Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Glorious Morning Glories

These morning glories have self-seeded on the back of the shed for several years now. They are a deep purple and they are called "Grandpa Ott". I think they are lovely! They will reach the top of the shed by the end of summer.
Here is a somewhat out of focus close up of the flowers. I think next year I will sow a lighter, brighter color in with them for a multicolor display. Maybe pink or white.
I have plenty to do today. I need to get back to making time for art, but I am also in the middle of repainting my living room. I usually pull everything into the middle of the floor and have it done in a day. This time I have all the trim to paint for the first time which I know means multiple coats beginning with washing the woodwork, a light sanding and primer. Yikes. I like things fast and dirty, get it started, get it done, enjoy. I have half the living room walls painted (am I supposed to do the walls first or the trim? Well I started with the walls) I love the color, which my darling youngest daughter helped me pick out. She seems to have an excellent eye for things. It is a creamy yellow that changes color a lot depending on what time of day and how the sun is hitting it. That should keep me from getting too bored with the color! I will take some pictures of what I have done tomorrow and post them. I will also be making new pillows for the couch & love seat and rethinking my accessories and art. Might as well do it right. Things get stale otherwise. Did you ever notice how when you went to your grandma's house it was stuck in a time warp? Now don't get me wrong, I still have lovely fond memories of grandmas house. In fact, grandmas house was more my home than my real home in many ways, but I don't want to be one of those old ladies whose home kind of smells like mothballs and is still painted avocado green (shudder! as if!) As I get older I feel the need to keep reinventing myself and my surroundings. I can already feel my brain hardening into old ways of thinking and I can tell you it isn't pleasant! So I am trying to open my mind to new things and new ideas. Certainly in my art and absolutely in my home. I don't intend to change my ideas about God or family or anything like that, but I can sure embrace new things elsewhere. Any other "old dogs" out there trying to learn new tricks? Tell me how you stay fresh & up to date!


  1. Oh my gosh Kathy! I have been dreaming of painting my house creamy yellow for three years! I have got to get that done soon! You should see the awful walls in this house!

    Your flowers are gorgeous and I LOVE this header that you have chosen! That is the one I would keep!

    I know EXACTLY what you mean about grandmas house! Her house never changed in 30 years but I still loved the way it looked and smelled. Always like coffee and some delicuous food cooking! Oh what wonderful warm memories :)

    I love this post :) Thank you for the sweet comment on my site too Kathy :)


  2. Boy you really stopped me today to think and your right how Grandma's stayed the same, my Mom's to. I so wonder why? maybe it is a comfort or a deep love for the time, I don't know. Hope you won't mind if I pose this question on my blog this evening, let me know through my email at my site. I have pictures of the two homes I would use. Yep, I guess I kinda don't want to be that way. Lori

  3. It is so true about Grammas house!
    Wow I never really thought about it until now!
    Do you they did'nt have the money to change like we can....or maybe they were'nt into decorating as much as we are!
    What fond memories you have evolked for me!

    Love your creamy yellow walls...they look so cozy and welcoming!

    Love your new header...too cute!
    maybe you can share with me how to change my header...I'd like to change mine often too!

    Hugz, Dolly


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