Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Sun only shines when I'm at Work...

Or so it seems.  I came out of work Tuesday to bright sun and warm temps and by the time I got home the sky was a uniform grey. Pretty much the same shade it has been all day today.
My day off.
Aside from the fact that it put a crimp in my photography attempts today, I don't even care.  I had coffee with my sweetie this morning, made a considerable dent in my to do list, and even had time to add a few banners to the shop

 This is my current fave.
I'm headed for the kitchen to make some Minestrone soup. Just the thing for this grey day.
Later tonight we plan to catch a movie and just spend some quality time together.
Do you have any fun plans for today?


  1. sounds like you are having a good day, in spite of the clouds:) Today is my day off and I'm getting errands run and housework so I can play tomorrow.

  2. Oh Kathy..I adore your beautiful heart banners!!!

    janet xox

  3. Love the banner!! I am off today too and spending the afternoon sewing...and folding laundry...and cleaning the kitchen :) xoxo Debbie

  4. Gorgeous banner - love it! My daughter and I went to an old Virginia homestead farm that now belongs to the county, and I took oodles of pics for her 9th grade photos. We had so much fun, and the sun shone (after an early morning hard rain). Hugs ~ Mary

  5. What a sweet banner...

    Today I cleaned the house, went to the grocery store, Office Depot and the drug store. Then I dropped off clothes at Goodwill.

    We have company coming tomorrow for the weekend, so I had to get all of my errands done.

  6. What a pretty banner. So bright and cheery even if the day is not.

  7. Your banner is so sweet. I need to drop by your shop. :0) My sweet husband and I have had lots of quality time together. And cherishing every moment.

  8. I'm torn between this one and the one reserved for Leslie! They are all so cute!

  9. Your banners are so pretty. Love them. Do you have a special online store you buy your felt from? For fun I try to work on something crafty every day. I just NEED to do that! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Really my motto is that everyone should do at least one fun thing every day.

  10. Kathy, your banners are turning out so adorable!!! I love them. I hope that these become a big seller in your Etsy shop.
    I haven't made yo-yos in ages but you have inspired me to make a regular yo-yo banner for my sewing room!

  11. Love the banners. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  12. Beautiful banner!
    I love the black and white checks too....they add a dose of charm to the hearts :)

    Have a great weekend..
    I'm off to get my grocery shopping done.
    It will be a 150 mile round trip... sheesh.

  13. These are so very beautiful!! No plans for me. Starting Medrol Pack for pain and hibernating in my bed all weekend. You have a wonderful weekend!

  14. Hi, Kathleen! Love your banner! And the pictures too :o) Yesterday I was busy (came to see what I`ve made :o) and only at nigth I can visit my friends :o) In Russia we have -30 dgr C by now! Brr!!! Too much for me.
    Have a warm and sunny weekend

  15. Love your banners! Actually, I've loved everything you've done! Come on up - the sun's shining here! For a few days.

  16. Your banners are so pretty. On my to do list is to make a bunting for our hallway, so far I haven't even made a start. Maybe this week I will remember to call in to the shop in town!

  17. What's that saying...making hay while the sun shines? Well, my friend, you shine even on those gray days. Super cute!!!!!

    It's sunny here today....but stuck inside working on the books for my business. Tax time...daunting, simply daunting.


  18. This is just about the sweetest thing, ever...but not quite as sweet as YOU.
    I am about to send you an email...:)))


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