Friday, June 12, 2009

A Brand New Day

My first day of summer "vacation" and my first order of business. Some much needed attention to spring cleaning! It feels good to have the time but I lay awake until 2 a.m. last night making lists in my head of things I need/want to get done. Because that's just the way I roll...I'm a planner. Sometimes I wish there was an off switch, I need my sleep!
But I know I can't get down to the fun stuff (sewing and creating) until I have dealt with the "tyranny of the urgent", those things that demand our time and energy. If I don't do them they nag at me and make me restless and irritable and they stifle my imagination. So off I go, cleaning and fluffing and filling boxes for a garage sale! Too much stuff bogs me down. It's a brand new day, what are you doing with it?


  1. I totally understand! Things must be clean and orderly for me to function. Just this week, I sent out the rugs to be cleaned. It feels so much better now!!

    Don't work too much. :)

  2. OMG ... I tore my place apart last week, and now I feel complete!

  3. I am in the usual :-).
    I usually clean on Fridays, but I cleaned earlier this week. I am looking forward to this weekend. Nothing special going on. Having friends for dinner on Sunday.

    Have a great weekend Kathy!

  4. So are you having a sale or donating it somewhere?

    The girls and I might be able to help if you want?

  5. Dear Kathy,

    I agree...too much stuff is bogging! Today I actually am planning on sorting through books and getting things ready for the thrift Store. Along with that I will be tidying up and making bread :)

    Then, if I have completed my tasks, I will do something fun and creative with a cup of tea and watch Sense & Sensibility :)

    Have a wonderful day!


  6. Kathy,

    You sound so much like me! My best plans are made when I should be sleeping! And I have to clean everything up before I start any projects or go anywhere.

    Today we actully have a sunny day. I need to go buy flowers and plants to bring to the lake. This is my "planting" weekend. We have had so much rain it has been impossible until now.

    So I think I have a fun but strenuous weekend ahead. I'll come home ready for a long soak in the tub!!

    Have a great weekend, my friend!!


  7. I am playing with 3 grands for the day...
    Then, tomorrow I start going thru STUFF for a garage sale. I have too much and I am feeling the pressure.
    Enjoy your fluffing....I can't wait for you to get creative!!:)

  8. I intended to do lots of cleaning today, but I have a sinus infection and it's slowed me down. I HAVE done 4 loads of laundry, dishes and talked to my CF dr. a few times!

    Bet you'd have a great yard sale to browse!

  9. There's finally no rain here--I think I need a BBQ (afetr the bathroom gets a scrubbin'!) Ah, so exciting! Haha!

  10. Hi Kathy~
    I am glad you found my Blog through Sherry (she's just a doll!)and thank you so much for coming by and visiting :)


  11. it is comforting to know that i'm not the only without an "off" switch. when those big ideas come during the middle of the night what can one do but just roll with 'em, right? it's always a tiring day after but some of my best ideas probably happen after 3 am (or in the shower???).

    love the flower in the blue bottle. lovely!


  12. I guess many of use are in the same place...can't sleep because too much is going on with the brain..and then there seems to be Much to do...where to start.
    I'm going to clean the house tomorrow.

  13. Well, order is not my strong suit, but hear it calling to me this weekend. As for being awake with a busy list-making mind, here I am at almost midnight needing to be asleep! Thanks for the sharing.

  14. Hi Kathy
    I hope you have lots of fun this summer and gets lots of things done too!
    Happy summer vacation.
    ((hugs)) Rhondi

  15. My Saturday consists of the same things yours does. It has to get done before I do the things I really enjoy. I am looking forward to when your creative times begin, so I can enjoy seeing what you created.

  16. Hi Kathy..

    Woohoo it is finally letting me leave a comment, the past few days it kept saying "operation aborted".

    Anyway, I know what you mean, I do like neat and orderly and I too will lay awake at night making lists in my head. Also reading too many blogs can really keep me from getting things done...LOL! I hope you get your list accomplished.


  17. I hope you have fun getting your list checked off! :)

  18. Your picture is so pretty. I just love those flowers in that canning jar.

  19. I enjoyed reading your blog this afternoon...Had some time to do some blog hopping...
    always enjoy finding new blogs!

    Hope you will visit me. This month I am posting on our Disney trip.

  20. I did a deep cleaning last week so I'm just coasting right now LOL!

    I'm taking advantage of the weather to get some outdoor things done. You never know when the dry spell will end!


  21. So much to little time. I know that refrain. I lie in bed at night thinking up all the things I'm going to get accomplished the next day. Most days it just doesn't materialize! Things have a way of happening. I guess it's called reality!

  22. Hi Kathy....enjoy your summer off...don't do too much cleaning...sewing and cooking and crafts is way more fun...

  23. Oh, we have so much in common! I can't function when things are out of order and need cleaning. And I come up with some awesome 'to-do' lists in the middle of the night! My dear mom used to keep a notebook and pen on her bed so she could jot down the thoughts and ideas that came during the night! Then she could go back to sleep.

    Have a great summer. Can't wait to see what you do.

  24. Oh, I know just how you feel, Kathy! Right now my house is a mess (actually, it is quite often a mess) and I just can't settle to get anything done...

    Happy fluffing!


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