Thursday, December 6, 2007

We interrupt the Christmas tree to bring you...

The ornament swap I got today!!!! I am in an ornament swap with Alice of Inspired Tokens and my package arrived today! It was just in time. I had a bad start to the day. I am using a car borrowed from a friend while we deal with the insurance company and wait for a check for our totalled out van (November 4, post). Well, I went out and started it to get it warmed up, came inside and got ready and when I went to get in the car the doors were locked! And the car was running. And I had to call my boss and ask her to pick me up (I only work a mile down the road) I forgot that our friend had said that the car locks itself when the keys are in it (who is the dork who designed that feature!?) And I had to pay someone $50 to get it unlocked because my friend lives an hour and a half away and couldn't leave work to rescue me which I totally understand! Anyway, after a long hard day and much self flagellation for being stupid enough to do that I came home to this...
This amazing, beautiful, wonderful, glittering, gorgeous box of goodness! All wrapped in tulle and satin ribbon. I am in awe! I unwrapped the tulle and found this.
This beautiful box of all my favorite things. Toile, glitter, stars, glitter, toile, well I am just about speechless with joy! How gorgeous, this would have been enough, but wait, there's more!

This beautiful cone filled with peppermint kisses and sticks (which I immediately began eating, hey, I was hungry!) Isn't it just amazing?
These gorgeous handmade moravian star ornaments (did I get that right? They are moravian stars aren't they?) and a beautiful glittered K which can be displayed after Christmas too, I think by my desk:>) I wish photos captured glitter better! Aren't those stars wonderful? I would love to know how to make them!
This tag is so pretty! Alice you are amazing:>)
And what do I love almost as much as glitter? Chocolate! And aren't these almost too pretty to open?! I will be very careful and save the wrappers, but I WILL open them! As if that is not enough, there. is. more!!!

Four beautiful glass ornaments which I immediately put on my tree. Aren't they divine? Alice, thank you from the bottom of my heart! What a perfect, beautiful, generous gift from a wonderful, sweet blogger friend! I immediately put the beautiful box under my tree where it catches the light and just glows with prettiness. I love it all:>)


  1. Hi Kathy, not a great start to the day there! But you would have soon forgotten all about it after opening your parcel! WOW Everything is just gorgeous :) Everything! Love the box, it's so beautiful! Alice must be a very special person :) And loving those stars, please let us all know if you find out how to make them, never seem anyting like them before. Enjoy your evening Kathy :) Jen and Jacqui

  2. Oh Kathleen....I've anxiously been awaiting the arrival of your box. I am so glad that you like it, and the contents too! I'm sorry that your day started off so badly, my box arrived just in time.
    When I get time I'll try to post some directions on making the stars. (Looks like some of the glitter came off the sides where the red border is, but there's enough glitter on top I think.) You said glitter and that's what I gave you! I've enjoyed my first swap...I was nervous though in thinking you wouldn't like it. I see now that was silly! I loved having you as my partner, you are such a wonderful and caring person. Take care - and if you have anymore car trouble, just eat the chocolate! --Alice

  3. Hi Kathy,
    Wow, not a good start to the day! But how lovely that your day ended so wonderful! What a delightful package of goodies you received!

  4. Sorry you had such a bad morning.Looks like an awsome evening though. You deserve it!

  5. Now that's a good swap...enjoy your beautiful package of goodies!
    A good way to end the day!

  6. Now, that Alice knows how to do NICE !!! WOW...that is a wonderful gift and I am so crazy about those lovely, glass ornaments! Very nice, indeed! Congratulations to you on receiving this winner...after the day you had, you sure deserved it!!
    hugs, bj

  7. Wow what an amazing box of lovlies!!! Alice simply out did herself:)

    Glad you came home to such a nice treat. Don't feel bad, my husband's truck locks automatically like that, and we lock ourself out at a gas station on our way home from Florida last summer....I agree, whoever invented that feature is a dork!


  8. What a great ornament swap that was!

    Sorry, but I had to chuckle about the door locking. That is a major fear of mine and my car doesn't lock unless it's in gear and rolling - AND I have a keypad. But I'd still not close the door if the keys were in the ignition. Now though, I've finally remembered the unlocking numbers for the keypad and the fear is almost gone.

  9. Dear Kathy, so sorry to hear you had such a bad morning. But what a lovely surprise! The ornaments are all beautiful, but I especially love the bird in the nest -- so pretty!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Hi, Kathy, thank you for stopping by! I just love all the things you got...lucky girl! You must be in heaven. Your tree looks beautiful. I wish i had more time to look at everyone's Christmas decor! Please come back & visit me again.


  11. What a wonderful much fun...and all that glitter! You are one lucky girl!

    Have a very blessed day!

    smiles, kari and kijsa

  12. You luchy girl, you!! I really need to get myself in on one of those swaps...! Will you let me know if you hear of any more?


  13. Hi Kathy, what beautiful gifts from your swap partner. All the ornaments are great, but I especially love the little bird in the nest. Your tree is just gorgeous, I'm enjoying seeing everyones tree. I'm glad you had this surprise waitng for you when you got home. Linda

  14. As wonderful as the basket is (and I'm green with envy!), I think the most beautiful thing is that it arrived when you needed it most! God bless.

  15. OH you could have called me...I would have come and gotten you!
    What a wonderful package you got...really pretty and stuffed with stuff :)

  16.'s me again! I got your package today and I love it! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I love everything that you sent. I've already posted pictures on my blog. I love the JOY banner, it's so cute! Of course, I had to go hang it up as soon as it was out of the beautiful vintage bag it was in. And, the cone, the chocolates, the ornaments...oh, it was all too much! Thank you! Have a great weekend. ...alice

  17. What treasures to hand down to the generations!

  18. Oh you lucky girl everything is so beautiful.


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