Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More garden pictures today. It seems that every day I go out to my garden I see something else blooming that I want to share with you. In this case the geranium has been blooming since I bought it, but I really wanted to show you the pot and the cat figurine in the pot. I made both in my ceramics class last year. You can't see the pot very well but it is fairly typical with a grey-green glaze on it and a little bird stamped into the front. The cat was thrown on the wheel and then the little pots were put together to make the cat. They were part of an assignment to make tow things as different as possible. So I made a very simple pot and the more complicated and figural cat. You also can't see that the cat has little multicolor polka dots. I think the cat looks a little surprised, don't you?
I also wanted to tell everyone, I have bluebirds is my bluebird box! I posted earlier that wrens had taken over the box, oddly enough after that post they disappeared. I couldn't find any sign of the nest or any of the seven eggs they had already laid. Usually you can see the bits of torn up nest under the nest box, but they were gone without a trace. But now, four gorgeous bluebird eggs have taken their place. I hope nothing will get them before they hatch.


  1. Hi! I popped over to see you! Your blog is so cute! And I love the name~ Kathy's Cottage. My sisters name is Kathy. Very nice!

  2. Love the pot and kitty cat!! Great jog. hte geraniums are gorgeous too!

    So neat that you have bluebirds now! The wrens must have read your post, lol!


  3. You did well on both pottery pieces! I'd love to get my hands into that. My 13 year old gets to do it at school.

  4. oh how sweet that the Bluebirds are there. I got all excited for you! You'll have to take photos when they hatch!

    Shannon xo


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