Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

A blessed Easter to all of you! See the chippy window? Earl snagged this pretty thing at an early spring yard sale last week. Oh I love that man! I have been cleaning and preparing for our Easter feast tomorrow. The whole family will be here, mom is bringing a ham, sis Karen is bringing her special sweet french bread, and sis Penny will bring a fruit salad. Earl and I will be making fresh green beans, creamed peas, mashed potatoes and of course the white chocolate/raspberry cheesecake for dessert. I can't wait:>) I have some serious catching up to do in blogland after the 15th. Until then I hope your Easter weekend is filled with the love of family, friends and, most of all, the love of Christ. He is risen!


  1. I love your old chippy window!! What a thoughtful hubby!!

    Happy Easter!


  2. What a great window! You'd better keep that man - he did good. I'm fussing and tidying my home for the family's arrival tomorrow. 'Twill be a great day of celebration. Happy Resurrection Day, dear friend. Because He lives, so we too!

  3. I just wanted to stop by and wish you a really Blessed Happy Easter.

    from Roberta Anne
    The Raggedy Girl

  4. I do agree ...what a wonderful man! He knows you well ...what a great find! Love the glass dome with the rabbit ...beautiful!
    Happy Easter to all of you! Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful time.

  5. Great window! I agree, Earl is a keeper :-)

    Have a wonderful Easter....

  6. Amen to That !!! :) He IS Risen !!! :) Ok, Gosh, you made me hungry now !! lol !! Here's wishing you and your family a MOST BLESSED Easter together !!! And my word, that Man is a Keeper, what an awesome window !!!! :) Hugs to you !!!!! :)

  7. Earl is great! My husband would pass that up!

    Have a wonderful Easter with your family!


  8. What a fabulous find that Earl brought home. It is perfect for your home!!

    Wishing you and yours a blessed Easter!

    Much love,

  9. What a darling little Bunny scene you have there with your cloche and your chippy window! It sounds like you guys have a FABulous dinner planned for Easter! :)

  10. Love the window! I am not sure my hubby would do such a thing either!
    Your Easter meal sounds delish!

  11. I hope your Easter was as joyous as mine was, Kathy. The only thing I was missing was maybe a slice of Earl's cheesecake. Just reading the name makes my mouth water.

    I'm looking forward to joining in on your new blog discussions. I agree--so much more depth to each of us. Maybe God can show us how to share better and yet keep it Internet safe.

    Hugs to you!


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