Thursday, July 5, 2007

I Love A Parade!

The Fourth dawned Gray and rainy, here in Michigan, not the usual state of things. We usually have hot sunny weather for the fourth, but we made our way into town to stake out our spot for the parade and join our friends for breakfast. The street was full of red white and blue banners, balloons, flowers and festivity, so in spite of the rainy, cool weather we forged on and got into the spirit of things.
My girls (in the grey and green) and their friend, got their flags to wave from the parade officials.
I don't know if you can see the "made in China" emblem on the flag. My girls thought it was a bit ironic, and so do I.
Don't you just want her to wheel this right to your yard after the parade!?

And this little blue haired cutie! What a doll!
Small town parades. Aren't they fun? After the parade we went with our friends to their house for a cookout and spent the day on their boat on the lake. The sun did finally come out shortly after noon, and we ended the day watching fireworks from the boat. What a gorgeous day we had! I hope everyone had a wonderful fourth!


  1. The parade looks like the one we went to in little Beaverton Michigan! My grandma and her husband Larry (my grandfather passed a way and grandma remarried) were in the parade driving Larrys old fashioned car. It was so much fun. Your girls are beautiful! Lucky you to have daughters :) But lucky me to have sons too, lol!

    Love ya,

  2. Kathy, i second all that above, but you know there is only one pressing question: "Who owns the Farmall Tractor and where can Uncle get one? Do you have a paper copy of this Pix to show him,in case he does not read his e-mail? LOL. love, aunt sharon

  3. Kathleen Grace, I happened upon your blog and am so delighted to have done so! I live in Northern Indiana and love to find someone in our neck of the woods who loves what we do! I am going to add you to my list of places to visit and welcome you with open arms to my site too! Loved the parade, beautiful town, may I ask where? For now, Lori

  4. Oh I just love these pictures!!! Those flowers and that tractor and that blue haired baby. Wonderful.


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