this photo because we have been having such dark, grey rainy days for the past few days.  We have a few more coming up but then the forecast gets warm and sunny :) I can't wait!

 How is your Spring going? Are you ready for Easter?


  1. LOL, Kathy!!! OMGosh- I can SO identify with that! Good luck to you and I will TRY to not eat the peanut butter cups you leave on the shelf!
    I LOVE that green buffet - I love that soft, soft green color. It's beautiful.
    I love green, too, and have brought even more green plants in this late winter. xo Diana

  2. 1. I'm right there with ya on the gym membership but I want to age gracefully. I haven't joined a gym but have been doing push ups while I wait on the shower water to get hot every morning. Truth! You'll do great and if they have Zumba class at your gym, give it a try. The music makes it fun.

    2. Peanut butter cups are amazing!

    3. That green dresser is to die for. All white is boring.

    4. Spring :) Can't wait to see your beautiful gardens.


  3. That is so pretty! All white isn't me either so I love the color and the door color, too.

    The gym? Is there no easier way? Purchasing a QVC gizmo to use in front of the tv? Having meals sent in? A walking club? LOL! All the best. I hope that your rebellious side calms down without eating p'nut butter cups...gosh those are good. Now you've got my rebellious side wanting to join your rebellious side for an afternoon tea consisting largely of peanut butter cups, perhaps some M&Ms with a side of Snickers bars. Oh shoot me. Shoot me now! 😝

  4. I belong to a fitness studio that is run by a wonderful woman! She teaches fitness classes and Zumba classes! I am getting my spring things out, which is the pretty pillow I won last year from you! I justify my treats with my workout classes...the treats are ahead!

  5. Very courageous!
    Aren't your pansies pretty, such a Spring like flower.

  6. Oh my gosh, Kathy, I laughed (and related!!) through the entire first part of your post. You're writing is so good...and funny!! I need to get in shape and I HATE gyms, too. I keep telling myself that if I park a little further from the grocery store door, those extra steps would count as exercise. That's as far as I've gotten so far. So I commend you on your attempt. And that green dresser is stunning. Love it. Thanks for the giggle and good luck! :)

  7. I need to get moving more too! We live with mountains all around and just walking up the road can be a good work out. Now that the weather is warmer, I need to get out walking again. Love the color your painted your buffet. So pretty!

  8. I don't like gyms, but have been going three mornings a week for the past 3 years. Even though I don't like it, I do like how it makes me feel! I work out on the elliptical and do strength training with weights. I do enjoy long walks outdoors with my dog. Good luck!

  9. I feel the way you do about the gym - plus, I don't like to sweat! I love your green chest. It's perfect with all the other green going on this Spring. I'm ready for Easter - I don't have to do anything except show up. Not decorating our home for the day because we are leaving soon for a long-dreamed-of trip. I'll share more on my blog soon. I'll be checking in and keeping up with whatever you share. I always love to stop by!

  10. I enjoyed this whole post...and now I'm craving peanut butter cups. Most of all I love that dresser!!! Gorgeous for any day of the year!!!

  11. Wasn't today remarkable? And the flowers are starting to really get their groove on at the market. The sun really boosts my mood. Yes, I am so ready for spring and today just felt like perfection!

    I have to tell you -- what lovely photos! I adore each and every one!

  12. Wonderful post, Kathy! I love seeing pictures of your lovely home...really! We have known each other for so long but I feel I haven't seen much at all. I love the dresser. If I had my way I would have a lot of old and unexpected pieces everywhere. ;-D I think you'll know when you have the right color/neutral balance. I'm trying new colors here and there, too. In the zillion art classes I had, I learned to squint my eyes to see a more 'clear' picture, one that makes too little or too much POP! It works!

    Best of luck with the gym! A personal trainer will help identify exactly what you need to work on and make your program work for you. I so want to get back to the gym...had mighty plans in January just when I went under with the virus. I think I'm ready now if I take it slow. The money is hard to part with but it sort of makes you stick with it!!

    Happy Easter to you and your sweet family, Kathy!

    Jane x


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