Saturday, December 1, 2007

The progressive dinner

Well, I hate to say it but I didn't get pictures of most of the dinner, mostly because I feel weird doing a photo shoot at other peoples houses while there is a party going on:>) But I did get a few pictures of our house, after the party! The house was festooned....

The Candles were lit...

The table was made ready...

and Earl made some orange ginger mini cheesecakes ... (recipe here )

After the party there were a few left, we finished them off today:>)

It was a great party and everything was delicious! We had so many appetizers at the first house I could have done without the dinner portion, but the pot roast with herbs and red skin scalloped potatoes were divine! I had to have some:>) Dessert and coffee were the cheesecake bites, an upside down pumpkin pie and a chocolate cake that I can't even describe other than to say it had everything you could possibly want in a dessert!
We planned on cutting our Christmas tree this morning but youngest daughter woke up feeling very sick! (she didn't attend the dinner so that wasnt it!) she is feeling better now and I am hopeing we can go tomorrow after church. Unfortunately I think it is supposed to rain so I hope it holds off for a while so we can get the tree!

I also have a few little hints of what I sent off for my Ornament swap partner, Alice at Inspired Tokens.

A little something fun and sparkly, I can't show the rest of the package because I was so focused on getting it wrapped and sent today (the deadline!) that I didn't get it photographed, so hopefully when she gets it Alice will take some pictures I can use to show you:>)
Tomorrow is the first day of Advent and I will be participating in Britt- Arnhilds Advent party. Britt lives in Norway and is celebrating the holy season with fellow Bloggers from all over. Take a look! I'll see you all tomorrow night:>)

As Victoria (youngest daughter) points out in the comments, I did have some major help in preparing the house. My girls are always willing and wonderful about helping out with parties. We are a team and I appreciate their help and their encouragement in so many areas more than I can say! I love you girls!:>)


  1. Sounds like a fabulous evening! Yummy food, yummy friends, and then all these sparkly yummy goodies you are sending!

    kari & kijsa

  2. It all sound delicious! Glad the evening was fun.

    Your ornament swap goodies look precious:) Alice is a luck girl.

    Hope you are able to get your tree tomorrow. We have ours and will hopefully get it decorated tonight:)


  3. Wow, wonderful goodies all around here today!

    Your home really looked nice. I love hosting events because things start to look the way I imagine they should every day! In my dreams!

  4. Party was a success I see..good times! Those mini cheesecakes look so..yum-mo! And with a gingersnap devine!!
    I guess that would be a little weird snapping pics of the food at other people's homes but then ..nothing wrong with weird, is there?? lol

  5. This is Kathy's youngest daughter, writing a post on how "offended" I am that darling momma didn't mention my sister's and my part in getting ready for this dinner.... As in, we stayed home, helped clean, lit the candles, made the coffee, didn't consume the cheesecakes ahead of time, and even made ourselves scarce once the friends came over. Plus we didn't even complain. ok I love you mommy, and other than that little bit of oversight, I think the post is adorable and kudos on that marvelous pic of the cheescakes. xoxo ~V

  6. Hi Kathy, your home looks gorgeous, thanks to your hard working daughter :) !! LOL The progressive dinner sounds absolutely delicious, the menu is making s very hungry:) Have a lovely weekend :) Jenn and Jacqui

  7. Your home looks lovely and the party sounded wonderful! That cheesecake looks yummy!

  8. Glad you had a great time. Love the plates!

  9. Sounds like the evening was great fun with lots of yummy food. Your dessert looks so delish, pretty plates too. I enjoyed seeing your pictures too. Hugs, Linda

  10. Kathy - Your home is wonderful. I love the JOY garland. The food sounds wonderful - I felt full just reading about it. Victoria, it was good to hear from you. Thank you for helping your mom get things ready for the dinner. ~Adrienne~

  11. Oh the food alone sounds so scrumptious! I'm sure all the houses looked beautiful too. Sounds like fun evening!


  12. The house looks lovely and I think I could smell the little cheesecakes! Mmmmmm....they smelled delicious. Bet they were.

  13. I loved the advent wreath, and your use of candles.

  14. Oh I'm curious! Can't tell what you sent me, but I can tell it looks devine. I hope that you will like what I sent you!
    And, I will definately post pictures!


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