Sunday, December 2, 2007

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel,

The first Sunday of Advent. When I was growing up in the Protestant church, I don't remember anything ever being said much about Advent. I didn't really know anything about the symbols or traditions of Advent until I was an adult and looking for a way to focus more on the birth of Christ than on gifts and Santa while raising my girls.
Now, and since they were little, we celebrate every Sunday night of Advent with a special family meal, candles, soft Christmas music and discussions of what the season means. By the way, I made a pretty advent wreath out of ornaments for this year. I love how glittery it is:>) Now that the girls are older, we each take a Sunday and plan the meal and decorations. This year, Earl took the first meal and made Moroccan lamb stew in homemade multi grain bread bowls, goat cheese and crackers, Sparkling pear juice, and to end the meal....

This scrumptious rustic apple tart. Yes, I can actually cook too....but why?

A happy first day of Advent to all of you. May the coming season of love touch you all and bring you joy:>)


  1. My belly is growling looking at that wonderful apple tart on the screen. I can see and smell all of the spices and I bet that the crust is just as good. Grrrrowl!

    Kathy, our eBay seller id is Cottage*Dreams. No store, just do auctions. Tomorrow night we will get them going. For some reason, today just didn't work out. But, thank you for asking about eBay. I have two twin vtg white chenille new..coool, and some rhinestone vtg clocks...chic. Ok, time to fly. Have a wonderful eve, my friend.


  2. I think that is a wonderful idea. It is such a rush rush Holiday that people don't take the time to realy focus on the meaning. I was going to try to start a treadition for my grandchildren, during the year we will write what they are thank-ful for from small to big and put them in a jar and on Thanksgiving open each on up,because we all tend to forget the small things that we were greatful for during the year. Have a blessed evening

  3. You know, we didn't learn much about Advent either when I was a kid. I grew up in a pentacostal church and a baptist school. I'm going to have to research it more this year so that next year our family can participate. Thank you! Blessings...Polly

  4. Thanks for all the info.I never heard heard. Gonna have to study.

  5. Hi Kathy,
    Your table looks lovely. What a beautiful way to enjoy the season. As well as building knowledge you are building wonderful memories.

    The dinner sounds delicious and the dessert - yumm!

  6. Kathy such a lovely post, wonderful family time to share. Our tummies are hungry now :) Blessings to you always :) Jenn and Jacqui

  7. That is so special the way you spend Advent with your family.
    And yes I can see why you wouldn't need to cook when you have your very own personal chef!

  8. Beautiful table and dinner sounds delish! Very pretty apple tart!


  9. That Earl sounds like a keeper! It all looks so good.

  10. I love your family advent tradition. Your wreath is beautiful and the food looks scrumptious:) Kudos to Earl!


  11. Your wreath is so beautiful and such awonderful family tradition. Have a good night. Mary

  12. Yummy dinner! Yeah, if I had Earl around, I would ask myself the same thing too. Why bother cooking when you have Earl?

    Thanks for sharing about Advent!


  13. Your advent wreath is beautiful Kathy.

    Happy advent season.

  14. What a wonderful tradition!
    Our church lights the Advent candle every Sunday, and then one of member families reads from the bible and explains the meaning of the candle.


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