Wednesday, June 13, 2007

School's out for summer!

Yippee! Today is my last day of work and then....I'm free for the next two and a half months! I have a L-O-N-G list of things I want to do and I am trying to keep the list of must-dos to a minimum. I know the time will fly quickly so I am determined to use it as wisely as possible.
The daughters are off to Ichthus tonight with their friends and church youth group. They will have a great time! Anyone ever heard of Ichthus? It is a huge Christian music festival in Wilmore, Kentucky with all the big names in Christian contemporary music. This year they have all the girls favorites, Switchfoot, Toby Mac, Chris Tomlin, Third Day , Newsboys, and a whole lot more. So, while the girls are away, Earl and I will have some alone time. I am looking forward to our weekend together. The girls will get back Sunday and then we will all go out for a Fathers day dinner. Sounds like another great weekend coming up!
The picture above is my William Baffin rose. It seems to be a little buggy this year and needs some real attention, but it still managed to crank out a few pretty blossoms.

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  1. Good morning Kathy!
    How exciting for you! Both of my parents were teachers & when I was a little girl I thought everyone was home for the summer! I would go visit my friends & ask why their parents weren't Take time to enjoy it, relax, & have a great summer! Gorgeous Pink Roses!
    Have a wonderful day,


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