Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Haiku...Bless you

Two days and I'm free. Yes, if any of you have put it off, tax season ends tomorrow (oh happy day!) I filed early and got my refund months ago. But there is a sense of panic at the office that always makes me wonder why anyone would walk into a tax prep office without so much as an appointment one or two days before the deadline! Is it the daring thrill of wondering if you will get in? The excitement of finding out you owe and have only hours to scrape up the money?
In honor of the tax season being over I have written a Haiku. What made me think of a Haiku you ask? Well, after Easter dinner our family whipped out various needlework projects and chatted and our college age niece mentioned that she had a professor who would accept term papers in any form as long as you got your point across, he even accepts Haikus! Well that got the English fanatic in our family going and Karen sat there and cranked out one hilarious haiku after another. I know, we are a bit weird, but we are all weird together so we enjoy it:>) So here it is, my haiku for the tax season:
Last day tax season
I must have an extension
Oh why did I wait?
The photo above is our Easter table before the dinner. The tablecloth is a vintage linen sent to me by my dear Aunt Sharon. I have so many white linens though, I decided to dye this one blue for a little something more springy. I love how it turned out. One box of rit dye in evening blue and the washer. Easy. Got to go. After the 15th I'm back!


  1. Love the haiku!!

    The table is so lovely. You did a great job!

  2. Tablecloth is nice
    I like the pretty color
    Sorry for the spill

    Tax season is done
    Kathy will be free again
    Oh, what joy at last

    Haiku addiction
    Is taking over my life
    Help me I can't stop

  3. Oh, I filed months ago, too! I'm so glad to kiss those days of being ill-prepared good-bye! So much less stress in my life...thank heavens! :)

  4. Love to read haiku
    No talent for poetry
    But love reading yours

    Have a Terrific Tuesday
    from Roberta Anne--The Raggedy Girl

  5. Love your haiku! I too can't believe that sooooo many people wait till the last minute to file their taxes. I'm never in any hurry, but I also don't wait until the last moment!

    Looking forward to your return after the 15th!

  6. What a fun Haiku!! You creative girl you!
    I went to the credit union today and the line was a mile long!! People transferring monies to pay their tax bill...or borrowing some to do the same. Oh my!!
    I know you will be glad to see the 15th come and go!

    Sending you hugs and sunshine!


  7. I love dying things with Rit!
    I think thats fun how your family did Haiku and not weird at all.

  8. Hi Kathy! Hope you had a beautiful Easter!!

    Love you,

  9. hahaha i love it! you crack me up. i think you should post all the crazy ones keeka came up with on easter. too funny!

  10. I knew that that tablecloth should not be setting in a closet somewhere!! It has a whole new life. i dont get the point of Haiku? please take some of the extra time for yourself. you are so generous
    to the best of us. LAS

  11. Yay you are almost free! I have been thinking of you during this tax season. I cannot imagine waiting to the last minute like that! I think it is great that you did Haikus together!


  12. Today's the 16th so you must be free! Congratulations! You made it. Haiku--I haven't done that since a college assignment years ago.

    If I haven't told you, I was so excited to hear your nieces are still crocheting. I'd love to see some of their work.


  13. Kathy, you and Karen are hilarious! Isn't it fun to have such wonderful sister in laws...I love mine alot!

    The Haiku is great! They are so fun to do....


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