Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sorry it's been a few days since I posted. I am in the home stretch of getting all the crafts for our Vacation Bible School prepped for next week. I am the craft lady this year, and since I have never actually headed this up before I am stressing a bit and feeling a little overwhelmed. I am taking a break to give you a laugh. I got new glasses last week. I only get them every two years and I needed everything. I have bifocals and if any of you out there have them too, you know that looking at the computer for any length of time with your neck cricked back so you can see out the bottom of your glasses is maddening. I would love to get soft contacts but I have a particularly bizarre astigmatism and for my eyes they aren't an option unless they are special ordered and we all know that is code for big bucks. Anyway, I got my usual bifocals and some Rx sunglasses and I also indulged myself with some reading glasses just for the computer. That way I can look at it head on without getting a stiff neck. So I ordered some kind of funky, fun glasses for the computer so I would know which were which and they look like this.

No, they aren't really bizarre or anything, but I usually wear wire rims so they are different for me. Anyway, dear husband comes home and I am at the computer wearing them and I turn around and he actually blushes, gets this goofy grin on his face and starts telling me how cute he thinks these are. Every time I put these on he has the same reaction. It cracks me up. If we are having a disagreement (we only have mild disagreements by the way), I put these on and he starts to grin and tells me how cute I am. I now have a secret weapon! LOL! I went through some of my old grade school pictures and if he thinks these glasses are hot he should get a load of these.
This is me in 6th grade. I think these are actually quite similar to what I am wearing now. I would like to thank my mom for the fabulous spit curls that are now immortalized in my school pics. Wow, what a babe. Several years later, (I think this is about 8th grade) I switched to these hot numbers.
Oh Yeah! What was I thinking!? Why didn't someone stop me! I can only blame youth and a total lack of fashion sense for these eyewear choices. Fortunately, if Earl sees these pics he will only blush, grin, and tell me what a doll I am. How did I get so lucky?! :>)


  1. You do look adorable!! How sweet that he has that reaction to your new glasses ~ and I love that you slip them on when things get a little grouchy!! Thank you very much for your kind comment on my furniture ~ if you try this technique, be sure to take photos ~ I would love to see! xxoo, Dawn

  2. I love this story! I have a similar one....
    My dh has these big safety glasses (not little and cute like your glasses), and he thinks he looks like a total nerd in them, but when I see him in them, he looks especially sexy to me. Be still, my heart!!
    I guess that's what love does to us!

  3. You look great! Your new glasses are perfect and I love the pictures of you from the past. We are a "mild disagreement" couple, too - guess I'll leave now and get me some glasses like yours! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  4. I love the glasses! I think hubby REALLY likes them!! Lori


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