Saturday, June 9, 2007

Sorry squirrels!

This time I got the wild strawberries from the flower garden, still warm from the sun. Aren't they pretty? They are delicious too. Just having a beautiful day today. I got up bright and early and the morning was so cool and crisp I got right down to business and got some cleaning and organizing done in the basement (ugh! it was soooo bad!) opened the windows down there and set the fan blowing all the fresh air in while I cleaned. Earl was busy making salad and cheesecake squares for open houses this weekend (which we will head out for later this afternoon) and then we cleaned the chicken house and I got feed and bedding at the farm co-op. They were nasty jobs but now they are done and it was well before noon when we were finished so we have the rest of the day to enjoy with the satisfaction that we got so much done!
It is a PERFECT day. The sun is shining but it is only about 73 degrees with a light breeze. The open house will be loads of fun and then we will come home and maybe grill some chicken and enjoy the evening. I hope you all have a beautiful day too!

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  1. mmmm those berries look wonderful!
    I can't wait for ours to ripen!
    Michigan strawberries are the best aren't they????

    Are you going to make jam???

    Hugz, Dolly ~ From my CHERRY heart


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