Thursday, May 10, 2007

Michigan Spring

I thought I would share a little bit of our Michigan spring with everyone. Everything is so green and pink and white! This is a dwarf apple tree that Earl and I planted 24 years ago, never got a decent apple off it in all that time, but isn't it lovely in spring?
Below is a close-up of the blossoms. When I mow the lawn it smells so beautiful out by these trees. The neighbors have two BIG old apple trees right next to ours and it is heavenly to be near them this time of year!

Then of course, we have the lilacs... We have six beautiful lilac bushes scattered over our little 5 acres and every spring around my birthday they give me the most wonderful gift of their blooms! I am able to fill the house with big bunches of lilacs, all I want, and still look out on masses of them.

We also have a lovely gnarley old pear tree. The pears are totally inedible, hard as rocks and there are always masses of them in the fall to clean up, but I just don't mind because to have masses of pears you first have to have masses of blossoms. The tree is beautiful, They don't smell as pretty as the apple blossoms but they are beautiful and the leaves are glossy and turn a deep burgundy in the fall. I enjoy the pear tree no matter what the season.

So much more to show you as spring advances. I can't wait to show you the lavender, the pergola dripping with flowers, the perennials and annuals tucked here and there. Spring in Michigan makes winter in Michigan bearable (almost). :>)

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